Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OH So Clean and GREEN Treasury: Etsy Twitter Team

Apparently, there is a glitch that Etsy is aware of and this is why there is a blank box in the actual Treasury when you go and click on it. Here is a picture that I captured before the mistake happened!
I had actually made this 3 days ago and have been tirelessly trying to get one listed when there was an opening. After the 4th time I was REALLY getting bummed out! However, I did make it in the Treasury West site. I was trying to change a few of the selections since they had actually sold since I first made my treasury...this is why I was changing them and in doing so over lapped two pictures and they got stuck and apparently from that point it just leaves a black spot. (at this time it can't be corrected)So, this is a photo of my actual original Treasury selections!

Oh So Clean and GREEN Treasury
Treasury Expires Friday July 3rd.

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1 comment:

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Thanks for including me in your beautiful treasury!