Friday, November 30, 2007

In The Lane, Snow is Glistening...Treasury

How FUN is this Treasury?!
Just looking at it makes me feel HAPPY!
Crisp and clean, I can almost see my breath in the air!
(...Oh, that's because it's freezing in my apartment without the heater on!LOL)
Ah, and there is my "Silver Snow Set" bracelet in the bottom corner.

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Arrogance Treasury

Arrogance Treasury.
What a beautiful collection of items!
I really like this one.
There's my "Miss Sassy" on the top left!

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Emerald City Treasury

I am in a New Treasury!
There's my Emerald Butterfly on the left!!!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007




NOVEMBER 26th ALL REGULAR PRICED items in my shop are 20% OFF!!!!

"Convo" me with what you want BEFORE you purchase so I can "RESERVE" the items for you WITH THE DISCOUNT!

I am here to help you with your holiday shopping and you won't even need to leave your home!


Best of ALL, Beautifully Handmade unique High quality items that you won't find with mass produced items!

Complimentary Gift wrapping available.

BELOW are some other fantastic shops and products to check out as well!!!
Gotta promote fabulousness all the way around!!!!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Check out my shop because I just marked down a ton of items!
I'm getting ready for the holiday RUSH and making room for new items!!!!

Some pieces are up to 50% OFF!!!!!

Seriously, these items will be here only through the holiday and then will be taken down and most likely disassembled and made into new items...So, if you see something you like, I suggest you grab it while you can!

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Monday, November 12, 2007


With the "shopping Season" FAST approaching, I think WE SHOULD ALL shop from our favorite independent artists! Nothing is better then HAND MADE! But then again, you all already knew that.
Below are pictures from some of my FAVORITE shops and favorite items that I wanted to share with you. There were SO MANY items that I LOVE and wanted to share but I had to trim it down. I must confess that I "borrowed" all the photos from the sellers pages. Please feel free to click on the links below to check out more information on the items and THEIR shops.
I think these are some GREAT GIFT IDEAS!

Spa Therapy
Body Detail Gift Set For Men.

Some of the BEST SOAPS for hyper sensitive skin! Actually, really great soap for EVERYONE!
There are some AWESOME GIFT SETS... and even more gift ideas in her shop!
The Handbook to Handmade
THIS IS JUST A MUST HAVE...PERIOD! How amazing to have an entire book of all independent artists!!!
Brown Sugar Creamy Shea Butter Lip Balm
This is the best lip balm! SUPER CREAMY, GORGEOUSLY shimmery and sheer. Plus, EVERYONE can use these! She has some of the BEST FLAVORS in her Shop!!!! OH! And THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!!

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Cherry Messenger
"A must for any urban woman or metrosexual. This great bag can be taken to work, do diaper duty, transport your laptop
to the neighborhood cafe, or help you study for your next final."
There are the CUTEST baby booties in her shop too!!!!

Floral Birthday Cards
I wish I could have pictures of all of the FANTASTIC paper products she has in her shop! Such attention to detail! Really stand alone
Garland Choker OOAK
"Made entirely of leather, with nickel rivets and a stunning sterling silver heart toggle clasp, this necklace is sumptuous, generous and rather amorous."
Truly one of the most TALENTED ARTISTS EVER!!!! I could almost cry...well, I don't want to freak her out but seriously, I am completely in awe when I see the detail and subtle nuances to EVERY piece. ABSOLUTE GORGEOUSNESS!!!

Mustang Art Print
One of MY FAVORITE artists!!! Her work is so joyful, colorful and simply makes me HAPPY when ever I look at it. These will make wonderful little gifts and GREAT to hang on anyone's walls...especially your little one's!!! You really should take a PEEK into her shop!
Fantastic little treasures these coin purses are! Stylishly COOL and very well made. How about whipping this one out to grab your change from?!
Breakfast Set of two
As soon as I saw the detailed work on her pieces I just knew I wanted these! Delicate and LOVELY. You MUST take a look in her shop at all her delightful pieces. Talk about GREAT gifts! ...My sister would LOVE these! hmmm.....

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Friday, November 9, 2007

"The Handbook to Handmade"

I just found the COOLEST thing!

"the handbook to handmade"

Here is a little of what it's all about.
I took the liberty of copying some of the information straight from the creators blog.

"the handbook to handmade is a monthly volume of 35-75 artists and their shops...this makes a great coffee table book.

what will the artist receive?

with the $40 each artist will receive a page in the book. three images from each artist will be placed on their page, along with the artists store url and a short description of their shop. see picture of the sample artist page below.

12 artists will also be selected to appear on the front cover.

what else will each artist receive?

all artists will also receive the book...
*once the issue is complete, the handbook will also be for sale for other artists to purchase*."

How incredibly COOL is THAT??!!!!!
Everyone should definitely check this out!
Anyone that makes hand made items should take the opportunity to be in this amazing book!
I know I am!!!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Little Romance

I LOVE the ROMANTIC feel of my new pieces.
Here are a few new pictures.
Lot's of Gold and Brass for Winter.
I ALWAYS love Gold in the Winter...So rich and warm!
Simple and pretty.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Here are a few of my NEW pieces that I have been working on.
A little bit vintage feeling.
I should be loading these up to the site within the next few days!
I played a little bit with different lengths and as always I mixed different mediums to create beautiful texture and color.

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