Monday, August 22, 2011

Tangerine and Teal Treasury!

Look at this gorgeous treasury Tangerine and Teal I found?!
Bottom right corner is my new Petite Tangerine Petals Flower!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Admiring Texture With The Etsy Twitter Team

This weeks post is all about TEXTURE!
Imagine what these might feel like. No matter if it's fuzzy, smooth, fluffy or squishy there's a lot of fun going on here!

Bill the Short Sighted Hedgehog with glasses
By Fibrous

Annie Crystal in Bronze & Topaz
By MommaGoddess
By lindab142
Flower Bouquet Flowers fun themed Stamp
By scrapwithstyle

Raw Organic Cocoa Butter 4 oz
By AquarianBath
Hand Knit Nougat Self-Fringing Sassy Wrap Scarf
By FoxyGknits

By RhodesAnnalsDesigns
Fancy Schmancy Crochet Potholder in Soft Yellow and Orange
By misseskwittys
Gummy Bears candy
By prettywhimsical

Wool fabric craft 4x4 recycled felt squares
By SewDanish

eBook Pattern.... Tic-Tac-Toe on the Go
By AbbyChaseDesigns
Crocheted Flower Pin
By MoonlightDreams

Lilacs and Lace T Shirt Yarn Necklace
By threepeats

Lampwork Glass Bead Set, Purple Swirls
By LAJewelryDesigns

Women's Slippers Mary Jane in Burgundy Wine
By kimwhitecreations

The Luxe Loop Scarf - IN PEACOCK
By yarncoture
Surf's Up ShapeShifter--Convertible Necklace/Bracelet
By smutopia
Seaweed Crocheted Cotton Scarf
By knittingguru

Hope you enjoyed todays selections!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday's where I find fun and interesting things to share involving weddings or the wedding experience.
Prior to being a designer I spent 15+ years as a professional makeup artist. Throughout that time I worked with many celebrities... To be honest, I wasn't really ever a big deal to me. However, I kinda got a little reminiscent when I saw wedding photos of Kate Moss. I never worked with her but it takes me back to the days of the "Super Model" and I just love the pomp and circumstance of that fashion era.  Grant you, I always wanted to give her a sandwich but I was thankful for her helping to make the public admire beauty in different sizes.  Well, at least recognize that you didn't have to be Amazon tall!!! if the rest of the world could change their minds about scary thin being in... I digress...
While over at  OK, now what? BRIDE I found this ethereal image and wanted to share.

I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of John Galliano (I think he's BRILLIANT) and she's wearing one of his designs!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Multimedia Monday with Kathryn Divine

I just LOVE this piece! Absolutely fabulous with such wonderful texture and striking rich color against the subtle hues of the background tones. I knew I just HAD to share this with all of you! 

Pretty Branches 18x18 canvas

Here's a little quote from the listing info:

"Pretty Branches" is a 3D painting - hot glue, 3D flowers and BLING make this painting special and unique. It would look great and stand out in any room in your home. The green and red colors make it especially perfect for Christmas time.
This is an original artwork painted and signed by me.
Size: 18x18 gallery stretched canvas 3/4" heavy duty solid pine frame 100% natural cotton
Medium: acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, hot glue, 3d flowers

I am sure that I will feel compelled to share more of her work at a later date!
There are just too many really interesting and cute items.
Check out her shop KathrynDivine 

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SHOP OF THE WEEK: Kelli Craft Studio

I am pleased to present this week’s shop of the week:KelliCraftStudio which is owned and operated by Kellisa Watkins.
Kelli creates handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and stationary. The items created at Kelli Craft Studio are for the busy Every-woman from 16 to 99+ who wants to adorn herself with one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry and want to send their personal correspondence in a more intimate way.
While some jewelry artist design big statement jewelry or more modest yet expensive jewelry, Kelli Craft Studio provides classic, dainty jewelry styles at a reasonable cost. During this time of an unstable economy, it is nice to be able to look expensive without making the expense. Also, the lovingly handcrafted greeting cards are not only made on quality card stock, but the precision and attention to detail is used to create miniature art pieces a recipient would keep for years to come.
You may be surprised to know that she started her first creative business when she was in junior high school. It was called Kelly's Korner. She sold crochet clothes, dolls, and gift baskets.
When asked who the most influential person in teaching her craft she answered, “I have had classes and knowledgeable instructors who have given me the proverbial keys to my creative “car”, but experience and a drive to improve my skills have kept me going. My family and friends have influenced me to feed the flame of my creative spirit and for that I am grateful.”
Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali. “His surrealistic work is strange with a hint of understated beauty. If you look at one of his paintings, your eyes can go past the initial image to beyond. I love imagery.”
We also asked Kelli if she had a million dollars and she HAD to give every penny of it away, who would she give it to and why? She said, “I would give away every penny to my children and my family. My family has provided me with a beautiful future and I want to give back. My children are the future and I want to pay it forward.”
Finally, since this is the EtsyTwitter Team, we have to ask something about Twitter… We asked if she had any advice to give to a new Twitter user and she said, “Don't feel compelled to follow everyone who follows you. Pretend like Twitter is a dinner party where you invite the people you don't mind conversing with. In turn, you need to also be that interesting dinner guest to your followers and share yourself.”
She is having a special 20% OFF this week. Just use discount code SOTW20.

Article written by Abby Chase of AbbyChaseDesigns

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ohhhh my Yellow... jealous.... Treasury

What a GORGEOUS  "Ohhh my Yellow.. jealous..." Treasury my Buttery Yellow Petals are in!
(Top second to the right)

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What's NEW With The Etsy twiter Team!

August is here and everyone is busy creating new and fabulous items!
I thought it would be great to share a little something from various teammates to see what they have been up to lately. Here are some recently listed fun finds!
Simple Strawberry Earrings
By FrostedTreats

Dichroic Glass Pendant Slide - American Royalty
By mysassyglass
Collage Art Soldered Pendant - Autumn Fresco
By Inmyheadstudios
Notepad-n-Pockets Wallet Scotty Dogs and Rosebuds
By misseskwittys
Incognito Tampon Wallet
By AbbyChaseDesigns
Crocheted Android Amigurumi
By Jenco13
Maple Floral No 05
By Butterflyalley
Turquoise Coral and Quartz Necklace
 By MommaGoddess
Wool blanket 15x24' felt craft recycled light blue
By SewDanish
Mosaic - Genuine Sea Glass Stained Glass Necklace
By EndlessSunner

Robot Note Card, Red
By maddesign
Carrie's Delights
By FromNancysHeart

Snowflake Pocketfold Wedding Invitation with Rhinestone Buckle
By GlitzyEvents
JUST BREATHE RING hand stamped sterling spiral ring
By PunkyJane
A little of everything I think!
Definitely take a moment and check out my other Etsy Twitter Teammates!
So many creative items I could literally fill page after page!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Designs With Multiple Ways To Wear Them

Here are some of the new items added to my shop! I keep getting requests for color so I thought I would make a nice selection to have in my shop.
My idea was to have a nice range of colors and styles to offer. I love the idea of having a design that not only can be worn in the hair but also on shoes or as a sash accent.
Many of these can already be found in my Etsy shop for purchase.
 Apple Green Petals

Royal Blue Petals

Buttery Yellow Petals
Tiffany Blue Aqua Petals
Cerise Petals
Grey Petals

These are just a few of the new colors to choose from!
More items to share soon!

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