Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday's where I find fun and interesting things to share involving weddings or the wedding experience.
Prior to being a designer I spent 15+ years as a professional makeup artist. Throughout that time I worked with many celebrities... To be honest, I wasn't really ever a big deal to me. However, I kinda got a little reminiscent when I saw wedding photos of Kate Moss. I never worked with her but it takes me back to the days of the "Super Model" and I just love the pomp and circumstance of that fashion era.  Grant you, I always wanted to give her a sandwich but I was thankful for her helping to make the public admire beauty in different sizes.  Well, at least recognize that you didn't have to be Amazon tall!!! if the rest of the world could change their minds about scary thin being in... I digress...
While over at  OK, now what? BRIDE I found this ethereal image and wanted to share.

I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of John Galliano (I think he's BRILLIANT) and she's wearing one of his designs!

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