Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earth Goddess

I know.
I know.
I think I have to come to the conclusion that I am just BUSY!
I realize the posts have been pretty sparse this month and my apologies.
However, I MUST share with you my latest labor of LOVE!
I have been SO INSPIRED by several of my clients lately. Each allowing me to push the envelop in my own creativity and artistic skills designing their special even pieces. For years now I have been pondering ways to keep my work original and irresistibly MY unique designs. With all the people copying my pieces it only forces me to stay ahead of the game. (and take legal action against those who blatantly copy my work) :P

So, here is my NEW FAVORITE piece.
As I stated before this was a true labor of Love piece!
I spent DAYS working on this one.
I can't remember the last time I hand cut SO MANY silk flower petals.
I worked very closely with Elaine, the Bride, to create the vision of her dreams.
This was my most challenging piece to date as I had never made such a large flower completely from scratch and totally by hand!
The colors were meant to match the dress which was an amazing iridescent beige silvery tone.
Talk about a difficult color to find matching materials for! Very unusual. It was that color you "think " is pretty easy to match and when you get to the fabric store you can't find anything remotely like it! LOL!
Ah, gotta love "the blend" technique!
I mixed several shades of Ivory, beige and Silver Silk Chiffon and Silk Organza.
She wanted a very organic, billowy, romantic, elegant piece.
Of course my signature freshwater pearl center spray in 14Kgf decorated the middle and this time I added branch like designs with Swarovski crystals and rhinestones for more organic flair!
This was what I designed for her.
She loved it!
However, she wanted a little MORE!
So, after more communication and suggestions...another wire wrap branch...some Ostrich, Peacock and Stripped Coque feathers...
Drum Roll Please!
Ta Dah!
"Earth Goddess"

The photos just do not so this piece any justice. (For the life of me it was times like this I wished I was a professional photographer.)
I just adore Elaine! She was SO MUCH FUN to work with! She literally said she got tears in her eyes when she saw the finished piece she was SO HAPPY.
I thought my heart would burst!
All the hours of work were TOTALLY worth it!

So, this is some of what has kept me away from here.
I will certainly try to keep the posts not so few and far between in the near future!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Delights In Smelling Good!!!!

About 8 months ago my skin decided I was never to use store bought deodorant EVER again. Well, I came to that conclusion after having 8 new sticks of different brands sitting in my bathroom that I couldn't use. This was when I made the wonderful discovery of my favorite Spa Therapy Works on Etsy. I was already a huge fan of her soaps and baths so I decided to give her natural deodorant a try.
I was use to "unscented" and the thought of getting something with a "smell" was really weird for me. I have had to change to EVERYTHING unscented in the last 3-5 years due to allergies. Unscented laundry detergent and fabric softener et cetera. So, I tried the Summertime and Fresh Juiced scents and was delightfully surprised!
Well, this season I tried a few more! My favorite is Black Raspberry Vanilla
Realizing I could now use a few "scented items" I wanted to try more things! So, my NEW favorite items are a few body sprays that I have found!
Of course being a person that had to stop wearing perfume this was a FANTASTIC discovery! I mean, what woman doesn't want to smell pretty?!?!?!
So I had to get the matching
Black Raspberry Body Sprayand it is wonderful, delicious and fresh!!!! I am also IN LOVE with Sweet Blueberry!!!!

I also stumbled upon another shops body sprays that I love too! CozyMoments.
She has some FANTASTIC Body Sprays and Perfumes
I love Vanilla based scents...basically "foodie" scents is what I was told.
What a surprise!
I purchased Vanilla Bean Noel and Vanilla Coconut Sprays! HOLY COW~! I LOVE them!
Ha! ha! HA! I am delirious with joy!
I literally mix them...a little fruit...a little vanilla!
If you are looking for refreshing and delicious scents for anytime especially Summer I HIGHLY recommend you check out these shops! What is truly outstanding about these is that the scents don't smell "synthetic" like a lot of similar items on the market. I hate that weird "synthetic cheap smell" that makes you think of dime store soaps OR the old school Strawberry Shortcake dolls and scratch and sniff children's books! LOL!!! know what I mean?! Each of the scents I have named are fresh, succulent and pretty true...especially the Vanilla! Oh yeah, if you like baked goods...The Spa Therapy Pink Cupcake Spray is FABULOUS!

*All photos courtesy of Spa Therapy and CozyMoments

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Back!

So one of the best things about what I do is trying to interpret what another person is interested in me designing...
I ask A LOT of questions! For me the more the better since communication via internet is the easiest way to miscommunicate!
I am ALWAYS trying to play with new or different materials to create interesting and unique designs. I have to keep my creativity stimulated or it would be all over!
So, as I was saying...I have a few new custom items I'll list in my next post.

Here are a few pieces that I haven't listed yet.
As get the sneak peek!

I really like the use of the lace material...very soft though and so I tried a little different technique. This is SO ROMANTIC and feminine! I really like the finished design! Approximately 3 inches in diameter.

I just LOVE this piece. This one is definitely a statement piece at 6 inches in diameter. The center piece is gorgeous in the light!

Working a little smaller this time. This piece is really only about 4 inches in diameter.

This piece too is approximately 4 inches in diameter.

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No More Food Poisoning!

Missed you all!!!
I had the worst food poisoning and over 102 degree fever!
It was NO FUN!
I wasn't even able to enjoy the 4th of July weekend since I got it a few days before that!
Well, I am FINALLY feeling back to normal...?
It's been forever and I apologize for my absence!

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