Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earth Goddess

I know.
I know.
I think I have to come to the conclusion that I am just BUSY!
I realize the posts have been pretty sparse this month and my apologies.
However, I MUST share with you my latest labor of LOVE!
I have been SO INSPIRED by several of my clients lately. Each allowing me to push the envelop in my own creativity and artistic skills designing their special even pieces. For years now I have been pondering ways to keep my work original and irresistibly MY unique designs. With all the people copying my pieces it only forces me to stay ahead of the game. (and take legal action against those who blatantly copy my work) :P

So, here is my NEW FAVORITE piece.
As I stated before this was a true labor of Love piece!
I spent DAYS working on this one.
I can't remember the last time I hand cut SO MANY silk flower petals.
I worked very closely with Elaine, the Bride, to create the vision of her dreams.
This was my most challenging piece to date as I had never made such a large flower completely from scratch and totally by hand!
The colors were meant to match the dress which was an amazing iridescent beige silvery tone.
Talk about a difficult color to find matching materials for! Very unusual. It was that color you "think " is pretty easy to match and when you get to the fabric store you can't find anything remotely like it! LOL!
Ah, gotta love "the blend" technique!
I mixed several shades of Ivory, beige and Silver Silk Chiffon and Silk Organza.
She wanted a very organic, billowy, romantic, elegant piece.
Of course my signature freshwater pearl center spray in 14Kgf decorated the middle and this time I added branch like designs with Swarovski crystals and rhinestones for more organic flair!
This was what I designed for her.
She loved it!
However, she wanted a little MORE!
So, after more communication and suggestions...another wire wrap branch...some Ostrich, Peacock and Stripped Coque feathers...
Drum Roll Please!
Ta Dah!
"Earth Goddess"

The photos just do not so this piece any justice. (For the life of me it was times like this I wished I was a professional photographer.)
I just adore Elaine! She was SO MUCH FUN to work with! She literally said she got tears in her eyes when she saw the finished piece she was SO HAPPY.
I thought my heart would burst!
All the hours of work were TOTALLY worth it!

So, this is some of what has kept me away from here.
I will certainly try to keep the posts not so few and far between in the near future!

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etherealwear said...

Lovely! Lovely new creations!

simply_lina said...

Oh Mikiye...
Last night the package arrived. The piece is beyond my expectations. If the wedding was clothing optional, this hair piece would seriously be the only thing that a bride would need.

The work is so intricate, so detailed. And I'm floored with the amount of craftsmanship--couture quality ladies!!! This will definitely be cherished forever and will hopefully be passed on as a heirloom piece.

Thank you for being so patient, passionate, and for contributing joy to our little wedding. I adore it!

Hugs from across the bay,

Mikiye Creations said...

*Bursting with pride and HAPPINESS*

Thank you etherealwear!

AWE Elaine!

This is my FAVORITE piece to date!
And that says A LOT since I have made MANY!!!

You were fabulous to collaborate with!!!

I can't wait to see how stunning you are going to look!

Thank You again!

*beaming with pride*