Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The weather isn't as hot today but I am still stuck in the bedroom...I'm waiting for my client to arrive at 2:00. We didn't have time Yesterday to take photos since she was running late...so, she promised today we could. She's more like my little sister after all these years she has been coming to me. She's got the talent...girl has got some LUNGS on her. She has an appointment with Justin Timberlake's Record company so I am crossing my fingers for her. (I'm not sure exactly when) Not that I need to as far as talent is concerned...but you know how it's all about who you know and the politics now days. She's really got the vocal talent and writing ability to make it...I know it's just the matter of her getting the break she needs!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Updating from Bedrest

The heat is AWFUL!
My little air conditioner is SO the little air conditioner that could...lol
"I think I can...make this sweltering den of fire cooler....I think I can...keep this person and her cat from passing out from heat exhaustion....I think I can!"
My poor little air conditioner.

On top of it all my foot and leg began to swell again so it was back to the bed keeping it elevated again. At least the pain isn't as bad and the discomfort is going away as the swelling goes down.

My mantra!
Much of yesterday I spent working on NEW wire work pearl and crystal hair combs. They are SO time consuming and use SO MUCH wire that I now understand why they charge so much for them when I seen these on line. Of course, mine are more elaborate then most I have seen elsewhere since you can find the simple designs everywhere. As with anything they say practice makes perfect. I won't go that far but I can absolutely see major improvement in my technique already. I'm feeling quite accomplished. I completed 3 14Kgf pieces since I have only been working in Sterling Silver and I know there are people that want gold. It's a bit addictive...lol, I never thought I'd say this about wire wrapping. Perhaps I will eventually learn how to apply this to jewelry. I plan to showcase some AMAZING wire wrap jewelry in a future post. My mouth just drops when I see skill like that~!

My friend/client is coming tomorrow and is going to let me borrow the back of her head for 5 minutes and I'm going to take a bunch of photos with the new wedding pieces in her hair. I think I need to have them on a real head to see proportions better. I think this will definitely help them sell better. I noticed people use mannequin heads but often have statements next to the descriptions that the heads are smaller...or something to that nature. I almost think that's worse because the customer sees THAT as how it looks and then has to imagine the head bigger...or the accessory smaller...I say just put it on a real head and the customer has to realize that it was ONLY FOR THE ONE PHOTO AND THE MODEL DOESN'T HAVE COOTIES. :P

I hope to have photos to share within the next few days.
Thank goodness I have a Laptop to borrow!
This thing is great!
...certainly no way I could be sitting at the desk and writing all this..and for sure no way to bring the desk top to MY BED! LOL

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Opened my BathLife order!!!

Can I just say HOLY COW!!!!
I literally want to go take a bath and use my NEW BLUEBERRY SOAP!!!
The shipping was fast! (heh after my post about my bad USPS service)
The packaging is always cute and secure.
Plus, she adds some GREAT GOODIES to try!!!!
I got a deluxe sample of her new VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT Body Butter...Can anyone say, "DELICIOUS?!!!"
My Mom has really sensitive skin like me so I ordered her some fragrance free Body Butter and a Milk Maid soap bar. I think she's REALLY going to love these as a little Mother's Day gift!

I still see there more Blueberry soaps to be had in her shop!!!!
I told you I wouldn't buy them ALL!!!
Don't hold me to it since I have smelled these now!!!
I am certainly going back for MORE!!!!
You better buy some before I get them ALL!!!!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have NEVER had such problems since I have lived in my current residence.
I don't know what the deal is about living in the proximity of this part of Los Angeles but I CANNOT GET MY MAIL ON TIME! I have had legal documents never arrive which led me to get a Post office box! Within the last 4 months my mail delivery has progressively gotten worse. Remember the candles? Almost 2 months to get to me?! Well, Now I am getting MY BILLS AFTER THEIR DUE DATES!!!! What is up with that?! EDISON, CAPITAL ONE...companies DO NOT LIKE TO BE PAID LATE! My last rent check arrived 29 days late! Of course that was canceled...but the Landlord called me to let me know because he couldn't believe it himself! He looked at the post marked date to see that it took almost a month to get to his PO BOX!!! Our post offices are withing the same district I believe! 15-20 minutes apart? We have complained to the Post Master but NOTHING has been done. I never got a purchase I made off of Etsy which was a BUMMER! I never know if something is going to arrive in my mail or not...it's TERRIBLE!
I am beside myself as I cannot have packages being lost! It took 2 other orders of merchandise over a month to get to me as well and they thought both were lost also. It's becoming ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I am currently waiting for some other packages that the senders are wondering why I haven't received them either! It's frustrating waiting and hoping merchandise I PAID for hasn't been lost!
I am at the mercy of the United States Post Office and I am AFRAID!!!!!
Well, FRUSTRATED, ANNOYED, IRRITATED and IMPATIENT are really more like it.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GALLO STYLE Personal Shopping

I can't tell you how many of my guy friends DREAD having to shop! Let me clarify, shop outside the parameters of t-shirts, shorts and jeans. The whole idea of having to go to a mall, find parking, standing in lines and shuffling through clothes...and generally settling for the conservative button down shirt and Dockers is NOT a day well spent as far as they are concerned. With that said, still wondering if what they purchased looks alright for the function they are wearing it to. For the men that are tired of digging through their closets and would like to simplify and update their wardrobe but haven't the slightest idea where to begin?

It is with great pleasure that I am introducing
GALLO STYLEConsultants.

"the mission of Gallo Style Consultants: the idea that less is more, that too much clothing is not a good thing, that too many choices just make you spend too much time in your closet every morning, that if a basic wardrobe is done correctly you will have the best of both worlds — a stylish wardrobe that is easy to wear and easy to put together — a man’s wardrobe."

I just LOVE that last statement. "A Man's Wardrobe."
Ladies, Even us simple gals still have a bunch of STUFF crammed in the closets I KNOW!
So, I think there is something to this!

I have personally known Mr. Gallo for years and I am thrilled to spread the word about his new venture. I must confess that he was ALWAYS the most well dressed straight man I have ever known and one of the NICEST GENTLEMEN I have ever met! He's always had a talent and an eye for mens fashion. With years of experience in both the retail and buying aspects of clothing he has had training by some of the best in the industry. He is the type of person that ACTUALLY LISTENS to you and doesn't just select what HE THINKS YOU should be wearing. I believe his service is what men want and need today. What man doesn't want to spend less time and money on clothes...AND GET EXACTLY what you need?!

Here are a few services:

Go through all clothes and determine what needs to be removed from wardrobe based on age, condition, style and fit.

Discuss type of style customer is looking for.

create punch list of new items to complete wardrobe.

Pre-shop, select and place clothing on hold.

Work with client and tailor to ensure proper fit.

If you are a man looking to clean up, simplify and refine your wardrobe and you live in Northern California this will be one of THE BEST INVESTMENTS you will EVER MAKE.
I foresee people venturing from all over to visit

"Men and women shop in different ways and have different expectations.
GALLO STYLE Consultants is the first Bay Area personal shopping and wardrobe service dedicated specifically to men."

I highly recommend to check out GALLO STYLE services. This could be a perfect excuse to take a vacation to the Bay area!!!

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Friday, April 18, 2008


New BATHLIFE products!!! I WANT! I WANT!!!
As everyone knows I am a Bath and Body Product FREAK!
I LOVE HIGH QUALITY, HANDMADE, natural, good for your skin skincare!

Kind Of Candid

The color alone made me have to see what it was!
"OH!" I said to myself!
Description: Blueberry gets sophisticated when blended with a hint of warm vanilla.
This is a SPECIAL EDITION Fragrance! I need to get one before they are ALL SOLD OUT!
I'll leave a few for the rest of you I promise!
This soap is loaded with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and naturally occurring Glycerin.

Now as IF that wasn't enough I found:

The Hook Special Edition Shampoo Bar. Made with Devout Stout Organic Micro Brew Beer from the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Company. Plus Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Orchid Extract. Double Size Bar.

I HAD to share their Description because it made me laugh!
Description: No, your hair won't smell like you spent the night passed out on the floor of a dive bar. Our bar will leave surfers and howlies alike falling all over themselves to get next to you. A unisex scent of crisp, clean hops.
This shampoo has Devout Stout Organic Micro Brew Beer-malt protein increases hair’s strength and volume; vitamin B in the hops conditions and adds shine, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba oil, Kukui Nut oil , Macadamia Nut Oil, Orchid extract to help condition your scalp and more!
I know she ONLY MADE A LIMITED NUMBER of these and they are BLOWING OUT THE DOOR!!!

What is a girl to do?!!!

Lime Grenadine
Flavor: Lime Grenadine
Description: Feel free to over indulge in this lush cocktail flavor packed with lime and pomegranate.

Orange Almond
Flavor: Orange+Almond
Description: Bold almond and a splash of fresh orange make this amazing flavor absolutely hypnotic.

Lavender Vanilla
Flavor: Lavender+Vanilla
Description: Unexpected and so unique; a brilliant melding of lavender and vanilla. Truly yum!

I suggest you ALL go check out her shop!

**Photographs courtesy of BathLife

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Handcut and handmade!

So, for those that have been following the ridiculousness of THAT other company stating they have a copyright on a PREMADE STORE PURCHASED flower that apparently I am no longer allowed to sell (the base flower) in my Etsy shop...I have decided to start hand cutting my own petals! This actually has been fun as well as a challenge. I purchased several materials to practice with including silk, silk organza, an organza blend, rayon and cotton. Did I mention that the silk was $15.00 a yard?! YIKES! I spent several hours cutting and trimming...my fingers were sore from all the scissor use and after much trial and error I began putting things together. I decided for now I really am enjoying the blend of ready made petals with my hand cut pieces. It absolutely makes them MINE and totally unique in design. It's A LOT of work but I really like the finished pieces so far. Here are a few of my new designs.

Please click on each to get a better view!

I am annoyed that THAT site IS STILL UP AND RUNNING even though they are violating the Etsy policy on reselling and mass producing.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

MIAS CLOSET Dog Clothes Dog Shirts DogTank Dog DressDogApparel

Reversable Floral Polka Dot Dog Dress

Because I NEEDED something fun and enjoyable I decided I had to share
MIA'S CLOSET! I don't have a dog but the idea of dressing up the pooches makes me giggle! Grant you, I would LOVE to have one but I have decided to wait for a yard and better health so I can run around with my buddie too.
So back to MIA'S CLOSET!
There are SOO MANY CUTE dog t-shirts, dresses, hoodies and accessories that you will pretty much find SOMETHING for your pooch!
I confess that I just Love the little photos of the dogs modeling the clothes.
The quality is very nice and you can tell that she enjoys what she does.
You will certainly have a pleasant experience and a stylish pooch!

***Photos courtesy of Mia's Closet

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Been dealing with the health stuff again so sorry for the lack of posts...plus, with the current issue with the company that is giving me problems I haven't been posting new merchandise either.

Did I bother to share that they (THAT COMPANY) wrote another letter to Etsy about the commissioned piece that I sold several posts ago...yeah, the one I mentioned that I e-mailed Etsy several times before selling the item to find out the protocol what to do do as to NOT get in trouble with them?! Yes, I got a reprimand e-mail from Etsy NOT to repost the item...to which I wrote back that I have e-mails that were NEVER answered asking what to do about this subject and sale BEFORE I sold the item. I told them that the customer should NOT have to suffer because of a misunderstanding that she had nothing to do with and that Etsy NEVER RESPONDED to my inquiries.
Heh, they never responded back to me.

OH, ON A POSITIVE NOTE, or so I think...I e-mailed Etsy about THAT company and its abuse on MASS SELLING. Apparently they have a US eBay store, UK eBay store and Canada eBay store. ALL with at least 9 pages FULL of merchandise! I wrote eBay and asked them their policy on this matter and they responded by letting me know that each store is independent of one another. To me this means all merchandise is independent of one another. Hmmm, why that would mean there would have to be almost 700 to a thousand items between those three shops ALONE PLUS about 180 items in their Etsy shop AND their COMPLETE independent personal on line store! ON TOP OF ALL THAT I found ebid shops from them for Italy, Australia, Spain, UK and the US...there was more but I figured that was enough ammo.

Well people, NOW WE WILL SEE what happens.
If they don't get kicked off the site for this I WILL BE DISGUSTED!

ETSY REMOVED THE PHOTO on that sale of the piece that I was commissioned for that THAT company complained about. So, now THAT company is LOOKING in MY SOLD!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, it looks like I have to start the wheels turning towards Copyrighting MY designs now...ugh.
What a pain!
I personally have no problem with people copying what I am doing (because in my opinion the items I am currently making aren't "original" designs since everything has pretty much already been done) but...you know the headache I am going through.
So, I have to start the process.
Especially since that other shop is beginning to list items that I have carried already in the past and currently...and stating they have them copyrighted.
Ha ha hA!
And with that said, I am posting ANOTHER picture of MY MAGNOLIA design!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

SWEET Candle Confections!

Remember ages ago when I wrote a post about these DELICIOUS CANDLES?!!!


Poor Sherry, the creator of these delectable treats! She sent them out in a timely manner BUT because of the USPS it took FOREVER to get to me! I thought for sure it was going to be like a Bugs Bunny cartoon and there should have been stamps and stickers from around the world on my package!!We both thought the post office LOST them! BUT, THANK GOODNESS they arrived!

I HAD to take a few pictures to share with you!


I already have started to burn my Pumpkin Spice and it was WORTH the wait~!
Sherry is the MOST accommodating person and was the BEST under the USPS circumstance! She will work with you and make something YOU WILL LOVE!!!!
Go check out her store if you haven't already!
Candle Confections.

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I am SO excited to share these!
I have never been a fan of combs since my hair is so thick they never stayed in so with that in mind I made these on alligator clips that STAY PUT! Plus, I like the idea that this way they can easily be worn alone or added to a veil or tiara. I mixed several kinds of feathers including my favorite Ostrich plumes that make everything look so romantic and dreamy. LOL.
I am REALLY PROUD of these!
*flushed and smiling*
Without further ado, here are me new designs!
PLEASE CLICK ON each photo to get a better look!!!

I am slowly adding these to my Etsy shop so if you see something you like you can check in there!
Like I said, You get it here FIRST!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Photoshoot, Bed Rest, New Designs on the Way!

I had a full day photo shoot on Friday and have been recuperating since. Sorry for the lack of posts. My health is still not where I need to be but I NEEDED that job!
It was fun as always.
I worked on Judge Cristina Perez.
Lovely lady.
So I have been on bed rest since.

What little time I was able to be up I was working on a few NEW Wedding pieces.
I am REALLY excited about these!
I am using some of the infamous Magnolia petals but I have mixed other things to create a completely "NEW" looking piece. They (and you know who I am talking about) can go bite my Bum if they have a problem with it.
These are SO ROMANTIC!
As soon as I am able to take some photos I will share them with you!
I have also dabbles with wire wrapping pearls and crystals on combs!
I LOVE them!
Soo excited to share!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

WINNER of the Morning Star Giveaway

THANK YOU to EVERYONE that participated!!!
I literally wrote everyone's names on a piece of paper, folded them and picked one random name with my eyes closed!(after shaking the container they were in)

Lesha, Please e-mail me your info to mikiye@mikiyecreations.com.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

nerdyArt - curiously organic fractal art


"Oh WOW!"

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I gazed upon her work.
Let me introduce you to Katherine Louise the creator of NerdyArt.

"The work in this shop is a collection of fractal art. Fractals are purely mathematical, yet they are oddly organic in appearance. That is, they often appear very lifelike, or seem to mimic patterns you see in nature, sometimes in very stunning and spectacular ways."

Dust Devil

I was just AMAZED at the IMAGES! You MUST click on the images to get a better look!
She has an assortment of GORGEOUS pieces! I would love to have a few hanging in my place!

Here is one of MY favorites called Mimas.


Here is her Esty nerdyArt. shop so you can make sure to SEE ALL of her designs!

**photos courtesy of nerdyArt

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I received an e-mail today requesting that I remove the e-mail that I posted about the whole wrongful termination of my products.

(Just in case anyone was wondering what happened to the post.)

I do not want to get in trouble with Etsy so I removed the e-mail from that post.

So, I had to handwrite a letter for my Counter Notice that I am dropping in the mail today.

I'm really tired of this whole thing.
It's quite ridiculous.

...I hope I don't get in trouble for writing this?!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Let's not forget about my Morning Star GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Check back on my previous post and GET IN ON THE AWESOME GIFT SET!!!


Please visit Carries Morning Star Shop. and leave in the comments HERE what your FAVORITE PRODUCT she carries in her store is.

A random drawing of the winner will be held April 4th at 10p.m. PST.

Can I just repeat HOW MUCH I AM IN LOVE with her BATHS!!!!
Seriously, I DON'T WANT TO GET OUT when I take them at night!!!



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