Monday, April 7, 2008

Photoshoot, Bed Rest, New Designs on the Way!

I had a full day photo shoot on Friday and have been recuperating since. Sorry for the lack of posts. My health is still not where I need to be but I NEEDED that job!
It was fun as always.
I worked on Judge Cristina Perez.
Lovely lady.
So I have been on bed rest since.

What little time I was able to be up I was working on a few NEW Wedding pieces.
I am REALLY excited about these!
I am using some of the infamous Magnolia petals but I have mixed other things to create a completely "NEW" looking piece. They (and you know who I am talking about) can go bite my Bum if they have a problem with it.
These are SO ROMANTIC!
As soon as I am able to take some photos I will share them with you!
I have also dabbles with wire wrapping pearls and crystals on combs!
I LOVE them!
Soo excited to share!

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1 comment:

Spa Therapy Works said...

Those two sound amazing! can't wait to see it! I'm gonna go back and read about who-had-issues-with-your-magnolia now.

ps. I'm working on your deodorants. :)