Saturday, October 31, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: thesoapseduction

Everyone knows how I just LOVE the FOODIE items!
Well, I just came across some AMAZING foodie soaps made by thesoapseduction!
I have found food fragrance soaps and foodie looking candles but I haven't found any really foodie looking soaps! (aside from some popsicle and cookie looking ones) I'm sure I will be corrected!
I can't remember the last time I ate a donut but goodness me I sure would like to eat one with my hot tea after finding these!
Chocolate Donut Hole Soap

I remember several years ago for a special something I would treat myself to a little Creme Brulee from the Bristol Farms down the street from my old apartment. Heaven forbid I try to bake something in the oven I had there...even the Gasman was shocked it was SO old...and leaking gas. Figured out why I was getting sick and bad headaches when I first moved there...but, I digress... that little size dessert I could buy was perfect to share with someone else. This brings back memories!
Creme Brulee Soap

Full of Vanilla and even sprinkled with real cinnamon powder! I bet this smells wonderful!
Finally, if you are a fan of CARROT CAKE with cream cheese frosting I think we'll agree to be careful not to fall over in the shower as I would never want any of my readers to injure themselves by overindulging the senses with foodie soaps!!!!
But, c'mon! Look at this?!
Carrot Cupcake Soap

If looking at these hasn't made you crave some sugar then I have no idea what to say.
On that note, I'm going to go brush my teeth!

Go check out her shop!
I think these would make awesome stocking stuffers!!!!

*Photos courtesy of thesoapseduction

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Friday, October 30, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Dandelionland

I have seen her work for a long time and have totally lagged on sharing this amazing artist with you!!!
Welcome to Dandelionland. A place filled with beautiful one of a kind pieces that will make your Special day!
I have NEVER SEEN such creative craftsmanship as her customized Cake Toppers/Centerpieces. She will customize hair, skin and eye color, the bride's dress and veil, the groom's suit, tie and boutonniere.

Here are a few incredible examples of how the bride and groom can be customized. The bride and groom may be used as wedding cake toppers, table centerpiece or as a memorable gift for a newly married couple. The bride and groom are 3 3/4" tall. Their heads are 2" wide. They each have a non toxic clear coating on them that shines them up nicely.
Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

For the Tropical Exotic Hawaiian Wedding:Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

For the Animal Lovers you can even have your cat and dog join you in your nuptials: Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

The variety, versatility and skill is apparent with all the variations of ethnicities and style! The attention to detail! The delicate skill of painting that veil!
I absolutely LOVE her work and highly recommend anyone planning a wedding to take a look in her shop. You can contact her and she will make you a pair that look just like you both!

* All photographs courtesy of Dandilionland

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FUN FIND of the day: Goldfish Bowl Earrings

FUN FIND OF THE DAY: Goldfish Bowl Earrings

With a title like "Goldfish Bowl Earrings" how could this not be FUN?!

I just love cute and playful things!
These definitely meet the bill. I've never seen anything like them before.
What a terrific gift and stocking stuffer these will make!

Snap them up before someone else does!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

FUN FIND of the DAY: Crocheted Antique Lace Pineapple Shawl

FUN FIND OF THE DAY: Crocheted Antique Lace Pineapple Shawl

"This lightweight pineapple shawl was designed to allow the sides of the shawl to drape over your shoulders and stay there. The design is based on an antique pineapple pattern, one of my favourites. The shawl has been crocheted using a varigated blue acrylic yarn and is completely machine washable. The shawl measures approximately 60" across the top and approx 36" down the center back."

The craftsmanship is outstanding! I can't even imagine how long it take to make something as elaborate as this!
Well, I saw it and KNEW I HAD to share!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Cape Cod Jewels and Things

Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK: Cape Cod Jewels and Things.

This is a shop FULL of so many interesting items! You will find everything from rings, funky puzzle piece earrings, spooky Halloweeen-ready amber chandelier pendants and jewelry findings!

"My best inspiration comes when I sit at my work desk and play with my beads and wire and findings... I love it when a piece of jewelry just seems to make itself while I'm playing!"

Here are a few of my favorite items:
Gothic Witches Brew Chandelier Drop Necklace

Ocean Life Silver Starfish and Blue Capiz Earrings

Not only is she a member of the Etsy Twitter Team she is also active in Unique Women in Business. Linda shares new creations on Twitter, as well as satisfying her window shopping urge following the links of others.

"I just tweet my stuff, re-tweet or reply to interesting tweets... I have fun with it. :) I've gotten to know more about my fellow etsytwitter'ers, and I think they're getting to know more about me... and I LOVE to follow their links and check out their newest creations and finds. I'm a professional window shopper and twitter has been a great outlet for that!"

Definitely go take a peek in her shop because All Halloween Items at Cape Cod Jewel
Are Marked Down to $6.66 This Week

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FUN FIND of the DAY: Pretty in Pink Knot Scarf

Check out my AWESOME FUN FIND of the Day!
Pretty in Pink Knot Scarf Spring Summer Skinny Lightweight Fringe Scarflette in Strands of Pinks and Creams and Ribbon

Can this look any more TOTALLY PRETTY and SNUGLY warm?!
AND as IF this couldn't get any better...It's ONLY $20.00!!!!! I am writing this I am thinking, "Holy COW! Maybe I NEED to BUY this myself!"
Well, I'll give you all the chance to snatch it up first...but don't wait too long because I might feel compelled to snap it up myself!

Definitely check out her shop! It is one of my favorite places for high quality knit wear!!!

*Photo courtesy of beautifulbridget

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK
THREEPEATS JEWELRY. Threepeats Jewelry is a wonderfully eclectic shop of delightful one of a kind pieces! Her jewelry is made from recycled vintage beads, chains, pieces of vintage ribbon or lace and felted wool beads. All of the necklaces are designed to be long, light, easy-to-wear!

Here is a little information from her profile:
"I've always collected vintage jewelry but didn't wear much of it. It was too heavy, too fragile or too tacky! One summer I decided to see if I could use some of the beads and chain from broken pieces I had to create a necklace I would actually that was long, light and versatile. When I got compliments on the necklace, I started creating them as gifts for family and friends and got more compliments. threepeats was born!"

Here are a few of my favorites!
Unique Bead and Lace Necklace (Moss Green) - Recycled Vintage Chain, Beads and Lace, Handmade Felted Wool Beads in Shades of Green

Two Scoops (Vanilla and Chocolate) Necklace (Unique) - Recycled Vintage Chains, Beads and Lace in Brown and Cream

I very much enjoy her choices of color and use of vintage materials which give great texture. She brings together a wonderful collaboration of unique items to create playful and fun jewelry.
I highly recommend to go and visit her shop!

There's a lot to celebrate this weekend (10/23 thru 10/25). threepeats is the Etsy Twitter Team's Shop of the week and it's my birthday (don't ask which one!) To celebrate, I'm offering 20% OFF everything in the shop (does NOT include S/H). Just write "WEEKEND DEALS" in the notes to seller section when you make a purchase and I will send you a refund via Paypal.

Definitely take advantage and don't miss out!!!

*Photos courtesy of THREEPEATS JEWELRY

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Monday, October 19, 2009

New Photos

As always I am constantly taking new photos of my work.
Here are a few rand new items not yet listed and a few current pieces in my shop!
I'm pretty excited about this piece. I completely took it apart and reworked the design. I also now hand knotted each of the Swarovski pearls. I love it even more then the original. Now it really showcases the handwoven focal piece.

I also reworked this piece too. I changed the draping and I think it is SO PRETTY on!

This is a brand new piece I do not have up for sale yet.
It is SO elegant and romantic! I am in LOVE with these! After receiving so many requests for custom jewelry this last year I finally had time to create a few pieces to have in my shop! Everyone kept asking me why I didn't have my necklaces available for others to see and purchase. Well, FINALLY I have a few!

I decided to try a darker background and I think this looks A LOT better then the lighter background where the white just melted in.

Good photos make all the difference in how it represents my work so I will always be open to creating better and better pictures.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Spotlight Shop: Designer Photo Imaging

I have always admired talented Graphic designers and their work.
While in my early college years I was told to learn how to use a computer, become a graphic designer and use my artistic talents...of course, I couldn't even type so the thought of learning to use a computer was anything but what I wanted to do. YEARS later I WISH I had stayed in that typing class and had enrolled in a computer class.
Then again, a few years later I met someone that did just that and hated their graphic design job.
Which brings me to this VERY TALENTED designer of the shop Designer Photo Imaging.
I remember the lady I talked to saying how she hated having to cram all this information in a small ad space and using little to none of her actual artistic talents! While reading Teresa's profile I TOTALLY remembered this conversation.
Quote from Teresa's profile, "Ads that I was asked to create brought you straight to snoozeville. Customers want to cram as much text as they can into a teeny tiny space and you can forget about artwork or photos! White space is a dirty word to them."
Basically the same conversation! It must be something very artistic graphic designers face in that field.
Well, for our sakes I am SO GLAD that she has expanded into making these amazing invitations!

"...Early in 2008 I started specializing in wedding invitations. I also design other invitations and announcements for other occasions (baby showers, birth announcements, grad announcements/parties, birthday parties, etc.). In the future I plan on creating a new sub-division of Designer Photo Imaging exclusively for invitations and announcements. Things are starting to fall into place and Appleberry Ink will go live by 2010! Designer Photo Imaging will then concentrate primarily on the photo artwork that I currently offer."

I am always looking for talented artisans to showcase and share.
I definitely appreciate the exceptional skill and talent in her work.
Here are a few on my FAVORITE pieces.
Noddea - wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Jayda - orchid wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Aurora - poppy wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Petrina - victorian wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Teresa's work is absolutely visually stimulating!
The colors and composition are lovely.
If you are in the market for any wedding invitations, baby showers, birth announcements, grad announcements/parties, birthday parties, etc. I highly recommend visiting her shop!
These examples were only a few of the many gorgeous examples of her work!

*Photos courtesy of Designer Photo Imaging

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My Family Fur Babies Getting Ready for Halloween

When my family came over they had to share the costume that My Sister got for her Fur Baby Allie.
Allie does NOT like to be clothed. It is hilarious since most dogs generally simply try to get the items off with their paws or rolling around. Not Allie. She Automatically cowers and freezes in place. I have never seen my sister try to put clothing on her so I thought she was exaggerating...

Poor little Allie just laid down and wouldn't move until my sister removed the cute little hat and cowboy.
By the look on her face you would have thought we were REALLY torturing her!
So, by then we of course had to try in on my Mom's Shih Tzu Sophie.
Completely the opposite she was prancing around like nothing!
We were laughing!

Here's Sophie playing with her best friend one of my Aunt's Labs.

I never have had a dog of my own but I have had A LOT of people ask if I made jewelry for dogs over the years.
I bedazzled a few sweater for my Mom's last dog but that was about it.
I just LOVE the Fur Babies!
This isn't my dog but it's SO CUTE!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photography: Wonderful World of Color

The MAGIC with a camera...and a little help with a computer!
How amazing are these pictures??!!!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Ready for HALLOWEEN!

Getting ready for Halloween I felt inspired to make some new and fun pieces!

Skeleton's Gold

What I normally think is kinda scary is now pretty fun since it's covered in sparkling Swarovski crystals!
It's the perfect little sparkling number to pop into your hair. Even some of the shorter styles can wear this since it's on a Bobby pin. It's WAY CUTER in person!
Crimson Widow Spider Feather Headpiece

This still has all the FESTIVE FUN for the holidays with the HIGH QUALITY that you expect from a Mikiye Creation.
The sparkle from all the various sizes of Light Siam red crystals is SOOOOO PRETTY in the light. Unfortunately, they barely show in the photographs.
You will absolutely twinkle like stars with the tint of sizzling RED in the low light of dusk.
Silver Widow

Silver Widow is perfect if you want to stay completely nocturnal and Jet Black! No extra color in this piece. Clear Sparkling Swarovski rhinestones will definitely get you noticed with all the eye catching SHINE and SPARKLE!

For my Diehard flower LOVERS I have a few custom hand dyed to perfection pieces.
Black Currant Flirt

Midnight Passion

Crimson Vamp

Perfect for someone that wants the REAL DEEP DARK BLOOD RED color!

I'll be listing a few new surprises so check back soon!!!!!

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