Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday through Cyber Monday SALE!

I RARELY have sales in my shop since everything in my Etsy shop is priced at WHOLESALE. (All wedding items are 30-50% OFF Retail and All jewelry is 20-40% OFF Retail.)

STARING MIDNIGHT TONIGHT November 27th through midnight November 30th!

Buy one item and get a second item of equal or lesser value for 50% OFF! Good on ALL ITEMS over $20.00. Discount will be refunded through PayPal
Put "BOGO" in Notes to seller!

I have never done this before so DEFINITELY TAKE ADVANTAGE since I have no idea if and when I'll do it again!!!

The perfect opportunity to buy that item you have always wanted in my shop and get something extra for someone you care about!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Hope your day is filled with LOVE and GREAT FOOD!
I wasn't going to celebrate Thanksgiving until Saturday but my Mom decided to have a small something for just us and then celebrate it big with the whole family Saturday. I have SO MUCH to do if I'm going to get to her house today!
With that said...Gotta get going!
Happy Day!!!!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Grow Brass and Floral Earrings

HOW CUTE are These?!!!!
Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Grow Brass and Floral Earrings

"These dainty brass dangles feature coral colored four petal Czech glass tulip beads with high-gloss finish paired with oblong antiqued brass charms stamped with the word “GROW”.

Measurements: Earrings hang 1 inch long (2.5cm) from brass ball and coil hooks and will be sent with a complimentary pair of plastic earring backs.

This item was designed and handcrafted by Jessica Smutek and is exclusive to SmuTopia Jewelry."

These will make a totally cute little gift! Such a perfect accessory for wearing everyday!

*Photos courtesy of Smutopia

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Swarovski Earrings

I was VERY excited when I found these Swarovski crystal pieces.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vintage glass...but there's nothing (other then high quality precious gems) that sparkle like Swarovski crystals!
Since I LOVE color I wanted to make a few in these GORGEOUS Fuchsia and aqua/teal colors. Silver plated brass findings and Sterling Silver Ear wires.
They should be up in my shop within the next few days.

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Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Blue Skies Shawl - Hand Knitted and Crocheted

With the weather cooling down...might I even say I'm freezing cold at thoughts have revolved around "Keeping warm!"
While bouncing around on the internet this Blue Skies Shawl caught me eye!

What a wonderful GIFT this would make!!!! Classic colors and design make this an easy item for anyone at any age. Beautiful craftsmanship and quality make this an item they can enjoy throughout the seasons!

"Blue skies will definitely be shining on you when you wear this lacy and soft wool hand knitted and crocheted shawl. And... those blue skies can shine on you throughout the year because this is a 4 season garment.

The yarn varies from white through several shades of beautiful blue and knitted up to form cloud-like forms. I made an openwork lace stripe up the back of the shawl. Then added a crocheted ruffle to the edges. The ruffled look is very au courrant according to last week's Fashion Section of the Sunday New York Times. You will definitely be the envy of all when you wear this wrap.

The yarn is such a lightweight wool that you can almost see through the shawl. I knitted it on small enough needles, however, to make it quite stable and snag-resistant. It drapes like a dream, too. This results from many hours of dedicated and careful work."

I can practically FEEL the soft snugly texture!
If you don't snap this up someone else SURELY WILL!!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Vintage Inspired Earrings Lemon Hearts

Here is a new pair of beautiful vintage inspired earrings I just listed.
These vintage inspired glass heart Earrings are a gorgeous accessory. Depending on how the light hits them they reflect beautiful rich and vibrant or a dark golden yellow color. I think it's such an unusual color and I nice change from the norm.
Lemon Hearts.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Journey of Love Designs

Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK: Journey of Love Designs

A wonderful little shop developed by designer Denise Kung, a woman that LOVES beautiful Paper!

She specializes in stationary, paper gifts, magnets, and even related products like invitations, escort cards, and table numbers.
I love these personalized party favors!
Tea Party Bridal or Baby Shower Favors

Denise is currently working with Japanese chiyogami paper (chiyogami is a type of Japanese paper decorated with brightly colored, woodblock-printed patterns) for her products. “I recently returned from a trip to Japan. I bought a few sheets of chiyogami paper and will be using them for my new products. I would love to buy the whole store of paper! The colors and textures are so beautiful and delicate. I am inspired by the colors and patterns of the papers I work with and find. I am a visual person so my eyes get tickled when I see certain papers,” says Denise about her adoration of paper.
As a HUGE fan of Japanese printed silks and paper I just adore these magnets!
Chiyogami Plum Blossoms Glass Tiles Magnets

She also has a second shop Seashell Baby full of beautiful knitwear and more creative items.

Special for This Week Only:

Free set of 6 gift tags with any order
from Journey of Love Designs.

Free set of 2 scrubbies/coasters with any order
from Seashell Baby.

Use code: "Etsytwitterteam"

Definitely stop by and take advantage of the Special for this week!

*Photos courtesy of Journey of Love Designs

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharing...Clients with flowers

I just LOVE this picture of my Gal Twinkie Chan who makes AMAZING creative foodies scarves that I my sister is IN LOVE WITH!

She's wearing a couple of my cuties:

BTW, Here is one of her AWESOME Foodie Scarves. Suddenly I want some bread and butter!!!!

She was sold out of this but I am SURE you can request she make one for you!

THANK YOU Twinkie Chan for sharing this picture with me!!!!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Cabled Coffee Cozie in Cranberry Red

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find is from Kim White Creations.

Cabled Coffee Cozie in Cranberry Red.

I recycle, changed all my light bulbs, switched almost all of my cleaning supplies to non toxic (slowly weeding everything out) and drive a hybrid so I am always looking for more ways to help keep the earth healthy. With wanting to be more environmentally friendly I thought how great of an item is this! I think I am the ONLY person I know that doesn't drink coffee and I ALWAYS saw all my co workers with the coffee cups and the paper cardboard thing cover around them. How nice to use something like this. It's totally environmentally friendly since it is reusable, it's aesthetically pleasing and just feels NICE on the skin! Oh yeah, and it's completely functional in so many ways!

"My Cable Knit Coffee Cozies are a great gift at only $10! You can "gift" them by themselves, or wrap them around a take-out coffee cup with a gift card for coffee tucked inside. Adding a few chocolates inside the cup is a nice touch as well!
The Cozies work great around coffee, tea, or cocoa, a soda can or even a beer, and I have had customers purchase them for use around cocktail glasses to keep their drinks icy!"

I never thought of using this for cold beverages! Seriously, the only prepackaged beverage I drink is water and when I have been out and order cold bottled water...I HATE how it chills me to drink out of it! Using one of these would completely make a difference!
Definitely take a look in her shop for more colors and designs.
There is a great rich dark grey one that would be perfect for a guy! Im liking a festive Xmas looking red and white one!

*Photo courtesy of kimwhitecreations

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Nyan Nyan Nyanko Kawaii Cat Buttons

Today's Gift Giving Fabulous Find is: Nyan Nyan Nyanko Kawaii Cat Buttons.

SUPER KAWAII little stocking stuffer buttons!
I remember when I was in school I had buttons all over my backpack and clothes!
Just love these!
Definitely check out her shop for ALL SORTS of really fun gifts! There are a couple awesome GAMER COASTERS I'm looking at. I'll be sure to showcase them in the future if someone doesn't snatch them up by then!
Go take a look!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fat Cat

He's just too cute so I had to share.

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Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: 3-D Dark Green Reversible Scarf

This is the first entry for my month and a half free for all search for "Gift Giving Fabulous Finds!" I am looking for fabulous high quality HANDMADE items perfect for gift giving at some amazing prices! I'll take some of the burden of shopping off of you by sharing a wonderful array of items for everyone on your holiday list!

So Let's get to it!
Today's Gift Giving Fabulous Find Is by an amazing designer FoxyGknits.

3-D Dark Green Reversible Scarf

I chose this scarf because I think it would be FABULOUS for a man or Woman! And ladies, we ALL KNOW how tough it is to buy something for the men in our lives! Here is a great color, fantastic texture and something he can actually use! Plus, it's a great thick knit which I think is very complimentary on a man.
Of course, I would love wearing this myself but I thought I'd put some emphasis on the unisex appeal.
At only $25.00 this is an amazing scarf for holiday gift giving!

I definitely recommend to check out her shop because there are some REALLY GORGEOUS scarves there. Also, for those on a budget she has an ENTIRE SECTION for $25.00 and under! It's the perfect time of the year for a scarf and what better gift then to buy handmade!

*photos courtest of FoxyGknits

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Finds In My Shop UNDER $20.00: Vintage Glass Earrings

I wanted to make sure I let everyone know that I am gearing up for a great holiday season this year. I figured anything to help everyone with a little heads up on what's going on in my shop to make gift giving less stressful and easier on the pocket book! I'll be showcasing great products for an even more wonderful price point. In future posts I will be highlighting other shops special items too! So, definitely check back to see more good stuff!!!

Not too long ago I found some gorgeous vintage glass pieces set in brass and decided to make some classic little earrings! Really beautiful jewelry at a wonderfully reasonable price! Some of my pieces date from the 1950's through the 70's. All around the quality of the glass is quite lovely and clean for their age. Here are a few that I have currently in my shop. Most of the pieces I can make more then one of you want, just ask.
This is one of my FAVORITE colors! It is SOOOO PRETTY! Almost like a dark aqua turquoise blue.
Double Drops

Delicious Orange Drops

Ocean Diamonds

Tourmaline Illusions

Royal Purple Diamonds

I just love the two-toned glass pieces. I have a few different colors in my shop.
Rubies and Wine

All of these will arrive wrapped with a silk pink ribbon in a pretty little box.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photos on silk and lace

I'm still debating if I like these new photos on some beautiful silk and lace I found. Actually, it was a few slips that must have belonged to my Aunt. She was tossing them out and I'm so glad I found them in the recycling/donation bag she filled. They must be from the 50's-60's.
I really love the ultra feminine feel of using the fabric under my pieces. Retaking new pictures...AGAIN...I quickly remember why I invested so much time and energy buying my special bulbs and making a light box. Natural light is such a pain when the sun isn't shining...or worse, when I only get a few hours of sun a day this time of year. It's tough because the lighting will never look the same since it is constantly, there are always variations of color and the light in all the photos. I wanted to use natural daylight since the ivory petals are so delicate and get lost in the "natural synthetic" light.
I worry that it all blends together now. I liked using the aqua silk dupioni that I have used in several pictures but I just wanted to try something softer.

I noticed that the VERY pigmented pieces are REALLY challenging to photograph. I literally have had 20 pieces of gorgeous dark red designs sitting in my possession for over a year since I can't get them to photograph correctly. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a setting on my camera but I have no clue what to do. Everything comes out way over exposed for now so I can't even photoshop them decently.
It's all still a learning experience to me!
Ah, next time...

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