Friday, December 7, 2012

Amazing Gift Ideas For Clearence Prices!

I have a collection called "The Vault" of amazing items at highly discounted prices perfect for holiday parties and gift giving.
"From the Vault" is a collection of items I have made throughout the years. Basically, wonderful items that for one reason or another just never got listed. Since these have been hidden in boxes for quite some time, each piece may need a little dusting off and fluffing up. Some have subtle imperfections like glue stains. All items are represented true in each photograph. These are such wonderful items I thought I'd rather offer them to you at an incredible price rather then let them not be enjoyed. Everything in this collection is highly discounted to clearance prices. Due to this fact, all pieces are sold as is and are a final sale.

I will slowly be rolling out the 80-100+ items  I've has stashed away. Many are one of a kind pieces so if you like something I'd snap it up! It's incredible how they added up through the years!

Here are just a few you can already find in my shop.
 SALE - Sparkling Daisy Headpiece

 SALE - Purple Flower Hair Piece
 SALE - Peach Hair Flower
SALE - Sprite Whispers
SALE - Autumn Fire Poppy Hair Flower

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pretty Images

Something pretty to admire.

Very Wang

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