Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Delightful! HandCrafted Creations Blog Feature!

How excited was I to find a wonderful feature of my designs over at HandCrafted Creations Blog.
Such a lovely article and I am ALWAYS excited when I see my hard work appreciated enough to have someone take the time to share it with others. I am ALWAYS thankful!
Oh yeah and I MUST share that Victoria, the author, makes extraordinary garters! All different designs and colors!
REALLY pretty! Most of her designs are Custom pieces! Can't get any better then making it specifically for YOU.
Her blog is actually a GREAT READ and I highly recommend to periodically check it out. She always has new talent that she shares. ALL DIFFERENT products and designs so it's really fun to see who she is showcasing next!
So, go visit!
HandCrafted Creations Blog.
Victoria Joanne Custom Wedding Garters

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SHOP OF THE WEEK: AmbientLights

Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK: Ambient Lights
Here you will find a wonderful array of soy candles, palm wax melts and Bath & Body! It's wonderful to see she is very conscious about the environment and therefore chooses to use soy wax since it is deemed more eco-friendly.
Lemon Wedge Warmer Melts Set of 6
I very much enjoy the fact that she offers wax melts since I LOVE candles but find that it makes a filmy mess in my air purifier. With this said, wax melts are PERFECT because I still get the great lasting scent without any extra cleaning time for me!
Another wonderful item she makes is the
Lavender Goats Milk Soap on a Pouf How cleaver huh?!
She has all different scents but I like the relaxing qualities of Lavender so I wanted to share this one. You'll have to visit her shop to see all the rest!
She also makes these fantastic
Aromatic Sink Freshener and Gentle Cleansers
This is one cleaver Lady! I have always popped a lemon rind down there but I didn't always have a lemon and it didn't do anything for my kitchen. These are fantastic since they actually clean, deodorize AND make your whole kitchen smell wonderful!!!
Ambient Lights is such a wonderful little shop with goodies we can ALL use! I definitely recommend to go check it out!

This one-week-only special offer:

15% off ALL items OR Purchase three 7.50oz 100% Soy Jar Candles for only $20.00 (regularly priced 8.50 each) (15% off does not apply to the 3 for $20.00 special, it is already more then 20% savings!)

Special discounts do not apply to shipping. She can send you an invoice reflecting your savings before you make your payment or you can pay for your items and she will refund your savings via PayPal.

*Photos courtesy of Ambient Lights

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Photography: Wonderful World of Color

It's NO SECRET that I wish I had the knowledge and skill to take amazing photographs like these!
It is images like these that remind me just how beautiful and awe inspiring the world is. It also makes me WISH ALL THE MORE that I was a professional photographer!!! I imagine what beauty I could capture from behind the lens.
For now, I just try to make sure it's lit and not fuzzy!
I promise to give credit when ever possible! Unfortunately, there were no names of the people that took these beautiful pictures! If you know please feel free to tell me so I may give them credit!
I plan to share more wonderful images soon!
If you are a photographer or know of one you love go ahead and let me know and I'll see if I can highlight them in a future post!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fascination: New Wedding Headdress

I just wanted to share my new design.
As I am always inspired by history I greatly enjoy the pomp and circumstance of this piece. This is a wonderfully elegant design that has a flamboyant flavor with a playful charm.
This will be gorgeous for a Bride that wants a more elaborate couture piece.

I was just thinking HOW FABULOUS this would look with any of these gowns designed by a very talented peer and fellow Etsy Wedding Team member at Bellina Bridal Boutique?!!!
I think the Chantal Gown has a gorgeous, classic, modern, Victorian glamour and my piece would be a perfect finishing touch!
Chantal Wedding Dress
Or I thought Ava G Wedding Gown is so classic and streamlined that my piece could add that extra flair!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebrating my Uncles Birthday.

So this last weekend we had a get together at my house celebrating one of my Uncle David's Birthday.
My Aunt found this great little candle cake topper thing that looked like a closed flower pod. When we were ready for cake we lit the center and it lit up like a sparkler, opened with all the little candles a flame and spun to the music of Happy Birthday! It was the greatest little birthday cake topper candle thing I've ever seen!
I have no idea where she found it!

Oh yeah, My Aunt made it a theme party and we all wore animal ears. There were 2 types of doggie ears, cat ears and pig ears. My sister and I grabbed the kitty ears and since no one wanted to wear the piggy ears my Uncle was a sport and wore them...just wanted to explain so everyone looking at these didn't think, "...uh, is HE wearing pig ears? Um, WHY is he wearing pig ears???"
Grant you, it DOES LOOK like a FIRE HAZARD in the 3rd photo but it wasn't scary in person!
You have to admit, that cake topper was pretty FUN!

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WOW!!! That's A LOT Of Kittens!!!!

I found this on the web and it cracked me up!!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crimson Widow Headpiece: Getting Ready for Halloween

Feeling inspired for Halloween I designed this awesome headpiece made from Black and Red Coque and Goose feathers. I added this wonderful Swarovski crystal covered dark antique silver Spider for the center focal. For MORE dazzling sparkle I added TONS of various sizes of sexy red Siam and light Siam Swarovski crystals all along the red feathers. This piece sparkles like fire in the light! It's simply GORGEOUS! To top it all off I added black tulle to bustle up the back and give that extra couture flair!
Very Editorial.
You would absolutely be the talk of the party with this piece.

I can already imagine the outfit to go with this! Something skin tight and black...oooh, like Vampira.

Or I found this one on line of my ever so favorite Masuimi Max

Scary but wouldn't it look great on her?!

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FUN FIND of the DAY: It's All About the Fringe Scarf in Red Blue Yellow Green Orange

WELCOME to my FUN FIND of the DAY!!!!
It TOTALLY calls to my artistic side that sits in sweats all day at home and wants to dress up and have some fun!!!
Everyone knows I LOVE COLOR!
The second I SAW this scarf I almost started to Drool and fidget!
The fact that I have already spend $200+ on supplies this month meant that this scarf won't be mine just yet!

It is just as the title states, It's All About the Fringe Scarf in Red Blue Yellow Green Orange
The texture!
The beckoning for warm fuzzy snuggling softness!!!!, if anyone wants to know what I would like for a gift...*hint hint* this would make me VERY HAPPY!!!

I DEFINITELY recommend looking around in her shop BeautifulBridget!
There are about 4 other scarves I want and hope to share them with you too!!!

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Getting ready for Fall and Winter.

So I am getting geared up for Fall and Winter by introducing new rich tones!
As everyone knows I FINALLY started experimenting with dyes and here are a few new pieces I wanted to share.

Black Currant Flirt

Crimson Lorraine

Midnight Passion

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SHOP OF THE WEEK: JoslinJewels

Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK: Joslinjewels.

When I think of beautiful unique wire wrapped jewelry I think of Joslinjewels!
Talk about amazing design and craftsmanship! What is SO WONDERFUL is that she creates all different kinds of designs at every price point so all can enjoy wearing her jewelry.
Here is a little something from her Bio:

"My name is Sheridan Joslin and I create wire-wrapped and beaded jewelry in my studio on Bainbridge Island, WA where the inspirational beauty of the Pacific Northwest abounds. I've been designing and creating jewelry for over 10 years and have reveled in every moment of it.

I simply wish to make beautiful objects of wearable art by following my muse wherever she takes me. My designs are sometimes simple, sometimes intricate, sometimes whimsical, and sometimes elegant. I hope you find something you will love and enjoy."

Here are a few of my favorite pieces!

Paisley Earrings - Tanzanite, Ruby, Apatite, Silver

Swept Away Earrings - Onyx, Sterling Silver

Moonlight Hoop Earrings - Mixed Gemstones and Sterling Silver

I just LOVE and admire flawless wire work and you will find nothing less then that in her shop! I can't believe I am already looking out for holiday gifts! You can easily contact her if you would like something custom made which I think is a fabulous and personal way to give something that you can't find anywhere else!
Definitely take a look in her shop since her jewelry sells fast!
I know I will be checking in to see the new designs that pop up in there!!!

----------------------------- -:¦:- SPECIAL -:¦:- -----------------------------
From 9/18-27: Buy one or more items over $25.00 and choose one item worth up to $25.00 for free! Simply enter "etsytwitter" and the name of the item you would like to receive for free in the notes to seller box. That's it!

*Photos courtesy of Joslinjewels

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still feeling unwell.

Been really struggling with my health for the last 5 days and I get so frustrated not being able to post.
There REALLY is just SO MUCH to share.
I am feeling thoroughly exhausted. All of a sudden I REALLY want to sleep like 12 hours!
Who has that kind of time??!!!
So, the body is definitely fighting me on this!
I STILL can't figure out what I am eating that I am allergic too.
My face it still all bumpy and itchy.
I want to post something interesting but I literally FEEL like it's 1:00 in the morning I'm SO tired.
So, I will try to post my Shop of the Week tomorrow.
Hope everyone is happy and well!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Handmade by Sandi

Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK: Handmade by Sandi

This is a shop that you just have to smile when you first see all the wonderful items she offers. Everything just looks "Happy" to me.
I just love that there is such a wide variety and selection of quality handmade items to choose from. The first thing I thought was, "OH! This place is GREAT for GIFT SHOPPING!!!" With everything from coffee cozies, scarfs, tote bags, aprons, earrings, kitchen accessories to my ever favorite felted bowls there is something for all!!!!
Here are a few of my favorites!

Hearts for Bunny - Bunny Heartthrob - Fabric Covered Button Earrings

Lacy Window Accent - Clown Face - Children's Room

Facial Scrubbie Set of 6

Of course I couldn't NOT SHARE my favorite Felted bowls! She has several different kinds but I adore the color brown and all the different shapes of these!
Felted Wool Bowls - Set of 3 Cocoa Bowls - Soft - Fall - Office - Dresser

I have to confess that I tried to crochet when I was young...I remember always watching my Grandmother sitting there knitting away! Honestly, for the life of me I just couldn't get it! LOL! Perhaps if I tried it as an adult? Well, for now I rather enjoy the skills of another artisan like Sandi!

THIS WEEK ONLY she has an END OF SUMMER SALE and everything in that section has FREE SHIPPING!!!!

I highly recommend everyone to check out all the fun items in her shop!!!!

*Photos courtesy of Handmade by Sandi

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