Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FUN FIND of the DAY: GINGERBREAD COOKIE - Dave's Homemade - Triple Scented Candle

FUN FIND OF THE DAY: GINGERBREAD COOKIE - Dave's Homemade - Triple Scented Candle - 8 oz. Travel Tin

"Featuring...Dave's Homemade SERENITY Candles - There is no better candle!

Gingerbread Cookie - Bakery notes, molasses, ginger and other spices. Just like a warm batch of gingerbread cookies waiting to be devoured...OMG...This smells so yummy...


Dave's Homemade hand poured TRIPLE SCENTED candles are made from only the Highest Quality paraffin waxes and industry standard (non-lead) wicks...

Color: Ginger Brown
Approx. Burn Time: 40-60 hours

Our Tin container candles make the perfect scented travel companion...They also make great party favors or gift for any occasion..."

I really couldn't explain it any better then the actual listing...but I CAN say, " OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You have to check out ALL the scents in there!!!!"
Seriously, I am allergic to SOY and now days all the candles here on Etsy and EVERYWHERE else it seems are made with Soy wax...a no no for me!
So, when I saw that these weren't made with soy I was thrilled! Then, when I saw ALL THE FABULOUS scents in his shop I about fell over!!!! If you are a fan of candles I REALLY recommend checking out his shop!
Also, these will make AMAZING GIFTS!!!!!

*photo courtesy of Dave's Homemade's Shop

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