Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebrating my Uncles Birthday.

So this last weekend we had a get together at my house celebrating one of my Uncle David's Birthday.
My Aunt found this great little candle cake topper thing that looked like a closed flower pod. When we were ready for cake we lit the center and it lit up like a sparkler, opened with all the little candles a flame and spun to the music of Happy Birthday! It was the greatest little birthday cake topper candle thing I've ever seen!
I have no idea where she found it!

Oh yeah, My Aunt made it a theme party and we all wore animal ears. There were 2 types of doggie ears, cat ears and pig ears. My sister and I grabbed the kitty ears and since no one wanted to wear the piggy ears my Uncle was a sport and wore them...just wanted to explain so everyone looking at these didn't think, "...uh, is HE wearing pig ears? Um, WHY is he wearing pig ears???"
Grant you, it DOES LOOK like a FIRE HAZARD in the 3rd photo but it wasn't scary in person!
You have to admit, that cake topper was pretty FUN!

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Cassandra Watsham said...

That is an AWESOME cake topper! Please, please, PLEASE ask where she found it! Oh, and the last you saw of Lost is the last anyone has seen of Lost ... until the last season airs in January 2010! I'm trying to keep up with some Lost ARG poster art that being sold of some 'water cooler moments' of the past seasons. Pretty cool stuff so far!

By the way, I'd like to say that YOU are way more awesome than any flower cake topper could be, although, this one is pretty close! Just a little tidbit for you ... :)

Mikiye Creations said...

Oh My Gosh!
I totally didn't realize that was the last of it until the new season!

I will TOTALLY let you know where she got it if she remembers..we were ALL trying to figure out since WE wanted to get one too!

Awe, you are too kind!!!