Monday, March 21, 2011

Artist Aid: Japan Tsunami Earthquake Relief

I have been wanting to help after seeing the devastation over in Japan. Feeling helpless not being a billionaire I didn't know what I could really do. However, I realized that every little bit helps when I joined a group Artist Aid that is dedicated to donating money from sales to different charity organizations helping Japan. I have chosen Global Giving.
GlobalGiving supports grassroots projects around the world. This project will disburse funds to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. GlobalGiving is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground to provide relief to victims.
I have an entire section in my shop of items I am donating all the proceeds to this charity.
Here's one of the pieces I have up for charity!

Artist Aid: Japan Tsunami Relief 

Pearl Earrings Lavender Dew Drops

by (Me) MikiyeCreations

All donations will be given in the honor of the person that purchased the item.
I greatly appreciate your help and charitable purchase.

Here are some of my other teammates that have some wonderful items also for sale with the proceeds going to the charities of their choice all aiding Japan during this crisis.

CHARITY: Japan Tsunami FINE ART 

PHOTOGRAPHY II If a tree falls in the forest

by RivetingArt
by JeffGuerrero

Japan Relief Matsushima T-Shirt - Women's

by Uzura
by GrinningDogDesigns
by AfternoonShowers
by CuriousCrowJewelry
by Abbyka
by charmednecklaces
by sleepingdogstore
by MelJoyCreations
by TheWoollyPeddler

JAPAN AID - Peony Flower Thank You Notes 

Tsunami Relief

by JenAitchison

These are only a few of the many extraordinary items and people that are taking the time to help in any way they can. It warms my heart to see total strangers come together, share beauty and help those in need.
Please type in "Artist Aid" in the search bar if you visit Etsy and find more incredible items for charity and to help.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luxurious Purple... Not Just For Royalty Anymore

There once was a time when the color purple was only to be worn by royalty. Dire consequences faced those who were not of the crown and caught wearing such a rich and luxurious shade! Thank goodness that no longer applies! The Etsy Twitter Team has a wonderful list of many different items all sharing variations of this once elite color.

Purple Passion Silk Scarf

by MommaGoddess
by FomNancysHeart
by brefour
by prettycheap

Deep Purple Squid Necklace - 

Polymer Clay Jewelry

by noadi

by DorsetHillBeads 
by FoxyGknits
by whimsyfish
by soaprehab

Handmade Crocheted Cup sleeve 

by Jenco13
by MoonlightDreams
by HoneyFromTheBee
by mysassyglass
by yarncoture

by scrapwithstyle
Violet, lavender, lilac, eggplant and royal purple... no matter what variation it is, it is oh so beautiful! Hope you enjoyed these selections!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mixed Media Monday

I can't even begin to express how much I miss my art. Good old fashioned pre computers graphite, water color, pastels, oils, acrylic and pen and ink. There was more but these were the basics.
It feels like a lifetime since I worked with any of those and so now I live vicariously through some amazingly talented artist I have found.
Each week I plan to choose one fabulous piece of mixed media art to share and awe over!

Todays piece comes from AMBORELA on Etsy. To be perfectly honest I had the toughest time trying to find just one piece to share...with this said, click on over to her shop and you'll see what I mean! A woman after my own heart! I LOVE how she adds fabric flowers or other materials to create a 3 dimensional effect. My Mother has a mixed media painting I did way back in high school of a lilac dress that I painted in acrylics and used an actual dress in parts... Bethany's work inspired me to reminisce!
Bethany has a wonderful sense of color and design.
Her shop literally is filled with a mixture of everything! I had thoughts of wanting to live in a home with MANY ROOMS just so I could hang all the different colors and pieces in each!!!

Flowers From the Sea

Like I said before, definitely check out her shop... I could have filled PAGES AND PAGES of her work!!!
Anyone say, "LOVE  IT?!"

*Photos courtesy of Amborela

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Vintageday

SOTW -- Vintageday

Richelieu Signed Big Red Maltese Cross Pin Brooch Vintage
The Etsy Twitter Team would like to introduce Wendy Kelly of Vintageday, our Shop of the Week! Wendy's shop is stocked with over 400 items of beautiful vintage jewelry! People are drawn to Wendy's vintage pieces because of the lovely craftsmanship and their uniqueness. An added plus: vintage is the ultimate in recycling and being green!

Wendy is very knowledgeable about her pieces. While she has had an appreciation for vintage jewelry and collected it for some time, she has discovered a great resource in JewelRing, a yahoo group specializing in vintage jewelry. All the men and women that belong to it have been very helpful about sharing important facets of costume jewelry. Besides, as Wendy puts it, "I am vintage, so i know what I sell!" And she packages like it's special, too; every piece in a gift box and bubble wrap. She happily ships internationally, too!

Wendy credits Auction Sellers Motivators mentors for "teaching me the ins and outs about selling on line". Their website states they are "a cooperative community of online sellers working to improve their businesses. Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, your own web site or any number of other venues, we're your source for top quality advice! We welcome everyone from those just starting out to seasoned, online professionals." ~

To help with her Twitter use, Wendy recommends Hootsuite or TweetDeck software because they make scheduling tweets easy. This can help maintain your Twitter presence throughout the day (and night) and space out your shop links. Wendy also likes to post tweets to her Tumblr account.

Wendy has a musical side...AND a sense of humor: her favorite artist? "Bruce Springsteen. {Wendy is a Jersey girl} I grew up on Bruce. Didn't he write Born to Run for me"?

That could also explain her dream migration habits: "I would love to be able to divide my time between Florida during the cold {New Jersey} winters, Spring and Fall in New Jersey. I would love to have a beach house in Cape Cod for the Summer...I would get the best" of all the seasons!

Vintage Clear and Black Sparkling Rhinestone Teardrop Pierced Earring
This week Wendy is offering
15% off using coupon code
on everything in the Vintageday inventory
Wendy's Internet presence:
Etsy Shop:
Twitter: Vintageday

Written by Judy of WellspringCreations
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Friday, March 11, 2011

SHOP OF THE WEEK: RobinMariaPedrero

Wander Where the Wind Blows
Meet Robin Maria Pedrero, a fine art painter, and this week's Etsy Twitter shop of the week. Robin paints portraits, and both realistic and dreamy landscapes in a variety of media. She wants her art to be enjoyed by all, so she offers prints of her original in many forms: coffee mugs, tote bags, notecards and displayable prints. Her use of color, style and originality are unique, yet varied, to appeal to a broad range of tastes.

Robin has collectors, both individual and corporate, all over the world and in most of the 50 United States. Her work is also displayed in several museum gift shops and art galleries. If you have your own theme in mind, Robin is quite happy to discuss a commission. She makes the process a pleasure! 

From a very young age, Robin was an artist, but when she was 13, Dori K. Mandel was the first artist to take her under her wing giving root to Brackman, Cezanne and the impressionists. This is where Robin learned to work in oil, capturing light and color.

As to a favorite artist, Robin says "If you read another interview with me you’ll see different answers, as my favorites often change. Today I will select Yoko Ono, at 78 she continues to create, interact and share the message of peace and art even in tweets. I was on the National Women’s Caucus for Art board when she was honored with a lifetime achievement award."

I asked Robin how her environment influences her work. Her response: "Sunny Florida gives me wonderful light, and vast natural inspiration. I can work outside many months during the year. I can photograph my work in natural light as well. Being in central Florida gives me quick access to several cities with art events and venues. The arts community here is embracing and diverse." In fact, she'd prefer to live where she is rather than anywhere else!

Robin approaches Twitter in a personable way. Her advice to new users: "Enjoy meeting and following new people, be positive, build relationships, tweet and retweet what interests you and helps others." Her approach has attracted over 11,000 followers!

We all have our own visions of what an artist might like to do for entertainment, but you might be surprised to learn that one of Robin's favorite pasttimes is ziplining!

Robin has a soft spot for human suffering. If she had $1million to donate, she says "I would provide education, shelter, and clothing for those in need. I would give safety and new life to those who are enslaved in human trafficking. I would donate to help find a cure for cancer, in honor of my father."
Mariposa butterfly in the morning light in a garden Print

In honor of being featured as the Etsytwitter team SOTW
Robin has created a coupon code for 20 % off,
with this code
Collectors of Robin's art learn of
Etsy coupons and specials via
Robin's blog or mailings.
Etsy Shop:

Written by Judy of WellspringCreations

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

High Style With The Etsy Twitter Team

Sunny days are fast approaching and the grey days of Winter are nearly a gloomy memory. With Spring in full swing color abounds and fashion is full of fun and self expression! The creative and talented  Etsy Twitter Team has some truly incredible accessories to wear while celebrating the season!

Mardi Gras at the Beach 

- Sea Glass Toggle Necklace

by EndlessSunner
by knittingguru

by MindyG

Handmade Faceted Turquoise and Amber 

Glass Bracelet

by HoneyFromTheBee 

Lampwork Glass Bead Set, Rainbow Sherbet

by LaJewelryDesigns
by Vintageday
by punkyjane
by whimsyfish
by MommaGoddess

Midwest Garden Knot Dress 

by Amievoltaire 

Hand Knit Extra Long Cowl Headwarmer Pink and Brown

by kimwhitecreations

Olive necklace - blue, purple, black and silver

by anapinatelier
by WellspringCreations
by FoxyGknits
So many styles and colors to choose from!
Feminine, colorful, casual to dressy...a little bit of everything. 
Ah, I just LOVE having such a wide variety of items to share!

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