Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yesterday I was called into Access to work on Nancy and Billy.
I haven't worked in a while due to the foot and leg thing so being up and walking so much at once was tiring. It was nice to see everyone again. They aren't filming in the studio at the moment so we were filming on the balcony outside upstairs.
I'm tired.
The nice thing is that I am going on location Monday.

Since we got out earlier then I had planned, I took the chance to go pick up some supplies...I way over did it!
My body is ready to slip in to a coma...I feel like the life has drained out of me. I didn't sleep well least night either so that definitely didn't help.
I just have so much on my mind that I can't sleep...BUT I am REALLY TIRED.
I'll post some good stuff soon!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Sexy Pink and Black

Sexy Sweet

Lovelyart is a creation of a talented young lady name Claudia who studies Fine Art in Barcelona.
She draws and paints and is very creative. My favorites are her very unique and stylish sleeping eye masks. I just LOVE these eye masks!

Please check out her shop!
These are just too fun to pass up!

**All photos courtesy of lovelyart

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bumble Bee Designs

LOOK at what DARLING things I have found!!!!

Boutique Hand Embroidered Green Pansy Set

Now, I don't have children or have anyone close to me with a young child (yet) BUT I just LOVE these and had to SHARE!

WisteriaLane Boutique Handmade Baby Booties with Pansies

Bumble Bee Designs is a company started by talented Pietrina from New South Wales in Australia.

"I have been a cross stitcher and embroiderer for many years. I do cross stitch and embroidery for magazines and design companies across the country including DMC. I first designed booties for family and friends and everyone loved them so much they encouraged me to start sharing them with others. Which is how my business Bumble Bee Designs began...I do all the embroidery myself by hand including making the ribbon roses and pansies myself. You won't be disappointed as I take pride in what I make and the quality of my
:P products!"

I agree with Pietrina! What AMAZING attention to detail her designs have! Of course I just love the flowers and truly appreciate the SKILL it takes to create them in her work. I once tried cross stitching...or was it embroidery...well, I didn't get it. LOL.
I was all thumbs when I attempted what ever it was! LOL!
So, back to Bumble Bee Designs...
In her shop she has sets as well as single items you can purchase. Everything has her equal attention to every detail and is meticulously crafted. Just wonderful!

Boutique Hand Embroidered Pink Pansy Set

I think these would MAKE THE BEST GIFTS!!!
With all the "Gap Kid" type shops popping up everywhere I find Bumble Bee Designs such a refreshing and undeniably treasure of a find!
I HIGHLY recommend that you check out her shop and keep it in your notes for when YOU DO have a little one to buy the bundle of Love is yours or a friend or family member.

**All photographs courtesy of Bumble Bee Designs

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Similarities VS. Copying

I have been designing floral accessories since the beginning of 2000. It was mainly for myself and a few friends and clients at the time. In all honestly, I had a blip on the map around 2002-4 (when I was in Magazines and got write ups...the interview with W Magazine for my flowers and ankle corsages) and then I admit I dropped the ball and my designing fell to the wayside as more of a part time business. Then in 2005 I began making more jewelry and trying to branch away from the flowers to something "more sophisticated" again. Plus, I was having clients from my day job request items I was Sometimes they would want to even buy the jewelry right off me! However, no matter how much I tried to get away from flowers Customers always brought me back! I would get calls and requests or run in to people from years ago telling me how they wore their flowers to death that they bought from me LONG ago. Grant you, there was barely a day that went by that I did NOT wear flowers to was sorta my signature and Customers ALWAYS referred to me as "the Girl with the flowers in her hair." LOL! At least there was no mistaking me for someone else! For the last 5 years friends kept telling me that I NEEDED to get in to the Bridal arena and that I would do REALLY WELL there and that I there is a void in HIGH QUALITY pieces available. Meaning there really are a handful of keepers and A LOT of cheap looking stuff. So here I am wading in the pool of the Bridal industry. This brings me to a subject that has recently been floating around...copying and knocking off. Seriously, as I personally have said here as well as on other blogs about this (weather it was about artwork, music, cetera) It has ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE and there REALLY is not much that is "TOTALLY NEW" I mean, sure, to me or to you...BUT RARELY something that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE. We can pick ANY DESIGNER and choose an outfit...and go back in history to find the elements that were pulled for making this. This was actually an assignment I had years ago in a Fashion class. It was really interesting how every day clothes have their unique history. Anyway, I just realized, JUST HOW MUCH CAN YOU DO IN WHITE AND IVORY?! lol Plus, if you use several of the same elements there is going to be a time where something MIGHT LOOK SIMILAR and there doesn't have to be INTENTION for's bound to happen. Then there is always what I was originally talking about, blatant copying. Without naming names I am about to give you a few examples that I have seen and find VERY DISTURBING. Let me preface this by stating that I have been a vendor on Etsy since November 2006. I am always watching whats going on within my little pool of jewelry and accessories. Since the beginning of this year I started to see a trend of knocking off that really bothered me personally as a designer. I realize that I go to great lengths to produce high quality unique items that I take A LOT of time and effort to create. I assume a few of my peers do the same. When I began to see what I felt as blatant copying it REALLY upset me. Then of course when I became victim of it it made this even MORE personal! But I am not talking about me. For example, Starry Designs. I LOVE here little bird nest necklaces. I noticed them AGES ago, now I have no idea if she started this or not and am not claiming she did, I am just saying I noticed them because they are SO CUTE and then I noticed more recently that I see this EXACT design everywhere! (and they are NOT hers)

Photograph courtest of Starry Design Jewelry
Starry Designs Bird Nest Jewelry.

Another observation I noticed was this:
Here are some examples of a designer that I know started posting in February 2007.

and here is something by another designer AFTER hers came out:

This person didn't even post until January 2008...and I remember when I first saw their items...this person was predominately making other non hair items in the beginning.
Here is the originator(in my opinion started Feb. 2007)

And here is something by another designer:

This shop opened in February 2008.
Like I said before I am not naming names but if you were to look through these particular desigers shops...YOU would SEE what I have observed.
Now, YOU CANNOT tell me you don't see the similarities being REALLY OBVIOUS?!
It's not like when I see a random silk flower with Swarovski crystals because I get that you can find those ANYWHERE! (Not generally as nice as mine but commonplace) I think these are pretty obvious of what I personally FEEL that are good examples of copying. I HAVE NO PROOF AND AM NOT STATING THAT THEY ARE, this is simply an observation that I have made since this has been a recent subject at hand.
Plus, it is in my personal opinion that there are very specific elements in these examples that are pretty signature of who I believe is the originator of the designs...key things that MAKE IT THAT designers LOOK and STYLE. I didn't want to call anyone out which is why I specifically DID NOT use names or photos with faces. I merely wanted to show examples.

This was another:

Within a few days of MY posting this I saw this one:

There was nothing previously in this shop with THIS shape until mine came out. This designer makes lovely items and I am flattered that I obviously inspired this for her...I mean, really...though.

I won't bore you all with my BE issues of copying...but this has just been bothering me SO much I had to write about it.

I understand that this is what happens to MORE PEOPLE THEN WE WANT TO ADMIT to it happening to but it still STINKS! This was a VERY casual post and is merely expressing my personal FEELINGS on the matter. To all the designers involved I wish only the best and to please ask that you try to develop your OWN PERSONAL STYLE and FLAIR so as not to have to be thought of as "...Oh, this looks like a" I mean, I see that you are talented and that there is no need for you to have to make items that LOOK so close to another designers work. Branch off and create for yourself your individual flair! There's enough customers out there to keep US ALL HAPPY and VERY BUSY!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

BUSY Supply shopping!

As a few of you know, I haven't been able to be out and about much for almost 3 months now getting over my ailment. I am still walking around with a limp so it's pretty slow going. LOL.
Yesterday was my "not really my Birthday but celebrating my Birthday day" was the BF's day off so he took me to do ALL my errands and then treated me to eat Spicy Champon at my favorite noodle house in Little Tokyo. It wasn't the sushi I originally wanted but it was still delicious and my tummy was happy.
(I'm going to have to take a picture of these things so I can share.)
Unfortunately since I am NOT use to walking very much I think I over did it and I'm troubled right leg and foot ESPECIALLY.
Ah, bit I found some great stuff and now I have to start on some more Custom pieces that I purchased several supplies for. I have a piece that I am starting that I purchased this lovely Crystal Organza and Silk Organza both in Mauve that I am incorporating in an ivory flower...I am excited to see what I finish with.

On a different note, I am noticing more and more designs in other shops looking more like mine BUT NOT EXACTLY the's a bit annoying. When you can look at these other people's designs and TOTALLY feel the vibe of mine...I can't help but feel a bit cheated. I mean, there is one designer in particular that I admire very much. By this what I mean is I believe she does very nice quality work and I truly see her as an equal. What I like is that we BOTH work in the Bridal arena but I think we hit a different clientele...which I think is a GOOD thing. I have made quite an effort NOT to use certain materials that I think are pretty signature of hers...(that I see other people knocking her off left and right and it's SO OBVIOUS when you look at their designs because they LOOK so much like hers) I think it's SUCH A SHAME and totally NOT fair when I see her working very hard...this goes for myself as well. I don't appreciate seeing work similar to mine in other people's shops. I am NOT talking about the plain silk flowers with crystals...everyone does those, I am talking about my more elaborate pieces..the mixture of fabrics and can look at them and see what I am talking about. I guess that's what happens when you make really beautiful work. *sigh* I'm venturing in to uncharted waters...what is the protocol?

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Monday, May 19, 2008

I wish I had an ICE CREAM CAKE.

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Yeah, today is my birthday and I am sitting at home and working on a few custom designs...REALLY exciting huh?

I was a bit depressed...not about being a year older, just bummed out that I'm not even going out to dinner or anything. (I'm ALL TAURUS when it comes to that...I was looking forward to GETTING MY GRUB ON!)
The BF is working late and will take me out Wednesday for food...but it's not the same as if it was my BIRTHDAY day.

Plus, it's SWELTERING HOT here and I do NOT do well in the heat.
And my darn foot is a bit swollen...nothing sexier then having Fred Flinstone foot!!!

Eh, I have to remember just how LUCKY and FORTUNATE I AM...and it's FUN having friends and family call to wish me a Happy Birthday.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Completed Wedding Hair Vine

Remember the hairvine I was working on?!
Well...more then 8+ hours I have PICTURES!
The pictures on the model came put blurry but the others are perfectly clear!
I was inspired as always by the organic fluidity of nature. I used various shapes and sizes of Freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. A Bride could easily use a few Bobbi pins to attach it to her hair. Unlike a lot that I have seen on the market mine is smothered FULL of pearls and crystals without being too ostentatious.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

PLEASE READ!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!Fery Tjahyono. Internet thief. Does Fery have your content?

I was reading Pentad's fantastic blog when she brought to our attention that there is a very DISHONEST person out there in internet land STEALING your content and you might not even know it! THE NERVE!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALL CHECK OUT HER BLOG to get the details and CHECK to SEE IF YOU ARE A VICTIM of his fraud! Please share this with others because there have been a few already that have found thier work on his I imagine there are A LOT MORE!!!
Does Fery have your content?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I realized I have been working on projects since 8:30 this morning and it's 8:46 p.m.
I get sucked up in it!
I worked on several flowers, butterflies, more wedding flowers and a really COOL rhinestone feather piece!
Grant you I absolutely have been up and around...I made this great salad with homemade dressing for a hot bowl of Udon with fresh spinach for Lunch!
So, I'm NOT TOTALLY attached to my seat!
I think I'm about to call it a night...sigh...
Never say never

I finished my tiara/hair vine!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take some pictures of it!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

CUSTOM Pieces to share

Here are a couple of Custom pieces I just finished and thought I'd share so you can see why I haven't logged in a few days.

This was my first time making a CUSTOM RED flower. I went and purchases RED SILK and Red Silk Organza. My client wanted a RED flower to wear with her Chinese red dress. I think this turned out really great! She LOVED IT! I think it should be PERFECT with a Chinese RED dress.

I just LOVE the idea of having the crisp clean WHITE silk rose SMOTHERED in Swarovski crystals against the bright salmon pink feathers! TOTAL RETRO HOTNESS!!!!!

This piece is pure elegance. I used a vintage inspired rhinestone center on an ivory Magnolia. SO PRETTY and CHIC.

Phew, my work is never done!
Off to work on another piece!!!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kenneth: A woolly mammoth’s big adventure.

I know that I have raved about him before...BUT One of my FAVORITE and BRILLIANT writers over at
The Wheel is Turning but the Hamster is Dead
wrote a story that YOU ALL MUST CLICK OVER AND READ. Let me first preface this by explaining that for some time he has been requesting his readers to give him random words that he would then cleverly write into a story. Trust me, some the the random words were funny enough...then you read how he decides to put them into a story...weird, demented, hilarious, off would think drug induced...just simply FUN!

So, Go take a look at the story he wrote with MY suggestions!
Kenneth: A woolly mammoth’s big adventure
I am SO tickled that I got a story written for me!
Hee Hee!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know I was trying to be above it and all with THAT company...BUT JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THESE and YOU DECIDE who's copying who!!!!!
Give me a break!!!!!
Mine originally Listed May 29, 2007

This one
With Swarovski crystal center! Hmmm...where have I seen this flower before with Swarovski crystals in the center???

Ugh...I can list a handful of the same flowers they carry that I carry...SO LAME!
You don't see me trying to get them removed from their shop! MAYBE because I know that ANYONE can and buy these flowers anywhere and make these themselves and I am NOT going to state I have the copyright on them and NO ONE ELSE can sell them without MY permission!

OH, and let's NOT forget the infamous Magnolias...mine in both ivory and white:

Theirs in ivory

Theirs in white

Oh, yeah, like you would mistake these for IDENTICAL DESIGNS...oh wait, SIMILAR!

WAIT! Maybe they should go after these people too!
Late Bloomer Boutique
Personally, I think this shop makes beautiful pieces...but it's THE SAME IDEA!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JaredKS Photography

I've been a bit all about ME lately and wanted to share the LOVE.
Plus, it's been a bit gloomy the last few days and I NEEDED a bit of sunshine and nothing takes me to another place like a well taken photograph. I have been a fan of JaredKS for a while and realized I NEEDED to share his work with you.
Good Morning Kansas

When I look at this photo I can almost FEEL the crisp chill in the morning air and the dewy mist against my skin. I don't get this kind of a vision in the congested city that I live in so I appreciate its quiet serenity.
Ah, I SO want to be THERE!

My Next Favorite photo of his is this one:
Morning Glory Pool

This is such a gorgeous reflection of real life! The COLORS! This is simply a trip to look at. LOL! I have never been to Yellowstone and I WISH TO GO someday...before they stop tourists from visiting. (I have heard that in the not too far future they will stop tourism due to all the pollution they bring in to the park...I have to make it in before then!!!!)
Until I get there...I can gaze at this photo and imagine all the beauty there is to see!

Finally..there are just too many to choose from...but THIS ONE,

My Mind is spinning and I get goose bumps looking at it! Seriously, doesn't this just look like some ominous scene in a movie?! Can't you just about hear the rumble in the distance as the storm rolls above you?! Didn't you just see a flash of lightening just out of the corner of your right eye? ...and then feel the thunder crackling...

So I have an active imagination.
This is WHY I LOVE a great photograph!
I can imagine all these stories and scenes like in a book!

Well, I highly recommend to go check out
JaredKS's shop.
Perhaps you can create some wonderful stories by hanging a few of his photographs in your homes!

**All Photos courtesy on JaredKS

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Dabbling with Sterling Silver Wire, Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

(Here's my work in progress)

I have been talking about how I started to dabble with wire work.
After playing a bit with making hair combs I started to think about my love for organic feeling things...and I immediately thought my next challenge is to be to try and make a Tiara/Hair Vine! I took a picture of my work in progress to share. I think I have already been working on it for 3-4 hours easily. I was very excited to find NON tarnishing Silver. It's EXPENSIVE! BUT I definitely think it's worth it!
I also will post a few of the new hair combs I finished.
Please tell me what you think. I am still learning how to make these so I appreciate any feedback. I haven't listed them in my shop always you get to sneak peek them first!

Click on any of the photos for a better look!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

FEATURED in Serendipity Beyond Design

I have a wonderful little feature is this great Blog called
I am ALWAYS TICKLED PINK and FLATTERED when I am featured in something! I am SO BLESSED that someone appreciates my hard work enough to want to share it with their readers! ALWAYS EXCITING! She added a few photos as well!
Please take a moment and check out her blog! It's FULL of great wedding items, suggestions and photos! She also is the designer of some AMAZING high quality:
Wedding Stationery • Baby Announcements • Party Invitations
Thank You Cards • Personal Stationery • Custom Logos
Definitely check out her
Serendipity Beyond Design Etsy Shop if you are in the market for something special and unique in this department!!!!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Click on the photos for a much better view!

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Today is the first day of MAY!
Ah,the start of a NEW month!
OK. I have decided that I am NO LONGER going to waste my energy on THAT store. It is OBVIOUS that ETSY has no intension to remove a store that is CLEARLY VIOLATING it's OWN POLICIES and it is clear the Etsy is a company with NO INTEGRITY but it's interest in the bottom line. It makes me terribly sad and disappointed in what I thought was such a wonderful company that STOOD FOR THE LITTLE GUY, THE INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS...when in fact I have had a few people share that there were other shops violating policy as well and they also continue to sell and do business on Etsy even though they were discovered to be in violation also.
I suppose it just is what it is and I can choose to be above it and do as I have and make a superior product and move forward. As long as they leave me alone, they are not any competition to ME. They are merely a cheap imitation of my products.
Plus, Karma always comes back around times three...I'll be too busy with MY PROSPERING business to notice or even care.


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