Monday, March 31, 2008

TTGART'S Contemporary Art Pendants - Art Prints - Paper Goods

Modern Poppies

Let me introduce you to TTGART Contemporary Art Pendants - Art Prints - Paper Goods.
Now you might say that you see A LOT of "pendant art" out there and I would agree. However, what makes this shop unique and what I am completely AMAZED with is that ALL the artwork you see is from her own hands! Many lovely pendants on the market are made with printed paper and other pre-made images...NOT here! Her artistic flavor varies from photo realism to vibrantly colored abstracts! This is TRULY like WEARING A LITTLE MASTERPIECE! Each design is hand made to order. I could barely choose which pieces I wanted to showcase because there are SO MANY I wanted!!!! One of my FAVORITE details is how EACH edge is ALSO painted! It's attention to detail as this that makes TTGART a cut above the rest!

Parrot African Grey Bird

A Touch of Purple

Please go and check out the shop!
I would have uploaded the ENTIRE SHOP if I could have! LOL!
Definitely GO TAKE A LOOK! It'll be worth it!

These would make GREAT MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS!!!

**Photographs courtesy of ttgart

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So I had a customer order a custom piece of the white Magnolia that was removed from Etsy. I am finishing it today. As anyone that has been following this ridiculousness knows, I am not suppose to re-list this item for fear that my account will be suspended. I e-mailed Etsy AGAIN inquiring what the protocol is for something like this because I think it is only right for them to take the commission for the sale since it was a customer from their site ordering my product! I have no problem charging them outside of their domain but I want to do what is fair and I would not have had this sale if it was not for Etsy. This whole situation is a bit frustrating and I am trying to keep positive but it's like having a little rock in the bottom of your shoe!

It's been THREE e-mail's and no response.

It's ironic to me because I have recently seen another shop with VERY SIMILAR items to theirs (like product for product similar) and I see they are still all up!

I tell myself they are NOT really MY competition I was THEIRS.

I am curious to see IF i get any response and what Etsy will FINALLY have to say.
Yeah, they probably simply want me to contact the other company to get PERMISSION to use MY FLOWER!!!!

I found a letter in SPAM asking me to completely fill out the proper information to do the COUNTER NOTICE...jumping through hoops for this ridiculousness!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kris Krug Photography


I just came across this fabulous photo and HAD TO SHARE it with you~!
It's taken by a photographer named Kris Krug. This piece is signed and numbered.
I LOVE the rich colors and composition!
I invite you to go check out some great photographs in his
Etsy shop!

***Photograph courtesy of Kris Krug

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Friday, March 28, 2008

I got a feature in the Chic Design Cafe Blog!

Pretty COOL!
I got a feature in a fantastic fashion and wedding oriented blog called Chic Design Cafe!!!
Please feel free to go take a peek!

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Morning Star Handmade Soap GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Morning Star GIVEAWAY!!!

I am SO EXCITED to be able to share with you my NEW FAVORITE FAMILY!
I am ALWAYS on the lookout for high quality, handmade, hydrating skincare/body products for SENSITIVE dry skin.

Meet Carrie of Morning Star Handmade soaps,lotions & soy candles.
I must confess she and her family are truly some of the most genuinely sweet and kind people you will ever be blessed to meet. They REALLY leave you feeling like you are an extended relative!!! You can merely read her 100% positive feedback and see EVERYONE LOVES HER!!!!
She is WONDERFUL about customizing her skincare to your special needs. I just received my AMAZING box of Morning star products! I have 3 new custom BATHS that are delicious smelling and soothing to my skin! One has added Macadamia Nut oil, one Hemp seed oil and the other Shea Butter!!! Plus, since I LOVE VANILLA she added that to all of them just for me!...and of course they all have goat milk in them for extra soothing and smoothing!!!! I can't wait to try my special soaps she made for my skin as well!!!!

So, enough of me drooling and babbling about MY wonderful PRODUCTS let me share with YOU what YOU CAN WIN!!!!!
I HAVE to let you try one of these Luscious glycerin soaps (helped made by special Fairy hands of her daughter) and I thought what a great idea to also add Homemade Castille Soap Laundry Powder and Handmade Fragrance oil!!!! They SMELL WONDERFUL!
So now YOU, your Laundry AND your house can ALL SMELL AMAZING!!!!
...I get SO excited!

NOW, HERE IS WHAT YOU MUST DO to enter for this drawing...
Please visit Carries Morning Star Shop. and leave in the comments HERE what your FAVORITE PRODUCT she carries in her store is.

A random drawing of the winner will be held one week from today, April 4th at 10p.m. PST.


Here is a little more about Carrie and her company!

Come Out Under The Bright Morning Star***** Morning Star was born *********

From a simple motivation, to hand make trustworthy infusions of rare, unique yet wholesome & soothing to the mind and body of those who cared. The company was derived out of a quest for pure and natural skin care management. Healthy product ingredients come solely from Mother nature. They should all be recognizable.
Essential Oils...LOVE love love them! They are derivatives of plant essences squeezed and collected from various targeted areas of a plant. Either root, stem, leaf, flower, or hip, making a versatile oil for infusions, aromatherapy, medicine or cooking. These essential oils are the back bone of both early medicine and the medicine of today. Whether giving a peacefully or energizing aromatherapy, essential oils are loved..studied and have shown statistical proof regarding their projected outcomes.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Etsy's OWN Copyrite Policy entry...

I still have NOT heard back from Etsy...
BUT I just found this in their own POLICY.

How do I know if my design is an unprotected idea or copyright protected expression?

Pursuant to the idea/expression doctrine, copyright protects only the expression of the idea—not the idea itself. It may be difficult to draw the line between an idea and expression. For example, in California, the court denied protection for a jeweled pin that was in the shape of a bee. The court determined that a jeweled bee pin was an idea and not expression. The court found there was only one way to make such a pin. The premise of this court ruling, that there is only one way to make a pin, with jewels, in the shape of a bee, seems hard to believe. But that’s what the court held. To the court, a jeweled bee pin is an idea and as such is not protected via copyright.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


PICTURE TIME with the new designs!
I figured I would take a little time to play a bit and still do something business oriented. LOL!!! I just needed to take a step away from this lame Etsy thing. I sent them a letter back today and have not heard back from them.

I realize that the new pieces I just made are very difficult to imagine what they look like on since they are merely photographed static on a piece of paper. In the past I have modeled the flowers for ONE photograph so customers may see what it looks like on a real person. I personally DO NOT like taking photos of Unfortunately, at this time I do not have the funds for a huge photo campaign with gorgeous models to wear them for me. Hee hee. I suppose these will do for now. I do think it actually helps customers. I personally like to see items on a real body. Even though most products will have measurements I enjoy seeing what it REALLY looks like when someone is wearing it, what ever it may, unless it's like Victoria's Secret Lingerie...heh, I don't exactly think those models represent MY figure but I get the basic idea! LOL!!!
I know in some forums people get weirded out if a product has been worn by someone already...I mean, I figure, I just washed my hair so it's totally clean! LOL!
I wouldn't wear earrings because of legal hygiene regulations in other countries but I think the flowers are alright to wear just for one photograph.

I realized just how self conscious I am since I took these...phew! I haven't taken any pictures in a LONG time!I'm a bit embarrassed but I'll share a few anyway.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

WRONGFUL Termination of product.

I generally would NEVER post anything like this as it is a bit personal but I am SO STEAMED!!!! I just received this letter from Etsy...

Dear Mikiye:

ETSY E-mailed me and requested that I REMOVE the e-mail they sent me from this post. As it infringes on their confidentiality clause.

This is the MOST RIDICULOUS things I have ever read!
COME ON?!?!!!!
Honestly, I wrote them back stating that this is a GENERIC WEDDING FLOWER DESIGN! You can't go to any wedding hair accessory site and NOT find flowers with crystals and or pearls in the centers! I told them I have had SO MANY requests for these from clients that I decided to finally make some. Besides, I have NEVER complained when I see other merchandise that is similar to mine...(and I have seen some pretty close ones) But EVERYONE knows that EVERYTHING IN FASHION has ALREADY BEEN DONE and now it's the matter of designers to take their inspiration and create their own versions. Look at every top designer in Paris, London et cetera, similar designs can be found in Target 8 months down the road! LOL! Seriously, I can't help it if I make a superior product that obviously competes with their business. I feel as if they specifically picked me to make example of. I have known for MONTHS that they have a HUGE MASS PRODUCING EBAY STORE that I never complained about to Etsy...even though I had a few customers ask me about the Etsy legitimacy about selling mass produced items. I personally told them to write to Etsy if they felt there was something off...I didn't think they would take me serious being a competitor. Honestly, I work FULL TIME on my shop and making my designs...sometimes 10-14 hours in a day. I have got to tell you, as much as I hustle when the inspiration strikes, I NEVER have been able to make THAT MUCH MERCHANDISE! Especially since their profile makes it sound as if only 2 of them are creating everything! I once did an Internet search and I found an awful LOT of SIMILAR looking merchandise that could be purchased straight from China...I'm NOT stating this is what they are doing since I will never know and would never make false accusations, however, you must admit, that's A LOT OF MERCHANDISE from April 2002 (when they opened their EBAY store) to have made and sold by ONLY the wife...and maybe Husband.
I also told them that anyone can basically go to a craft shop and buy this flower and all the same supplies and simply make their own. It really is that simple. I know for a fact that they DO NOT HAND MAKE each FLOWER as I purchase the same item pre-made from a shop. I KNOW HAND MADE petals when I see them! I have seen a few sellers that claim they HAND MAKE the flowers when I can tell they don't. I have never stated that I make the actual "flower" by hand since I do NOT.
I have NEVER had this happen before so my apologies for venting a bit.
I certainly would like any advice if any one has any to give.
I wrote them back giving them some of the information here and I guess I'll just have to see what Etsy says. Personally, I think they should be removed because it's obvious to me they are MASS SELLING. You can merely take a look at their Ebay account...that's just a crazy amount of merchandise to be made by 2 people.
I think it's the consumers that should be able to make their own decisions. If they want a superior product that is more expensive then they will buy mine. If they like theirs they will purchase from their shop. Simple as that.
Otherwise, Every person that makes a long knitted scarf is copying, or a pair of single pearls earrings on Sterling silver hooks is copying, or making chocolate brownies is copying according to them! I said, " If this was a matter of a drawing, illustration an invention, I ABSOLUTLEY understand, however, this is a GENERIC flower that anyone can go to a craft store and purchase, GENERIC freshwater white pearls, and Swarovski crystals and string them with Sterling Silver wire. "

This is a whole new world of business for me.
Thanks for letting me vent.

PLEASE let me know what you think?!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here are the NEW SIGNATURE PIECES I was promising!!
Color distortion was a PAIN IN THE NECK!!!
I forgot how difficult RED and Purple are to photograph!
Not to mention BLACK against stark WHITE!
I tried my best to get the colors as close as possible but I will certainly have to write disclaimers that the colors are a bit off on a couple of the photos.
Both red on red pieces the rose is actually a deep blood red crimson color MUCH darker then the feathers.
Ah, I am still learning.
Hope you like these. They were a lot of fun to make and I can't wait for inspiration to strike again soon!
Hopefully when I am feeling better.



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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here are some pretty Spring Flowers to tide you over until I post my NEW items.
CLICK on the PHOTO for a better view~!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ah...been struggling a bit with my health again but I am managing to work on some fantastical floral feather pieces. I was feeling VERY CREATIVE again and realized I was lacking my "signature style" pieces from my shop! So, I promise to have some photos of them within the next few days! I am hoping to take pictures tomorrow after my visit to the doctors...again. So, hopefully by Friday!
Think Moulin Rouge, Show Girls, Retro Style and of course, OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR!!!!
I'm VERY EXCITED to share these!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Luxurious Wedding Floral Hair Accessories

Buy Handmade

I've been so busy working on custom pieces for my Bridal clients that it just dawned on me to make a little Etsy Mini to showcase some of my current designs.
Of course I am always open to designing custom pieces so please don't think twice about contacting me.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Wheel Is Turning But The Hampster Is Dead

YOU MUST go and READ this post!

The Wheel Is Turning But The Hampster Is Dead is a HILARIOUS blog of VERY CREATIVE stories of randomness.
If you have any desire to LAUGH your butt off... click here!
Do you remember being read Winnie The Pooh stories while growing up?
Well, you will find a whole NEW and much more entertaining version of what's going on NOW with the pudgy bellied bear.
I promise you it's worth the click!

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With the hundreds of blogs on the Internet today I am deeply overwhelmed at the thought of strangers reading mine. I have never thought of myself as particularly unique and articulate with my writing skills in any way and have chosen to write this blog in the same way I talk to people in person. It's casual and filled with run on sentences and bad punctuation. I absolutely see the relevance of good writing. I have several great examples to the my Must reads. For example, Pentads A FANTASTIC READ. I immensely enjoy her writing. She blends a perfect amount of humor, articulate writing and very intellectual thoughts. Of course, witty writing will ALWAYS bring me back for more. And there is certainly PLENTY there to enjoy.
As I was saying, I have always had issues with wanting to compare myself to others and have always been told NOT to do that...*chuckles* and I realize that perhaps my blog is at a turning point. This blog was originally meant to revolve around my business and sharing of others work but I am feeling I am lacking. Lacking substance. Yet, I am not sure if I want this to become a personal blog either.
I suppose this is merely another moment in my learning blog journey.
I forget that this is still really new for me and I am fumbling as I go.
...and now I am rambling.
Well, I have much thinking to do and certainly more posts to make.
By the way, definitely go check out Pentads blog. It's a great read!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...Bulgarian Idol

I just found this on a very funny blog Miss Cellania
Definitely go take a peek and get a good laugh.

Apparently this person THINKS they are singing in English.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Girl And Her Glass

Crystal Pink Green and Brown

A while ago I came across the shop
A Girl and Her Glass.
She makes THE MOST BEAUTIFUL hand made glass beads! I have rarely seen such lovely combinations of colors so well crafted. She has been successfully working with glass for over 8 years as well as been published FOUR times!

Sandy Lavender Orchid Amethyst Fields

My head just spins thinking about the lavish creations I could make!
Please be sure to take a look at her shop to see all of her beautiful hard work come to fruition!

Sandy Black Aqua Bluegreen and Rose

*All photos courtesy of A Girl and Her Glass

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SNEAK PEEK at my NEW items!

I've been busy working on some new jewelry.
I LOVE pearls!
Here's a sneak peek of my new pieces that aren't up in my shop yet!
Let me know what you think?!

(Click for a larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

Hmmm...I think I'm on the fence with my photographs of these.
They look a bit lack luster in them. What a challenge to get them to look as gorgeous as they do in person!
I wish I was a professional photographer!
They do look much better blown up...I have to figure how to make them bigger on this page of my blog...

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Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged! TWICE!!!!!

I have been tagged! TWICE!!!!
First by my wonderful friend at The Creative Corner and second by my other friend Capitola Girl!

The Rules
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Apparently as the game goes I am to share 7 weird and random facts...this shouldn't be difficult for

So, here I go!

1. When I was little I was IN LOVE with Shaun Cassidy and apparently John Travolta. I had Shaun Cassidy posters, t-shirts and a pillow case with him on it. I'm sure I had my share of Tiger Beat magazines too. My Mother once told me that my best friend at the time and I would play for hours pretending who was Mrs. Cassidy and who was Mrs. Travolta!

2. I played the violin for 7 years forever wishing I was able to have played the cello. I remember my elementary orchestra school teacher looking at my hands and saying, "YOU have CELLO hands!" Alas, my Grandparents said the instrument was too big and I ended up a violinist!

3. When I was little every evening after dinner my Grandfather and I would head over to the freezer for dessert. We soon found out that the family coined us with the names "Ice Box Charlie's" from my Grandmother.

4. When I was 24 years old I went to my first Thai food restaurant in San Francisco.
I was on a date with my now ex-boyfriend at the time as was VERY excited to try "spicy food." Everything was delicious until I decided to pop a little green veggie slice into my mouth not realizing it was a HOT pepper! I turned so red and we couldn't get the attention of the waiters to get me some water since I had eaten rice and that wasn't working to slow the BURNING pain in my mouth and throat! I turned as red as a lobster and was sweating terribly by the time we DID get some water to me! I didn't realize at the moment but One of my fake eyelashes that I liked to wear for dress up had nearly completely lifted off due to my watering eyes! I just sat there as we laughed when he pointed this out to me and I looked in my compact at my beat red face! At least I attempted to press it back down through my green tea ice cream dessert!

5. One of my favorite games that my Grandfather and I would play when I was really young was "getting lost" in Terminal Island. Honestly, I don't really remember it as a "game" but I do remember it happening on many occasions and I had fun... All I remember is that we would go driving and at some point he would tell me we were lost! For what ever reason I use to get a kick out of it just enough that when I would begin to get scared that we would never make it home for dinner he would find the right street and we would be on our way back home. As I got older I realized he REALLY DID have the worst sense of direction that I have definitely inherited!

6. My Great Grandmother use to always say that I would have the most beautiful BLACK thick hair since as a child I LOVED eating Nori (dried seasoned seaweed) and rice. Every dinner time I had to have my bowl of sticky white rice and Nori. It may be an old wives tale but I must confess, I am one of the few people my age that still has a head of naturally Black shiny hair! Sure, I have recently found a few of THoSE sprinkled in BUT most of my friends, some 5-10years my junior are already VERY salt and peppered white! They can't believe my hair is still all natural! I guess eating all that Nori did me some beauty good!

7. I must have been 17 or so when my Grandmother and I watched a documentary on the dying art of Geisha. (and I'm not talking that AWFUL MOVIE) I was completely transfixed and couldn't get enough! From that moment on I had told her if I had been born in Japan I would have wanted to go to school to become a Geisha. My Grandmother thought that was the silliest idea EVER! And pretty much told me I probably couldn't handle the rigorous non-stop training. It's such a shame and it truly saddens me that my cultural history is being washed away by modern ways. They said that most of the schools have closed down and that within not too many years they may be only a distant memory and fantasy gone.

Now that you know seven weird and random facts about me, I'm going to ask five other bloggers to participate. With this said I am tagging these Blogger friends of mine!

Daibe Beads
Moda Zen
Sunny Rising Leather
40 Something and Mean
Metrosex Mens Fashion

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anax Imperator Machina

Anax Imperator Machina

A mechanical wonder designed by Jesse Danger Designs.
I don't think I can describe this any better so I am simply going to repeat what the designer writes about this amazing design!

"Anax Imperator Machina

Latin for, The Emperor Dragonfly Machine.

Modeled after the largest modern species of dragonfly, this is a functioning creation whose wings flutter up and down when the very tip of the tail (really the abdomen, but tail sounds cooler) is turned. The inspiration for this complex mechanical insect originated from many of the fantasized gadgets of Leonardo da Vinci and other mechanical creations once thought futuristic in times long before our own. Inspired by these designs I set out to recreate nature using classical engineering and an elegant form. My intentions are to develop and continue making more of these mechanical insects.

The internal mechanisms, gears and moving parts were painstakingly hand-milled and hand-calibrated with absolute precision from 14k gold. The body, mechanical frame and wings were handcrafted from Argentium Silver, far superior to Sterling or fine silver. The body opens up to reveal the intricate inner movements, and fine details that just could not be left forever covered up! The eyes are each large 10 carat Swiss Blue Topaz cabochons and the 14k gold bezel on the tail contains a 4mm Amethyst bullet shaped cabochon.

Completely handmade (except two brass gears), this creation is the culmination of hundreds of hours of designing and redesigning, and even more hours of patient and careful construction."

PLease check out JesseDanger's Shop for more information about this piece and other beautiful artisan jewelry.
Also 5% of profits donated to fair-trade mining!

*photograph courtesy of Jesse Designs

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bueller Designs

I Dreamt of a Distant Shore

The magic of a photograph can transport us to another place and time invoking emotion and creating dreams. I haven't been feeling well the last few days and seeing this photo has helped me feel a bit better. Ah, I wish I was there!

Bueller Designs is a design company based in Los Angeles specializing in photographic art, design and prints to liven up any space.

"I like to take photographs that tug at an emotion deep inside. None of the people in my images, or items on the beach (shells, rocks, etc.) are staged. I like to catch things as they happen or exactly as they are. I believe in the magic of the moment and feel lucky to capture it on film and share it with you. I hope you enjoy my shop even if it's just to look and be inspired!"

Please take a moment to check out her shop!


*Photograph courtesy of Bueller Designs

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Silk Camellia With Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals Strung on Sterling Silver Wire

Brand new off White Silk Camellia with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals strung on Sterling Silver wire. This is a new addition to my Bridal Hair Accessories. Double Prong clip secures this to any hair style. Truly gorgeous in person, the photograph doesn't show the dazzling sparkle and shine of the crystals.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

juriu illustration

The Fluidity of watercolor.
For the longest time I always had my instructors recommend me to try painting to loosen up my technique. (I love to draw in graphite) I have found painting both very dynamic and frustrating at the same time. In my opinion with watercolor, there is a fine line between color saturation and simply TOO MUCH color. I think working with watercolor is the most challenging because it is VERY easily overworked and there is NO going over it (oil/acrylic) or erasing! lol.
I believe it takes a lot of practice to master this technique and Juriu has a portfolio to drool over!

Boquet Print

I am in LOVE with Juriu's work because she has mastered using detail without losing the delicate nature of this medium. Of course, what he chooses to paint is exquisite. The stylized girls with their beautiful watery eyes and flowing hair.
Absolutely STUNNING!

"I am an artist in Japan.
I love watercolor, arches rough paper, flowers and the water."

Then again, It doesn't take much to know that I too LOVE flowers and have always been mesmerized by the movement of water.

Charlotte Print

Please check out her personal site as well for MORE beautiful work that is not in her Etsy shop.
Juriu's Etsy Shop
Juriueda personal site

*All photographs courtesy of Juriu Illustrations

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