Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Girl And Her Glass

Crystal Pink Green and Brown

A while ago I came across the shop
A Girl and Her Glass.
She makes THE MOST BEAUTIFUL hand made glass beads! I have rarely seen such lovely combinations of colors so well crafted. She has been successfully working with glass for over 8 years as well as been published FOUR times!

Sandy Lavender Orchid Amethyst Fields

My head just spins thinking about the lavish creations I could make!
Please be sure to take a look at her shop to see all of her beautiful hard work come to fruition!

Sandy Black Aqua Bluegreen and Rose

*All photos courtesy of A Girl and Her Glass

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Adri said...

I'm SO flattered!! Thank you! ;-) I can definitely say the same about your work and MORE. You have an ingeniously creative mind and it is apparent in all of your creations!

Mikiye Creations said...