Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged! TWICE!!!!!

I have been tagged! TWICE!!!!
First by my wonderful friend at The Creative Corner and second by my other friend Capitola Girl!

The Rules
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Apparently as the game goes I am to share 7 weird and random facts...this shouldn't be difficult for

So, here I go!

1. When I was little I was IN LOVE with Shaun Cassidy and apparently John Travolta. I had Shaun Cassidy posters, t-shirts and a pillow case with him on it. I'm sure I had my share of Tiger Beat magazines too. My Mother once told me that my best friend at the time and I would play for hours pretending who was Mrs. Cassidy and who was Mrs. Travolta!

2. I played the violin for 7 years forever wishing I was able to have played the cello. I remember my elementary orchestra school teacher looking at my hands and saying, "YOU have CELLO hands!" Alas, my Grandparents said the instrument was too big and I ended up a violinist!

3. When I was little every evening after dinner my Grandfather and I would head over to the freezer for dessert. We soon found out that the family coined us with the names "Ice Box Charlie's" from my Grandmother.

4. When I was 24 years old I went to my first Thai food restaurant in San Francisco.
I was on a date with my now ex-boyfriend at the time as was VERY excited to try "spicy food." Everything was delicious until I decided to pop a little green veggie slice into my mouth not realizing it was a HOT pepper! I turned so red and we couldn't get the attention of the waiters to get me some water since I had eaten rice and that wasn't working to slow the BURNING pain in my mouth and throat! I turned as red as a lobster and was sweating terribly by the time we DID get some water to me! I didn't realize at the moment but One of my fake eyelashes that I liked to wear for dress up had nearly completely lifted off due to my watering eyes! I just sat there as we laughed when he pointed this out to me and I looked in my compact at my beat red face! At least I attempted to press it back down through my green tea ice cream dessert!

5. One of my favorite games that my Grandfather and I would play when I was really young was "getting lost" in Terminal Island. Honestly, I don't really remember it as a "game" but I do remember it happening on many occasions and I had fun... All I remember is that we would go driving and at some point he would tell me we were lost! For what ever reason I use to get a kick out of it just enough that when I would begin to get scared that we would never make it home for dinner he would find the right street and we would be on our way back home. As I got older I realized he REALLY DID have the worst sense of direction that I have definitely inherited!

6. My Great Grandmother use to always say that I would have the most beautiful BLACK thick hair since as a child I LOVED eating Nori (dried seasoned seaweed) and rice. Every dinner time I had to have my bowl of sticky white rice and Nori. It may be an old wives tale but I must confess, I am one of the few people my age that still has a head of naturally Black shiny hair! Sure, I have recently found a few of THoSE sprinkled in BUT most of my friends, some 5-10years my junior are already VERY salt and peppered white! They can't believe my hair is still all natural! I guess eating all that Nori did me some beauty good!

7. I must have been 17 or so when my Grandmother and I watched a documentary on the dying art of Geisha. (and I'm not talking that AWFUL MOVIE) I was completely transfixed and couldn't get enough! From that moment on I had told her if I had been born in Japan I would have wanted to go to school to become a Geisha. My Grandmother thought that was the silliest idea EVER! And pretty much told me I probably couldn't handle the rigorous non-stop training. It's such a shame and it truly saddens me that my cultural history is being washed away by modern ways. They said that most of the schools have closed down and that within not too many years they may be only a distant memory and fantasy gone.

Now that you know seven weird and random facts about me, I'm going to ask five other bloggers to participate. With this said I am tagging these Blogger friends of mine!

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Fun post! I loved Shaun Cassidy too! Da Do Run Run! Da Do Run Run!

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Thanks for sharing your 7 facts. :)

PamperingBeki said...

How fun to learn more about you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me. And I've been delaying so much, but I've also featured you in my blog.

I love love love nori tooooo!!!