Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's kind of funny to me...all the commotion over the whole Trunkt thing.
I mean, yeah my ego was a bit bruised but I wasn't all torn up about it. Matter of fact, I never took it personally and I certainly have nothing negative to say about the company.
There are a TON of people applying and I completely get that they are selective and want designers with an edge of difference as well as style. I know that they can't allow all of us in there...but it seems that Dev, an admin on Trunkt, had to make a post telling everyone to basically calm down and not get so upset and negative. I personally didn't see anyone bad mouthing Trunkt but as it looked he sure thought so. I saw a bunch of people a bit confused and bummed for not getting in but that seemed about it. Perhaps I am wrong.
I think it's another great avenue to advertise your wears and I will certainly apply again.
If I get in great...if not, no biggie!
I have learned LONG AGO that you can never take things too personally...easier said then done when it's about something you might have put a lot of effort in to. This holds true specially here in Los Angeles, where flights of fancy are always on a whim and can fade in moments...or when another movie stars says something else is in vogue!

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Muggy Already!

I got up pretty early this morning and went to do a ton of laundry. I hadn't done it when I came home from my trip...I hate it when there's like 2 weeks worth!
Now that I am home I am determined to get something done!
...it's SOO MUGGY and warm already. I just want to lay down and take a nap.
I have been working on a faceted clear crystal Quartz and Swarovski crystal necklace. I think it's going to be stunning when it's done...if I do say so myself. LOL!
I will upload pictures when it's finished!

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Monday, July 30, 2007


Oh well...I was Denied from Trunkt!
They told me my pictures weren't up to standard I guess.
Another person said that they are currently not accepting anymore jewelry designers at this time since soo many have been applying.
Who knows.
I like the idea that they were simply at their limit for applicants in that area and that they just didn't snub me.
Yeah, I confess...my ego is a bit bruised.

I can't believe my favorite "SPA THERAPY" was denied too!!!
Her shop and photos are SOO CONSUMER inviting and friendly!
That was surely lame in MY opinion!
I get the applicants with BAD pictures...but there are many that I have seen with great products and good pictures that have been denied as well.

Oh Well.

I'll re apply again in a week.
We'll see.

These were the pictures I submitted and was denied for.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Picture Update

Check out the pictures above.
I just updated a ton of new pictures and items!

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I finally applied to Trunkt. I have been wanting to do this for the last several months and just kept lagging. I have my fingers crossed...I forgot this is Sunday so I will hopefully hear from them tomorrow. I was surprised how many people have been denied! I was reading several forums and there were A LOT. However, there were MANY that have been accepted! So, I am hoping that I will be in the "accepted" group. It's a bit crazy to me that people are already talking (in forums) about the Christmas holiday shopping season! It's ONLY JULY?!?! Man, I am STILL being haunted by early holiday syndrome even though I have been out of "retail" for over a year! LOL!!!! There are tons of forums on Halloween!!! Ugh.

It's soo hot and uncomfortable I barely want to work on anything more less jewelry.
I WANT to eat something yummy and take a nap!
Ice cream...(sooo having a Homer Simpson moment) Ha ha! I haven't seen the movie and am not really a fan...but I know you all totally knew what I meant!!!!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Back from my trip

Been out of town for almost a week and haven't posted.
The heat is back!!!!

I went to visit Northern California for my 20 year reunion!
It was an interesting event to say the least!
The whispers and comments I kept hearing through out the night was to the gist of, "...all the women look pretty good...the guys got bald and fat!"
It was pretty fun to see some of these people. There was a handful in the 80 out of 300 that showed that I was really happy to see.
It was nice.
Of course I had to wear some jewelry!!!

I got to visit family while I was there too so it was a great trip.
I haven't been out of my apartment on a trip in almost 2 years!
It was a wonderful break.
Back to working on jewelry...it's been miserably hot.
My apartment is like an oven and the new air conditioner we purchased stinks! It's really awful!
I was thinking, "...is this suppose to be energy efficient because it actually doesn't cool the air?!?!!!!" If you stand directly in front of it you can feel cool air coming out of it though...ugh.
My B/F was MAD!!! because we wasted money since it hardly cools the room it's in more less the livingroom where we spend most of out waking moments!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As you know if you've read my blog, I am pretty sensitive and DRY! At least a month ago I began my wonderful adventure into the Etsy Bath and Body world! I have ordered and tried several products and am sure to try many more! LOL! Somewhere within my over a year and a half of suffering from at moments severe eczema, I couldn't use MOST of the soaps, lotions and creams I had been using for years! I just became a dry, ashy, flaking, bumpy mess!
Ah...entering my life is BathLife!
This whipped delicious delight...well, let me let her describe it!

BathLife™ makes it happen with our Silken Body Butter. Rich, dreamy, deeply luxurious, and whipped to perfection with nothing but pure, natural moisturizers: shea butter, kokum butter, and hazelnut oil (just to name a few!). And as always; no alcohol, water, or harsh chemicals.
BathLife products are always fresh and handmade from scratch; never a pre-made base.

Ooooooh! It's almost like whipped cream cheese in texture! LOL! YUMMY!
I love the way it feels very rich in texture but melts right into your skin. It does not leave any greasy oily feel. What was REALLY AWESOME is how I originally ordered the "Drop In Paradise" and "Sugar" body Butters...I LOVE fragrance but it doesn't always love me back...lol...ugh. I convo'd her to tell her that I really loved the texture but my allergies didn't allow me to use the fragrance. I was sooo excited when she said she could make me a fragrance free version of the whipped body butter!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! Now, let me state this, I have ordered a few other brands of their butters in a fragrance free version...BathLife is the only one that I have ordered that is actually FRAGRANCE FREE. The others have a funky natural smell to them. One is a nutty smell that I didn't mind but another one kinda stunk. So, if you are looking for a creamy, rich, HYDRATING body butter...BATHLIFE!!!
I gave my sister the Sugar butter and several of my family members will be getting samples of her butters in the mail soon! LOL! I'm not the only sensitive skin in my family so I know they are ALL GOING TO LOVE these butters!!!!
By the way, I figured out if I use a little bit of my Drop In Paradise butter with my fragrance free butter I can use it and smell YUMMY!!! A girl likes to smell pretty...even if I am sensitive!!!
I almost forgot!
Let me start by saying that my bf is a real "basic hygiene" what's the cheapest because they are all the same kinda guy. No frills here! lol
I purchased the "Its A Wash Shampoo Bar with Wheat Germ and Jojoba Oil" and had him try it.
Let's just say he didn't see why he shouldn't just use his Head and Shoulders. The water in my VERY OLD apartment it AWFUL to say the least and for several months he has had really bad dandruff! It's maybe been over a week I have turned him on to BathLife's shampoo bar and yesterday he randomly says to me, "um, hey...YOU were right...I was looking at my scalp and there's like no dandruff at all...that stuff really works..." LOL
I said, " I told you it wouldn't dry and strip your hair... there's no chemicals and fillers...I knew you'd like it"
Hee hee! He's a convert!

Please check out the BathLife shop for all sorts of wonderful and delicious treats!!!
(all photos are borrowed from the BathLife shop)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


What's new today is another Treasury I'm in!!!
Very fun and cool!
My Mocha Petals is featured in this one!
Center bottom!!!

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Pink Sugar

I'm in another Treasury!
There I am in the middle!

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Well, I held myself back last night after getting out of the bath!
Seriously, I just wanted to go straight to the computer and babble about how SILKY SMOOTH my skin felt!
I have never taken a milk bath before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
I LOVE Lavender so I was intoxicated with delight getting in to this milky silky tub.
I am totally HOOKED!!
These are SOOOO going to be gifts!
My skin felt soooo hydrated after I got out of the tub I was almost thinking I didn't need to moisturize! That's something!!! (I have really drying hard water in my OLD apartment)

Perhaps it's the Taurus in me...BUT I LOVE a little PAMPERING!
This is the perfect item.
I think EVERYONE should TRY THIS!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

A few new items

Been a bit busy the last 2 days....unfortunately, NOT making jewelry.
BUT, I wanted to share a few pieces I have finished recently.
Can you believe the first two are already SOLD!
I just listed the pearls yesterday.

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Like I haven't had enough already right?!!!
Well, apparently NOT and I am thinking I WON'T for a while!
I just received a nice BIG BOX of DELICIOUS GOODIES from SPA THERAPY!
I have basically been talking about these soaps to my whole family!!!
So, of course at this point I have to let my family experience them.
Tonight I put together my gift packages made with LOVE.
My Dad and my younger siblings have terribly sensitive skin...in goes the "Soothing Goats Milk Honey n Oats" and "Unscented Oatmeal N Honey" bars...with the Spa Therapy business card of course! The same set went to my Aunt Keri. She REALLY has DRY DRY sensitive skin. After I talked to her about these I could see in her eyes that she was intrigued. I know she will LOVE these!!!
Tonight I am going to try my first "Soothing Milk Bath"
Surely I will be making another entry raving about it tomorrow!
I hope you all reading this don't think I'm crazy. LOL!
This is REALLY simply GREAT STUFF!

Can I just say that when I visited the Spa Therapy shop tonight to let her know I received my purchase, I saw NEW ITEMS!!!
How much bathing is a woman to do!
I want to TRY THEM ALL!!!
If you haven't already, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you visit!!!
You can thank me later.

(all photos are borrowed from the Spa Therapy shop)

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Friday, July 6, 2007

This HOT weather is NOT FUN for me!

OH! My package to Japan reached it's destination! I was soooo HAPPY and glad since it was my first. I have another purchase about to be shipped to France next. When I was standing in line at the post I started talking to a lady in front of me. I noticed several packages in the plastic envelopes (I think I am going to try) all going to International destinations. I had to ask...she said she does a lot of eBay selling and has already sent 26 packages over seas. She said that she hasn't had one problem with sending them First Class International. Especially since Priority can cost a small fortune now depending on it's destination. So, I feel much better about mailing abroad. So funny, she totally had heard of Etsy. She has friends that sell on there apparently.
I can't wait to get my scale so I can start using Pay Pal for shipping. Priority with free shipping Confirmation!

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Monday, July 2, 2007


I wish I was walking about something I made or something I purchased...UGH...it's sweltering in my apartment. I need to go turn the air back on. I fear for the bill in the mail!
I was soo excited that I was able to see my Mom and Sister when they were here over the weekend visiting my Grandmother. It's been far too long! I was too ill at Christmas so I think it's been easily over a year since I have seen the two of them. Awe. It was nice.

I had just finished 2 double strand necklaces and a bracelet made out of clear quartz and Swarovski crystals...I didn't even get to take a picture of them before my Mom and Grandmother purchased them! LOL!
I AM PRETTY HAPPY about that too!
My sister purchased items as well!

OH, and I gave them some SPA THERAPY soaps to try. I am calling tomorrow to see if they tried them! After all my raving about the soaps...they better have! lol
I sent them away with Sugar Silken Body Butter from BATHLIFE. REALLY NICE and CREAMY!
I also gave them some YumYum Cake wax melts from EPICURIOUS. They LOVED the smell...French Vanilla, Apple Crunch cake...and I think chocolate. OH, and I almost forgot...Whipped body Butter from EPICURIOUS...my Mom LOVED it on her hands, feet and elbows!

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