Friday, July 27, 2007

Back from my trip

Been out of town for almost a week and haven't posted.
The heat is back!!!!

I went to visit Northern California for my 20 year reunion!
It was an interesting event to say the least!
The whispers and comments I kept hearing through out the night was to the gist of, "...all the women look pretty good...the guys got bald and fat!"
It was pretty fun to see some of these people. There was a handful in the 80 out of 300 that showed that I was really happy to see.
It was nice.
Of course I had to wear some jewelry!!!

I got to visit family while I was there too so it was a great trip.
I haven't been out of my apartment on a trip in almost 2 years!
It was a wonderful break.
Back to working on's been miserably hot.
My apartment is like an oven and the new air conditioner we purchased stinks! It's really awful!
I was thinking, " this suppose to be energy efficient because it actually doesn't cool the air?!?!!!!" If you stand directly in front of it you can feel cool air coming out of it though...ugh.
My B/F was MAD!!! because we wasted money since it hardly cools the room it's in more less the livingroom where we spend most of out waking moments!

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1 comment:

Jussara said...

"...all the women look pretty good...the guys got bald and fat!"
This is hilarious!!
Hope you got a chance to hand out a few biz cards!
Yuck about the hot weather! it's been hot here on the East Coast as well. We won't be getting out of the 90's this week. Eeek!