Sunday, July 29, 2007

I finally applied to Trunkt. I have been wanting to do this for the last several months and just kept lagging. I have my fingers crossed...I forgot this is Sunday so I will hopefully hear from them tomorrow. I was surprised how many people have been denied! I was reading several forums and there were A LOT. However, there were MANY that have been accepted! So, I am hoping that I will be in the "accepted" group. It's a bit crazy to me that people are already talking (in forums) about the Christmas holiday shopping season! It's ONLY JULY?!?! Man, I am STILL being haunted by early holiday syndrome even though I have been out of "retail" for over a year! LOL!!!! There are tons of forums on Halloween!!! Ugh.

It's soo hot and uncomfortable I barely want to work on anything more less jewelry.
I WANT to eat something yummy and take a nap!
Ice cream...(sooo having a Homer Simpson moment) Ha ha! I haven't seen the movie and am not really a fan...but I know you all totally knew what I meant!!!!

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