Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's kind of funny to me...all the commotion over the whole Trunkt thing.
I mean, yeah my ego was a bit bruised but I wasn't all torn up about it. Matter of fact, I never took it personally and I certainly have nothing negative to say about the company.
There are a TON of people applying and I completely get that they are selective and want designers with an edge of difference as well as style. I know that they can't allow all of us in there...but it seems that Dev, an admin on Trunkt, had to make a post telling everyone to basically calm down and not get so upset and negative. I personally didn't see anyone bad mouthing Trunkt but as it looked he sure thought so. I saw a bunch of people a bit confused and bummed for not getting in but that seemed about it. Perhaps I am wrong.
I think it's another great avenue to advertise your wears and I will certainly apply again.
If I get in great...if not, no biggie!
I have learned LONG AGO that you can never take things too personally...easier said then done when it's about something you might have put a lot of effort in to. This holds true specially here in Los Angeles, where flights of fancy are always on a whim and can fade in moments...or when another movie stars says something else is in vogue!

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