Monday, July 2, 2007


I wish I was walking about something I made or something I's sweltering in my apartment. I need to go turn the air back on. I fear for the bill in the mail!
I was soo excited that I was able to see my Mom and Sister when they were here over the weekend visiting my Grandmother. It's been far too long! I was too ill at Christmas so I think it's been easily over a year since I have seen the two of them. Awe. It was nice.

I had just finished 2 double strand necklaces and a bracelet made out of clear quartz and Swarovski crystals...I didn't even get to take a picture of them before my Mom and Grandmother purchased them! LOL!
I AM PRETTY HAPPY about that too!
My sister purchased items as well!

OH, and I gave them some SPA THERAPY soaps to try. I am calling tomorrow to see if they tried them! After all my raving about the soaps...they better have! lol
I sent them away with Sugar Silken Body Butter from BATHLIFE. REALLY NICE and CREAMY!
I also gave them some YumYum Cake wax melts from EPICURIOUS. They LOVED the smell...French Vanilla, Apple Crunch cake...and I think chocolate. OH, and I almost forgot...Whipped body Butter from Mom LOVED it on her hands, feet and elbows!

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