Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As you know if you've read my blog, I am pretty sensitive and DRY! At least a month ago I began my wonderful adventure into the Etsy Bath and Body world! I have ordered and tried several products and am sure to try many more! LOL! Somewhere within my over a year and a half of suffering from at moments severe eczema, I couldn't use MOST of the soaps, lotions and creams I had been using for years! I just became a dry, ashy, flaking, bumpy mess!
Ah...entering my life is BathLife!
This whipped delicious delight...well, let me let her describe it!

BathLife™ makes it happen with our Silken Body Butter. Rich, dreamy, deeply luxurious, and whipped to perfection with nothing but pure, natural moisturizers: shea butter, kokum butter, and hazelnut oil (just to name a few!). And as always; no alcohol, water, or harsh chemicals.
BathLife products are always fresh and handmade from scratch; never a pre-made base.

Ooooooh! It's almost like whipped cream cheese in texture! LOL! YUMMY!
I love the way it feels very rich in texture but melts right into your skin. It does not leave any greasy oily feel. What was REALLY AWESOME is how I originally ordered the "Drop In Paradise" and "Sugar" body Butters...I LOVE fragrance but it doesn't always love me I convo'd her to tell her that I really loved the texture but my allergies didn't allow me to use the fragrance. I was sooo excited when she said she could make me a fragrance free version of the whipped body butter!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! Now, let me state this, I have ordered a few other brands of their butters in a fragrance free version...BathLife is the only one that I have ordered that is actually FRAGRANCE FREE. The others have a funky natural smell to them. One is a nutty smell that I didn't mind but another one kinda stunk. So, if you are looking for a creamy, rich, HYDRATING body butter...BATHLIFE!!!
I gave my sister the Sugar butter and several of my family members will be getting samples of her butters in the mail soon! LOL! I'm not the only sensitive skin in my family so I know they are ALL GOING TO LOVE these butters!!!!
By the way, I figured out if I use a little bit of my Drop In Paradise butter with my fragrance free butter I can use it and smell YUMMY!!! A girl likes to smell pretty...even if I am sensitive!!!
I almost forgot!
Let me start by saying that my bf is a real "basic hygiene" what's the cheapest because they are all the same kinda guy. No frills here! lol
I purchased the "Its A Wash Shampoo Bar with Wheat Germ and Jojoba Oil" and had him try it.
Let's just say he didn't see why he shouldn't just use his Head and Shoulders. The water in my VERY OLD apartment it AWFUL to say the least and for several months he has had really bad dandruff! It's maybe been over a week I have turned him on to BathLife's shampoo bar and yesterday he randomly says to me, "um, hey...YOU were right...I was looking at my scalp and there's like no dandruff at all...that stuff really works..." LOL
I said, " I told you it wouldn't dry and strip your hair... there's no chemicals and fillers...I knew you'd like it"
Hee hee! He's a convert!

Please check out the BathLife shop for all sorts of wonderful and delicious treats!!!
(all photos are borrowed from the BathLife shop)

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KeelyB said...

Thanks for the comment! And this BathLife stuff sounds really yummy! Im going to have to get some for myself and definitely for my sister since it sounds like you and her have the same kind of skin. Shes had eczema since she was a baby! Thanks for sharing what helps you with it!

Mikiye Creations said...

Oooh! You will have to let me know how you like it!
Your sister will probably LOVE you to death all the more after you give her some!

Feltland said...

I love your soaps - they look really great.

Thanks for your comment about my Chestnut Mary. If you like felt dolls, please, visit my main blog -

Thanks :D