Monday, July 9, 2007


Like I haven't had enough already right?!!!
Well, apparently NOT and I am thinking I WON'T for a while!
I just received a nice BIG BOX of DELICIOUS GOODIES from SPA THERAPY!
I have basically been talking about these soaps to my whole family!!!
So, of course at this point I have to let my family experience them.
Tonight I put together my gift packages made with LOVE.
My Dad and my younger siblings have terribly sensitive goes the "Soothing Goats Milk Honey n Oats" and "Unscented Oatmeal N Honey" bars...with the Spa Therapy business card of course! The same set went to my Aunt Keri. She REALLY has DRY DRY sensitive skin. After I talked to her about these I could see in her eyes that she was intrigued. I know she will LOVE these!!!
Tonight I am going to try my first "Soothing Milk Bath"
Surely I will be making another entry raving about it tomorrow!
I hope you all reading this don't think I'm crazy. LOL!
This is REALLY simply GREAT STUFF!

Can I just say that when I visited the Spa Therapy shop tonight to let her know I received my purchase, I saw NEW ITEMS!!!
How much bathing is a woman to do!
I want to TRY THEM ALL!!!
If you haven't already, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you visit!!!
You can thank me later.

(all photos are borrowed from the Spa Therapy shop)

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BrazilDesigns said...

That's just WONDERFUL to hear!!!! You have no idea what a big gratification feed-backs like yours are! Thank you so much!!