Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!!!!

My Friend over at Regal Cottage is having a very fun GIVEAWAY!

You could win your choice of one of these sweet Matryoshka Baby Rattles from her Etsy shop. These Matryoshka Rattles are made from imported Japanese fabric and fluffy, vintage chenille to add extra softness and color. Each one is the perfect size for little hands to hold, and has a bell inside for a quiet rattle sound.

Entry Requirements:

*Follow her Regal Cottage blog (3 entries)

*Tweet this Giveaway with this premade tweet:
RT this to WIN a sweet Matryoshka Baby Rattle from @RegalCottage

*View her Etsy shop and leave a comment on this Regal Cottage post . Tell her your favorite item in her shop. (1 entry)

Contest lasts until October 31st. Winner will be drawn at random and announced November 1st.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wonderland Weddings-A Nine Day Event Coming Soon!

Etsy Twitter Team Celebrates Weddings!

WHO: Etsy Twitter Team
WHY: Because there’s love in the air! Great deals and offers on unique, handcrafted finds that will make your fall or winter wedding memorable.

The Etsy Twitter Team (the authority on Twitter for all things handmade) invites you to the wedding. Starting October 1 and running thru October 9, team members will be offering a dazzling display of items that will make your special day memorable.
Planning a wedding can make you crazy with all the activity that surrounds it. It’s hard enough to find a dress and a caterer and a band, never mind thinking about the little extras that make the event fun and memorable. The Etsy Twitter Team is creating this event for the bride-to-be so she can find unique items in one place. Our wedding gift to the bride will be great specials and discounts that will make it easier on her wedding budget.
From October 1 thru October 4, Fall weddings will be featured. A splendid display of all the Autumn colors will make for a beautiful wedding. Items for themed weddings - Halloween, Victorian, Goth, and Southern Bell will add to the fun.
From October 5 thru October 9, Winter weddings are in season - snow white, sparkling blue ice, warm reds, Christmas and New Year’s. Come and see how the Etsy Twitter Team can help you have a magical celebration.
For more details, pictures, and further information, please contact Jennifer Kuebrich , Etsy Twitter Team Leader, at HYPERLINK ""

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

JAVA Leather shoes by Jimmy Choo

I have to admit that unlike MANY if not all my friends am not obsessed with shoes.
Let me clarify, I LOVE shoes but have difficult feet which do not allow me to wear any of the ones I admire so...I keep my shoe love to a minimum.
Then again, even if I suddenly had mad money to splurge I can't see myself spending $800-$1000 on shoes to sit here in my apartment in.
With all this said, I was actually looking for some Bridal shoe selections when I found these!
Jimi Choo JAVA
I think I felt a slight pitter patter in my chest. This is a person that wears boys Nike's and flip flops for the most part...(did I just admit that?)
The color, the detail...Shoe love!

Now, I never said that I think I could actually walk around in guess is I would hobble about feeling mighty cute though!
My friends still tease me about my late 90's New Year's Eve in heels "event" ..."event of pain" more how I remembered it... Let's just say, Me and heels don't really go well together.
But how I ADORE watching you ladies gracefully glide around in them! I am completely bewildered how you do it without grimacing from pain in the balls of your feet but maybe that's a me thing!

Oh, I just happened to look at the price...$1995.00
...I think I'll just continue to admire from afar...very far!

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Monday, September 20, 2010


I love it when my clients share with me the gowns they have selected for their special day!
Recently, one of my clients turned me onto Lazaro Bridal Gowns.
All I can say is GORGEOUS!!!!
Totally romantic and ultra feminine.
Here are a few of my favorites!


I LOVE the detailing on this gown. It's absolutely DREAMY and definitely an amazing editorial piece!
I just had to show ALL the angles! It definitely has the flavor of a period piece which is probably why I am in love with it so much! I actually prefer something more simple for myself but as stunning design it's at the top of my favorites!




I think I am in love with how "fanciful" these are!
Yes, I LOVE lace and detailing...but I think you got that!
If you like these designs and are looking for a gown I highly recommend giving his gowns a look see!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still Celebrating Autumn and Fall

Since I live in Southern California it's still pretty overall warm and sunny. I can tell it is FINALLY starting to cool down but unlike the rest of the country the trees here are still pretty green.
So, I thought I would share some items that make me think about the wonderful Autumn/Fall season created by my Etsy Twitter Teammates'

I have to start this list off with this DELICIOUS Pumpkin Spice Latte Beverage Mix

...can't you almost smell the cinnamon?!
Autumn Bliss Chunky Crocheted Cowl with Brooch

Falling Leaves Brown Grosgrain Ribbon

Punkin Pie Soap Bar

Chunky Newborn Cocoon and Hat Set in Pumpkin Orange I just want to tie my hair back with a Falling Leaves Brown Grosgrain Ribbon, take a hot bath with a Punkin Pie bar soap...sipping on some delicious Pumpkin Pie Latte! Afterwards, I'll wrap my neck up with a Autumn Bliss Crocheted Cowl and snuggle up like I am that Chunky Newborn in a snugly warm Cocoon!
Now THAT sounds like AUTUMN is here!

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...and now for something completely different...

I forgot how much I LOVE this video!
I've always been a fan of pink and her last album is truly heartfelt and amazing.
Can you believe when this video came out my Mom sent this to me to watch...I think because of all the stories I have told her over the years about working in the industry in L.A.
I was doing the "click, click, click..." thing on the internet and found myself watching Pink videos and remembered how much this makes me laugh every time I watch it!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Latest Oliver Peoples 2010 Campaign

I have always been a big fan of Oliver Peoples Designs and adore this new campaign!
This is a fabulous video!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo Shoot Designs

A few weeks ago I was approached to design a few pieces for a Vivid Magazine shoot...I am waiting for the magazine issue to come out so I haven't seen any pictures yet.
It was SO MUCH FUN since I rarely get to make what I LIKE!
You know what I mean. I am always designing pieces for my clients so I rarely have time to make something creative from my own imagination.

I took some preliminary pics on my favorite mannequin head but I can hardly wait to see these on the model.
Note to self: "Black is a nightmare for a novice photographer!"
I did my best and they will have to do!

I don't have them in my shop.
I am working on my personal website so depending on time line I might just list it in there...but that might be months away before it goes live so who knows!

What the stylist told me for her inspiration was sorta Victorian meets punk/goth but not really punk/goth.
I kinda thought I knew what she meant. All I knew was it was suppose to be accenting high end designer clothing.
Anyway, I had a blast making this literally from scratch.
Both pieces are completely hand made by me.
The first piece I experimented with a cotton twill. I Liked that it was a little more firm.
The second piece I used a delicate sheer Silk Chiffon.
I was in LOVE with both of them! ...not to sound stuck up... I was just really happy with the finished designs!
These are pieces that I would wear if i was still working out of the house. I sit in t-shirts and sweats at home.
Anyway, Enjoy!
As soon as I get pics of the actual shoot I will TOTALLY share them!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Bridal Necklace: Opulent Charlotte

I've been getting several requests for more of my heirloom pieces and it's just the matter of having time to make some. They are pretty time consuming so I have to fit them in between orders.
I noticed a few of my clients as well as myself don't always want the focal so close to the neck so I decided to make a piece with the focal lower. It's quite gorgeous on. I like how it accents the asymmetrical quality of the design and still holds that retro vintage feel. It's lovely how the focal sits below the clavicle instead of on it or above like several of my other designs.
I just listed it in my Etsy shop!
Opulent Charlotte

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Harvest Festival Photo.

Here is a gorgeous photo by teammate Janet from Honey From The Bee on Etsy!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

HARVEST FESTIVAL With The Etsy Twitter Team!

How exciting!

Good Morning all and thanks for join us for our 1st Harvest Festival. I hope you will join us every day to learn about our team members favorite recipes, photographs from the fall and all about their shops.

Let's start out with a few of our shops. If you would like to go directly to their shops or to the pictures that are shown below just click their shop names or the picture. It will take you right into the Etsy shop of your choice. I would also like to suggest clicking on their "shop" buttons as these links will take you only to one section of their shops.
Happy Early Holiday shopping all!! (108 days till the holidays)

Please click over to our Etsy Twitter Team Blog to get the complete article and see all the fabulous shops that have been highlighted so far!

Here are a few of my own selections from the Team to get you in the rich autumn mood!

Bulky pompon neckwarmer with ribbon

Autumn 5 ACEO Candy Corn

FALL LEAVES gold - Scrabble Tile Pendant

Brown Sugar Spice Mug Cake Mix

Madeira Citrine Vintage Flower Earrings

...and to think we are ONLY GETTING STARTED!!!
Go check out these fabulous shops and be sure to see all the new Fall items being revealed everyday on our Etsy Twitter Team Blog !

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