Thursday, June 23, 2011

All The Little Birdies Go Tweet Tweet Tweet

Since the weather has been so gloomy and grey here in Southern California it was almost enough to get me feeling a little down. However, when I was walking back to my apartment from the post office I noticed a group of birds giving themselves a dirt bath! All fluttering about and chirping away I realized just watching them lifted my spirits and inspired me for todays post.
Of course, who better then the Etsy Twitter Team to share my inspiriation for birds twittering and tweeting!
All pun intended!
hand stamped sterling silver necklace
By PunkyJane

By HoneyFromTheBee
Unique Save The Date Magnets, Love Birds
By AngelEllie
By DorsetHillBeads

Love Bird Note Cards
by maddesigns

Two Toned Flying Bird Pin signed Vintage
by Vintageday

By prettywhimsical

Blue Silver Bird of Happiness Chain Necklace
By lindab142

Domino Pendant - Home Sweet Home
Nesting Bird Collage Altered Domino Fine
Art Jewelry Pendant
By inmyheadstudios

Brown Owl Charm Necklace
By FrostedTreats

Sunny Cottage Garden Bird Tag Set Gift tags
Scrapbook Embellishment
By misskwittys

Bold Pottery Shard Necklace
By MommaGoddess

Hope you all enjoyed these delightful selections!
Happy Twittering Everyone!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Custom Designed Peacock Eye Inspired Earrings

I just finished these stunning Swarovski oval earrings for a client. The first thing I thought of when I unwrapped the stones to make these was how they reminded me of vibrant peacock eyes!
I really want to make myself a pair they are sooo pretty but I don't think I could sport them to the grocery store and at this moment I'm not doing much socializing that needs dressing up!

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This weeks shop of the week Fibrous, is run and owned by the fabulous Thea. In this adorable shop you will find quirky little animals out of wool, up cycled pincushions, and unique things 
for your home. These items a great gifts for any women, collectors,people who like quirky and unique thing. You will find that each of her little animals have their own personality.
Spend at least 5 minutes a day looking at your twitter stream 
and chatting with all the awesome people on there. No one 
likes to be ignored, so spread a little love and say hi to people. When Thea and I talked about advice to give to our fellow 
twitters she told me "Spend at least 5 minutes a day looking at your twitter stream and chatting with all the awesome people
 on there. No one likes to be ignored, so spread a little love and say hi to people. "

I asked Thea Who was the most influential person in teaching
 you your craft and why.?
My great aunt. She taught me how to knit and crochet, which eventually introduced me to felting which transitioned into needle felting.

One thing I love about Thea is how big her heart is. I asked 
her the $1million question and her response was "I give it to a organization that fights world hunger."

This week only:
10% off with coupon SOTW
(yes, she ships internationally)

Etsy Shop:

Article written by Jenco13

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Tamara Garvey

Tamara creates Original art, illustration prints, fabric, note card sets, and lockets, all of her whimsical and nature-based pen-and-ink drawings. The quirky and cheerful illustrations combined with her unique sense of humor are perfect for the young and young-at-heart and are what sets TamaraGarvey apart from the competition.
We interviewed Tamara and learned quite a few interesting things about her as an artist and person.

You may be surprised to know that Tamara loves horror and thriller movies (a girl after my own heart), she lives in Brooklyn, and she has a soft spot for animals. Her illustrations are playful and quirky and she is inspired by a bold and fearless artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries.

Tamara’s work is inspired and influenced by the seasons. She loves drawing trees and they are often present in her work, as well as color schemes and imagery that change with the seasons.
When we asked Tamara if she could live anywhere EXCEPT where she was currently living, she stated that she just moved to Brooklyn last year, but would love to go back to Savannah, Georgia.

We also asked Tamara if she had a million dollars and she HAD to give every penny of it away, who would she give it to and why? She said, “I would split it between the Humane Society and as many local animal spay/neuter organizations as I could find. Ever since I was little, I've been a huge animal lover. If I could fix anything at all, it would be the epidemic of unwanted pets whose lives are wasted.”
I am so pleased to present this week’s shop of the week: TamaraGarvey, which is owned and operated by original artist and illustrator Tamara Garvey.
She also ships internationally and best of all, she is having a special Buy one print, get one FREE! Just mention the free print in your checkout notes when you buy the first one.

Tamara’s favorite artist is Yayoi Kusama, because she is fearless! Her work is conceptual, decorative, bold, crazy, touching, boundary-pushing, and ridiculous, all at once. And the most influential person in teaching her her craft was “A figure drawing professor who was very big on beginning our drawing sessions with gesture drawings. They're such a great way to loosen up, and even though my current illustrations don't rely on a realistic human figure, going to neighborhood figure drawing sessions is still one of my favorite pastimes, just for the exercise and process of it.”

When she was asked if she were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would she want, she simply stated “a close friend, music, and a stick so I could doodle in the sand”.

Finally, since this is the EtsyTwitter Team, we have to ask something about Twitter… We asked if she had any advice to give to a new Twitter user and she said, “Take the time to find people to follow whose tweets/links you're really interested in, and interact with them. You can use Twitter to hold bonafide conversations, not just make one-way declarations.”

Be sure to stop by her shop and check out all of her lovely items. It comes nicely packaged and ready to use or frame.
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Lovliness...By Elizabeth Messina Photography

What a gorgeous and dreamy image I found over at kiss the grooom .

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Multimedia Monday with Messsie Jessie

I came across this delightful piece by Messsie Jessie and had to share! My love of fashion and creative artwork are perfectly meshed in this incredible multimedia design.

"A small three dimensional dress. The bodice is made from old pieces of cotton, paper and small shell like beads, tailored and stitched together. The skirt is stitched together from old book pages, fabric which has been rouched together and decorated with beads. There is a lot of detail on the bodice with extra bits of fabric and stitching. Delicate but strongly and carefully made."

Small 26cm long, 25cm wide, paper fabric assemblage dress.

Definitely take a look in her shop for more incredible pieces!

*Photos courtesy of MesssieJessie

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sparkling Beauties!

I've been pretty absent for a while I KNOW... Just really been busy and also trying to find a new apartment to move to.
My current place is turning in to something less then to be desired.
Did I tell you how I went out to my car over a month ago to find the back window completely shattered?
Yeah, nice right?
That was a good chunk of change I wasn't expecting to have to pay!
ugh...if you only knew what's really been going on at the homefront!

Back to the good stuff...
I've been expanding my jewelry section since I have been receiving such positive feedback and inquiries for more styles.

Here are a few new designs since the last time I posted about jewelry .
You can find all these for sale right now in my Etsy shop.
Large Bridal Chandelier Swarovski Crystal Cubic Zirconia Diamond Shaped Round Earrings

Large Bridal Chandelier Swarovski Crystal Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings

Large Bridal Chandelier Swarovski Crystal Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings

I made both large and smaller designs using all Swarovski clear crystal. I just LOVE this high sparkle and shine. I also am trying some new shapes like the really large diamond looking round drops. They are crazy glamorous on!
I found some vinage shapes that I will be sharing within the next week and I promise to post new pics!

I also just got some fabulous pics from a few photo shoots I was a part of that I will definitely be sharing soon too!!!
So, make sure to check back!
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Celebrating Father's Day With The Etsy Twitter Team

Father's Day is just around the corner and it's the perfect occasion to splurge and treat him to something a little extra special! As always, the Etsy Twitter Team is here to make the quest to find that special unique gift a breeze!
We Love personalized hand stamped sterling silver keychain
By PunkyJane

Baseball - - - 8 X 8 print
By Acageybee

Personalized Golf Bag Tile Coasters, Set of 4

By AngelEllie

Mens Fossil Pendant Necklace 400 million year-old
Orthoceras Ortho Seras Sterling Fine Silver

By WellspringCreations
The JEFF Sport Cap For MEN - In Cool Absorbent Cotton
By Yarncoture

Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day!
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