Friday, August 29, 2008

New Designs!!!!

Here are some new designs.
I have been swamped with Custom pieces lately.
By no means am I complaining!
I just wanted to share some pictures of some pieces that I had completed but never got to list or post.
I am going to try and list these soon!

Here is a beautiful little matching set. I just LOVE the little mint light green stamen mixed with the Swarovski crystals! I really adore a splash of color with all the white or ivory!

A while ago I Copyrighted this design which was why I hadn't listed it before. I just LOVE this mixture of the vintage inspired Brass leaves and wire work with Swarovski crystals and Freshwater pearls! So, if you see this anywhere else you KNOW I had it first!!!! And they better NOT or I have no problem seeking legal action! *cough cough* Copycat's and you know who you are!!!

I have been getting A LOT of requests for 2 piece sets so I started making a few. I had to Copyright all of these too! I really was surprised how much I adore these! This particular flower looks and feels like real petals and appears SO velvety silky looking. SO PRETTY! Of course I had to add my signature jeweled cluster swirl center! Oh yeah, and my personal feather or two!

This was originally an idea that was developed but eventually changed into something completely different that I was working on with a Bride. I liked the idea I had in my head so much that I decided to make one anyway with my own added style. I just loved the idea of adding hand made petals and creating new flowers like little buds on the side. This looks SO feminine and something I would wear!
Here is a piece similar to my Morning Mist piece. This one had the gold center verses Silver.

Well, break time is over and I am back to work!
I will be out all morning and afternoon tomorrow working a wedding. LOL!
I am doing makeup for a friend of a client of mine...her Bridesmaids and of course the Bride.
There will be NO staying up until 5:00 a.m. tonight! I have to be up at 5:00 to get ready to leave!!!
Hope all is well for everyone out there!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here are some photos with my designs in her hair.
The only problem I have is that when I was searching for mannequin heads I had looked at SO MANY I forgot to check the exact dimensions of this one before I purchased it...I was too busy looking for aesthetics! LOL! Unfortunately, this one is NOT life size and is only 21cm around.
Basically, I'm guessing the size of a 10-12 year old.
So, the flowers will look SMALLER on a real person.
I think this is still fine for display purposes and I make sure to put on ALL listings that have the mannequin head that it is not life size.

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I finally invested in a nice quality mannequin head and wig to use for my pictures.
Now I don't have to model!
Plus, I can now get pictures of side and back views EASILY!
I think the lighter hair works A LOT better then my naturally black hair too.
Many of the pieces were lost in my dark hair.
I definitely like the way the pieces look against this hair color.
I also LOVE the way the veil photographed too!
I am still working on getting her lit right but as everything it's a work in progress.
Here's a few new pics of my Birdcage veils.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phew! I needed a little break!!!

I decided to take a quick break and post!!!
Ha! ha! HA!
As you can see I have been VERY BUSY thus the lack of posts.
I know, I just posted that I was going to post more...and then I go and not post for days!
I guess at the end of the day I am VERY pleased that I am BUSY.

The heat is still here and my apartment still feels like a sweltering sweat shop. OK. I have never been in a real sweat shop but I have seen them on television! I suppose I shouldn't make fun of terrible conditions like those...but seriously, it IS ridiculously HOT in my apartment!

I feel because of this heat my wheels are turning but I am not being very productive...never a good thing knowing I have a queue full of clients waiting for their designs.
So, I have been staying up until 4-5:00 in the morning working on pieces. It's cooler and I appear to be a lot more productive...or maybe I'm just delirious from exhaustion! LOL!!!
Just kidding everyone!

My expensive photo bulb popped so I couldn't take pictures for days! I am SO glad it shipped quickly! Man, What a difference a bulb makes!!!

Thought I'd at least take this opportunity to share some of the new pieces I have completed since my last post. I was feeling VERY ORGANIC GODDESS when I was making these.

Pictures are SO MUCH more fun!!!
Hope all is well for everyone out there!!!!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beaming with PRIDE!!!

I HAD TO SHARE this letter from my client Elaine that I just recently wrote the last post about her Earth Goddess piece we designed together.
I am SO PROUD of all the hard work I put into this design and to see how much she LOVES it makes me smile ear to ear!
It's not about people saying how great my work is (grant you who doesn't really enjoy a compliment now and then) But it is the true heart felt words that make me feel as if MY heart would burst!
It is times like this that make me know I am suppose to be doing this!!!

"Oh Mikiye...
Last night the package arrived. The piece is beyond my expectations. If the wedding was clothing optional, this hair piece would seriously be the only thing that a bride would need.

The work is so intricate, so detailed. And I'm floored with the amount of craftsmanship--couture quality ladies!!! This will definitely be cherished forever and will hopefully be passed on as a heirloom piece.

Thank you for being so patient, passionate, and for contributing joy to our little wedding. I adore it!

Hugs from across the bay,


my cheeks hurt from smiling SO hard!

I am SO blessed to have such wonderful clients!
Thank You.

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