Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phew! I needed a little break!!!

I decided to take a quick break and post!!!
Ha! ha! HA!
As you can see I have been VERY BUSY thus the lack of posts.
I know, I just posted that I was going to post more...and then I go and not post for days!
I guess at the end of the day I am VERY pleased that I am BUSY.

The heat is still here and my apartment still feels like a sweltering sweat shop. OK. I have never been in a real sweat shop but I have seen them on television! I suppose I shouldn't make fun of terrible conditions like those...but seriously, it IS ridiculously HOT in my apartment!

I feel because of this heat my wheels are turning but I am not being very productive...never a good thing knowing I have a queue full of clients waiting for their designs.
So, I have been staying up until 4-5:00 in the morning working on pieces. It's cooler and I appear to be a lot more productive...or maybe I'm just delirious from exhaustion! LOL!!!
Just kidding everyone!

My expensive photo bulb popped so I couldn't take pictures for days! I am SO glad it shipped quickly! Man, What a difference a bulb makes!!!

Thought I'd at least take this opportunity to share some of the new pieces I have completed since my last post. I was feeling VERY ORGANIC GODDESS when I was making these.

Pictures are SO MUCH more fun!!!
Hope all is well for everyone out there!!!!

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Spa Therapy Works said...

WOW! These pieces and new pictures are amazing!!!! I wish I had a fancy place to go to so I could wear one... said...

Hubby and I agreed for our 5th anniversary, we are going to renew our vows (and do it up more formal than the county clerks office on his 10 day pass LOL) OMG I cant wait to have something by you in my hair! 3 years to go LOL :)

Mikiye Creations said...

Spa Therapy Works:
Thank YOU!!!!
I can TOTALLY make you a special Custom piece for that!!!

LaCouturier said...

wow!! your pieces are beautiful!! =)

please check out my blog at! thanks! =)