Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beaming with PRIDE!!!

I HAD TO SHARE this letter from my client Elaine that I just recently wrote the last post about her Earth Goddess piece we designed together.
I am SO PROUD of all the hard work I put into this design and to see how much she LOVES it makes me smile ear to ear!
It's not about people saying how great my work is (grant you who doesn't really enjoy a compliment now and then) But it is the true heart felt words that make me feel as if MY heart would burst!
It is times like this that make me know I am suppose to be doing this!!!

"Oh Mikiye...
Last night the package arrived. The piece is beyond my expectations. If the wedding was clothing optional, this hair piece would seriously be the only thing that a bride would need.

The work is so intricate, so detailed. And I'm floored with the amount of craftsmanship--couture quality ladies!!! This will definitely be cherished forever and will hopefully be passed on as a heirloom piece.

Thank you for being so patient, passionate, and for contributing joy to our little wedding. I adore it!

Hugs from across the bay,


my cheeks hurt from smiling SO hard!

I am SO blessed to have such wonderful clients!
Thank You.

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Beth said...


Your work is just beautiful!

Spa Therapy Works said...

That's wonderful! You SHOULD be proud!!