Thursday, June 26, 2008

Greenware Design

I have lived in my current apartment for a few years by now and realized only recently this is THE FIRST place I haven't had plants! I have ALWAYS had something green in my living space since I haven't had a yard. In my San Francisco apartment there was a big planter on my fire escape that all my flowers grew sideways due to the wind! LOL! But it WAS PRETTY! I think I still had plants inside too.
So, speaking of plants I came across Greenware Design. I LOVE succulents! They are hearty AND pretty! I had several in my windows in SF. These are SOOO Wonderful aren't they?!

"Handcrafted ceramic planter made from Loafer's Glory clay, then glazed a butter cream. Filled with an assortment of succulents, nestled in a bed of moss.

Greenware is easy to care for...just keep in a warm sunny spot and water sparingly. Care instructions included along with a chopstick to test moisture level.

Approx. 4 inches in diameter."

I think getting one of these will REALLY make me happy. I honestly think this is what has been lacking in my current apartment. I have my eye on THIS ONE!

These are so well put together and I love the individually hand made planters.
These are also perfect gifts for someone that might not have the greenest thumb because they are very hearty plants that are low maintenance.
Check out their Etsy shop Greenware Design

*all photos courtesy of greenware design

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

HOT....I'm melting.......

One of the reasons I haven't posted is because I have been miserable trying to keep cool these several sweltering days.
I literally just ran a cool bath, laid in there, dunked my head and sat in there to cool off. Of course within 5 minutes of being out I am uncomfortably hot again.
Last Summer I had REALLY BAD Eczema because of the heat.
So, I am TRYING to prevent that from happening this time around.
My Costco air conditioner that thinks it can (like the kids story about the train that could) barely does anything. I think I referred to it like imagining a cup of hot water being poured in the Arctic ocean to warm it up!
I am THANKFUL that I have it though!
My poor cat has been pretty much passed out on the tile by my front door for days!
I bet he's MUCH COOLER down there!

Don't fret everyone!
I have been working on your custom pieces!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I have been BUSY working on all my CUSTOM requests!
I like being busy and it is SUCH A TREAT for me to be making something for that SPECIAL DAY for a Bride. It's REALLY quite awesome when I think about it. After all, it is HER day! The day that will live forever! To be able to contribute to being a part of that experience is REALLY something that I am blessed for.
I STILL get tickled after all these years seeing my work on my clients. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a little pleasure from being appreciated for all you hard work?

On another note:
I just want to THANK ALL OF YOU out there that have been SO SUPPORTIVE with my BE issue. It really makes my day when I get positive e-mails from you recognizing the genuine hard work and effort I make to create unique HIGH QUALITY original to ME designs.
I admit that I do give a smirk when you also tell me that their designs don't even hold a candle next to mine...
I just want to say THANK YOU.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birdcage Veil

Been crazy busy with it being smack in the middle of wedding season!
I also have been trying to get more pictures with the pieces on a person since I have customers wondering what they look like on.
Dun. DUN. DUN!
So, I was telling a friend that I have had some veils just sitting on my table for months now and haven't listed them because simply put, they look terrible FLAT. If it doesn't do a thing for me to look at I'd rather NOT post it. My other friend that has allowed me to use her to model didn't want me to show her face so the veils were out!, I HAD to do it. I am SO self conscious since the medication I have been taking has made my face REALLY swollen and puffy. I tried creative angles to minimize.
Don't laugh but here are a few pics of my Birdcage veil with one of my flowers.

I don't have these up yet in my shop...but as usual you get a sneak peak.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blast From the Past!!!!

Ankle corsages!!!!
For those of you that didn't know me in 2002 you are saying,"WHAT??"

This just makes me GIDDY!!!!
I was doing some cleaning and reorganizing when I found some of my early designs from 2002 Spring and Fall collections!

I was moving...working...and I remember for a moment I stopped making these...I bet that's what happened and when I got back to my jewelry and accessories I had already started making something else! I think I just forgot I even had these...LOL.
How much FUN are these?!
I REMEMBER how I JUST LOVED wearing all these colorful flower combinations!
Many of you that shopped from me back in the day probably remember these!
I found an old photo of my ankle corsages...REMEMBER THOSE??!!!

Oh My goodness...these were what put me on the map!
I got written up in W Magazine for these!

I just think these are TOO CUTE to let sit in a box so I think I'm going to doctor them up and see what happens! I already cut off the ribbon and attached clips to a few for the hair.
What do you think?

Remember how in another post I referred to how designers grow and change?
Well, I think this is a GREAT example of how you can see the development from my early work to my current pieces.
Everything still has the Mikiye Creations flair and sparkle but I think you would agree that my new designs definitely have a sophistication that my originals had yet to find.
Although, the early work clearly displays a sheer playfulness and cheer that cannot be denied and is truly timeless!!!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Feeling better...sorta....

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!
I am feeling better...well, nothing a few good night's sleep and EmergenC can't help!

I know...I know I have said that I am going to try and be above it...but HONESTLY, this is getting RIDICULOUS!
ALL of you that have been following my work from years ago...or even as of this year know the kind of designs that make a TRUE Mikiye Creation. Sure, sure, we have slightly touched on the copycat issue...OK. more then I would like in MY case...BUT this is SO PERSONAL now YOU HAVE to take a LOOK!
It's LIKE LOOKING AT A LOW QUALITY VERSION OF PIECES FROM MY SHOP...OK. "SIMILAR" Pieces from my shop...since that's how THEY put it.
Honestly, as I have said before, if they had been designing similar items from the get go I would understand....BUT, since they never made items like this BEFORE ME, and NEVER carried designs like this in their shop BEFORE ME and seem to post NEW items SIMILAR to MINE AFTER ME...kinda lends one to believe UM...COPYING MUCH??!!!!
I know, I sound a bit immature which I know simply comes from my built up frustration.
I have to remember, as another designer said to me, "...we take A LOT OF TIME and make a lot of effort to create these pieces and designs of OURS." It is frustrating to think how much of ourselves we put into these pieces to merely see someone else steal the ideas and post them in their shops. Sure I have stated everything has been done, but when we as designers post a new design for sale, nothing sickens me more then to see something very similar post within hours or a few days from these copycat shops!
I guess I have to remember that "I KNOW" that I am genuine and create fantastic designs and do not KNOCK OFF other designers...and "THEY KNOW" they are merely copying other peoples designs...and are nothing but people that steal and prey off the hard work of others.
I know I sound very harsh but seriously, take a look at my personal problem/thorn in my side shop and you will be SHOCKED at the merchandise in their shop in comparison to mine. Especially if you are familiar with them and remember that they NEVER CARRIED ANY OF THIS NEW STUFF IN THEIR SHOP PRIOR TO ME carrying these floral designs.
Yeah, I'm SO FRUSTRATED that I could...I! (that's kinda gross)
I wish they would just go away.

A few items here and there would be bad enough...but, I'm just sick and tired...too much, and too many knock off pieces. I mean, literally, I have had at least 5 peers and 9 customers tell me (within the last few months) in one way or another about this sudden "similarity" happening in their shop and how their merchandise looks like they are "knocking you off" is what the majority of them said to me.
If this many people have said something to's NOT IN MY HEAD.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Working with Denial

So I have been called in to Access since Friday and have been in TOTAL denial that I am fighting something! LOL! I keep telling myself it's MY ALLERGIES! One of my clients came to me I think Thursday? She ended up getting REALLY sick over the weekend...I think SHE gave me whatever she and her Boyfriend had! Something is definitely going around. Tony is getting over being sick. He lost his voice for a moment! Man, being on the Universal lot yesterday was FREAKY unbelievable. I was standing where it all happened and to see it on t.v. is TOTALLY different then being at ground zero. It REALLY LOOKED TERRIBLE! The charred remains and rubble of the aids said they expected Will Smith to jump out from DID look like a MOVIE after some devastating fire or war scene! A lone fireman was still going through the smoldering debris and breaking through stuff and watering it down. It was PRETTY BAD.

This morning I had to drive 2 hours to be at location by 8:45. When you're feeling not at your best...6:00 a.m. is NOT FUN! Ok. The BF drove I got lucky and didn't actually have to DRIVE.
I have been drinking EmergenC every day so That helps. Very sweet young woman. I don't think I'm suppose to talk about this stuff? So I won't mention names just in case.
HUGE house though. :P
She's so happy and had been through SO MUCH!

So, this is what I have been up to the last several days so sorry for the lack of posts.
I think I'm off to bed again.
I know I am REALLY not feeling well when I actually think to take NyQuil.
I RARELY take that stuff!

Nite! Nite!

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