Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blast From the Past!!!!

Ankle corsages!!!!
For those of you that didn't know me in 2002 you are saying,"WHAT??"

This just makes me GIDDY!!!!
I was doing some cleaning and reorganizing when I found some of my early designs from 2002 Spring and Fall collections!

I was moving...working...and I remember for a moment I stopped making these...I bet that's what happened and when I got back to my jewelry and accessories I had already started making something else! I think I just forgot I even had these...LOL.
How much FUN are these?!
I REMEMBER how I JUST LOVED wearing all these colorful flower combinations!
Many of you that shopped from me back in the day probably remember these!
I found an old photo of my ankle corsages...REMEMBER THOSE??!!!

Oh My goodness...these were what put me on the map!
I got written up in W Magazine for these!

I just think these are TOO CUTE to let sit in a box so I think I'm going to doctor them up and see what happens! I already cut off the ribbon and attached clips to a few for the hair.
What do you think?

Remember how in another post I referred to how designers grow and change?
Well, I think this is a GREAT example of how you can see the development from my early work to my current pieces.
Everything still has the Mikiye Creations flair and sparkle but I think you would agree that my new designs definitely have a sophistication that my originals had yet to find.
Although, the early work clearly displays a sheer playfulness and cheer that cannot be denied and is truly timeless!!!

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June Shin said...

I like those. I know what you mean about growing and changing as a designer. I haven't been making jewelry that long, but my early stuff is so different from my new pieces.

elponk said...

very cute for summer..and on ankles even better..
oh, thanks for the comments.

Tamera Daun said...

Polish them up! You know how old trends come back time and time again. Why not?!!

PamperingBeki said...

I so think you should list some of those again!

Anonymous said...
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