Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I Want Now! MarKhed Design

I actually don't wear very much jewelry...which is ironic since I make the stuff!
But every now and then I find a designer that makes me WANT to WEAR it!
MarKhed Designs is ABSOLUTELY something every sassy gal should have!
Marie, the designer and creator, knows exactly what is the perfect edgy and totally sexy must have accessory.
She certainly has many fabulous designs in her shop to choose from. I'm  pretty sure it will be near impossible to not find what's perfect for you! My guess, more then likely you'll find several pieces that will fit that bill!
I admire the fact that she takes pride in using as little machine made components as possible.
What you see is what she ACTUALLY made.
Here are a few of my favorites!
This piece is screaming "WEAR ME" every time I see it!
So Sexy!
*hint hint*
My birthday is in a few months!

Sexy Sterling Silver Pinup Girl Necklace

Seriously, if it was up to me I would list the entire shop here.
I absolutely recommend you clicking over and checking out her shop!
Fabulous gift ideas that you won't find anywhere else!

Here are more great places to see what she's up to:

*photos Courtesy of MarKhed

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Etsy Twitter Team Getting Ready For St. Patrick's Day!

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner!
What other time of the year can you have so much fun wearing GREEN with the option of at least saying you're going to pinch someone?! (I suppose now days it's not PC to actually do the pinching literally)
Can I just say I was so excited finding SO MANY awesome things for March 17th!

Crocheted Scarf with pocket in Spring Green

by Jenco13

Kiss Me Im Irish - Scrabble Tile Pendant

by prettywhimsical 

Emerald cover No. 3

by Butterflyalley
...I figured eggs need a little love and style too!

Carey earrings 

by anapinatalier

Shamrocks on Green Grosgrain Ribbon

by scrapwithstyle
by MommaGoddess 

Ruffles Ruffles Ring

by DorsetHillBeads

I could go on and on with the terrific finds so much so that I will be continuing this theme next week! Besides, all of these are stylish and fabulous to wear all year round!
...well, and I just LOVE Green!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

5 Wedding Food Trends For 2011

Look what I found over at
What's New In Wedding Food 

I love the idea of little mini items...yeah, I KNOW I like the "cute" aspect of it!
The article by Kori Ellis has the 5 wedding food trends that are popular right now for  2011.
One is opting for pie instead of the traditional cake!
Mmmmm who doesn't like fresh baked pie!
Check out the rest of her article for what else is hot in Wedding food trends!
*Photo courtesy of

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SHOP OF THE WEEK: Faerytalewings

SOTW -- Faerytalewings

Pink Blossoms
Our shop of the week features a match made in Heaven: Lydia and Curtis Kinsey! Lydia is the artist who keeps a shop full of colorful designs to delight young and old alike and also some thoughtfully lovely pen-and-ink sketches. Curtis does some art, but is mainly the background support structure who handles the business end (and also can take a lot of the credit for our ETT website!)

Lydia's designs are very recognizeable. She often uses a softer palette and doesn't draw in an over-complicated manner. From her haunting Undine to her I-can-almost-smell-it Hot Chocolate Cocoa and Marshmallows, her body of work offers something for virtually everyone. Got an idea that you'd love? Just ask! Lydia is open to personalizing a work for you!

"Because we live in Florida," Lydia says "the landscape and weather influences the painting. Take for example Ripe Lemon Yellow Seascape"--it is basically a Gulf Coast sunset!

Lydia has had several inspirational events and people in her life. She was fortunate to travel to Italy at the impressionable age of 14. She was further inspired by Elaine Dubin, her painting instructor for several years. Sticking to her own style, she also admires artist Frank Frazetta for his bold colors and sculptural men and women. Says Lydia, "No little stick ladies!"

Feeling strongly about art, Lydia would put her money to good use if she had $1 million and had to give away every penny. She would donate it to "small school arts programs, beause politicians will never, ever, ever understand the importance or need for art in the curriculum."

The following piece by Lydia is an ACEO: "Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as modern baseball cards" as defined by wikipedia.
Antionette Peony ACEO
Faerytalewings is offering
Use the code ETTSOTW for
15% off all items in the Etsy Shop
Etsy Shop:
Blog/Portfolio: (not a blog right now, but will point to a portfolio website very soon, with coming attractions!)

Written by Judy of WellspringCreations

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Swarovski Crystal Flowers

Sorry for the infrequent posts again.
Unfortunately, my health has made it a challenge to get anything done.
The good things I feel well enough to make a short post and share some of the new items I have been listing in my shop.
As I stated before my Spring collection has A LOT of COLOR.

I also have some items in mind for Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor.
(Since I was "told" by several of you that I "needed" to offer more then fancy Bride pieces) know who you are!
Here are some really pretty new crystal flower pieces I have in my shop!

I must confess that they are SO MUCH prettier in person!
Some of them just photograph looking "flat" but have so much sparkle in person.
I actually wore a clear crystal one that I made for myself the other day when I went out...I literally sold it off my head! I was totally surprised but I think because it looks so much prettier when you see the light hit it during movement...WAY better then a static photo.
Anyway, here are a few new pieces already available in my shop!

Swarovski Pacific Opal Flower

I'm adding several more colors to my shop.
The great thing is that I literally can make flowers from any color that Swarovski makes so it's perfect for the entire Bridesmaid party. Plus, these are wonderful to wear any time for anything so they make an over all pretty gift. 
Several people were telling me these will make great accessories for Prom and Quinceaneras. 

I'll be sharing more new items when my health and time allows so keep checking back!

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