Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Swarovski Crystal Flowers

Sorry for the infrequent posts again.
Unfortunately, my health has made it a challenge to get anything done.
The good things I feel well enough to make a short post and share some of the new items I have been listing in my shop.
As I stated before my Spring collection has A LOT of COLOR.

I also have some items in mind for Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor.
(Since I was "told" by several of you that I "needed" to offer more then fancy Bride pieces)
...you know who you are!
Here are some really pretty new crystal flower pieces I have in my shop!

I must confess that they are SO MUCH prettier in person!
Some of them just photograph looking "flat" but have so much sparkle in person.
I actually wore a clear crystal one that I made for myself the other day when I went out...I literally sold it off my head! I was totally surprised but I think because it looks so much prettier when you see the light hit it during movement...WAY better then a static photo.
Anyway, here are a few new pieces already available in my shop!

Swarovski Pacific Opal Flower

I'm adding several more colors to my shop.
The great thing is that I literally can make flowers from any color that Swarovski makes so it's perfect for the entire Bridesmaid party. Plus, these are wonderful to wear any time for anything so they make an over all pretty gift. 
Several people were telling me these will make great accessories for Prom and Quinceaneras. 

I'll be sharing more new items when my health and time allows so keep checking back!

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