Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beautiful Pieces Piling Up!!!

It's been MONTHS that I have pieces just piling up and sitting here waiting to be seen!
There just isn't enough time in the day sometimes.
Well, at least it feels that way.
I've been busy with custom pieces (which I am SO thankful for) and just haven't had the time to take the pictures and prep the already completed pieces...and now I realize over the last 6+ months they are piling up!
I think what happens is I start these pieces in between the custom orders and before I know it I have several not quite finished pieces all around me.
It's frustrating since I have been only renewing A LOT of products in my Etsy shop instead of listing more new pieces.
Certainly client orders come first and that brings me around in my circle again!
I thought I could at least share a few pics of items not listed yet...a fun sneak peek!

These are a part of my Cherub Flower Collection. I actually made like 6 different variations. REALLY BEAUTIFUL in person.

This is a part of my Natural Beauties Collection.

I have several variations and colors of these vintage inspired necklaces. I LOVE them!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...any recommendations?

I have been having a lot of pain in my right hand over the last 5 months...My Mom thinks I am getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I HOPE NOT! She got it from years of typing.
I do work for hours on end on my pieces and then follow up more on the computer.
It's been all the computer work that I think has me aching. I'm investing in another mouse too. I currently have the one that allows you to use your thumb on the ball to move the mouse instead of moving the mouse with your entire hand...(I was getting really bad shoulder pain from that one)However, now I have pain in the muscle where my thumb meets my hand.

Unfortunately I never learned how to type so I don't think I can get the ergonomically correct key boards since I have to see the keys.
Otherwise I would save for one of those too.

I need to get the wrist guard band things...any recommendations?

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Change is hard...

Well, I am happy to say that I am finally feeling well today.
It's been a tough couple of weeks...of ups and downs.
Been REALLY tired because of it all.

So, I decided to update my blog and change the colors to what I had in my head. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this color scheme and am sad to change it but I am thinking with the direction my designs are going in I need to.
Well...I couldn't figure out how to get the colors I REALLY wanted since they weren't offered in the pre made color chart...and THEN I accidentally erased the current colors and literally spent the last couple hours trying to get the site back to what it originally looked like!
I am such a goof!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Being Sick is NO fun

...*sniffle snort*
Ugh...being sick is NO FUN!!!!
I have been "fighting" something for over 3 weeks and then last week it finally HIT me!
The medications I have been on for the last 8 months compromise my immune system so I am pretty happy I held it off for that long! Especially being around someone hacking for the first 3 weeks!!!
Yeah, it's THAT time of the year! I mean, last week we had an 80 degree day and now it's pouring rain and 55 degrees! I don't do well in extreme weather as it is!
(I'm a wimp)
But with the ailments I have right now I am wondering if the cold is effecting my leg and feet condition?
Anyway, THANK YOU to all the patient clients waiting for their custom pieces!!!!!
*random thought* "I'm not really a fan of Ny Quil"

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...what a difference!

I always try to break up my time to keep my hands from cramping and my mind from going crazy...(just kidding) and I wanted to share a few pictures.
I know the benefit of excellent photographs for selling any merchandise. I emphasize this to anyone interested in selling ANYTHING via internet. Throughout the years I have gone by the mere "practice makes perfect" theory and even though I am far from "perfect" I certainly can see an improvement.
Here are some old and new shots...and the old shots were actually new shots at the time!

...what a difference huh?!!!

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Monday, December 1, 2008


As you all know I am IN LOVE with the art of Lampwork beads.
I have been watching and drooling over this husband and wife team's work for quite a while and feel overwhelmed not to share their GORGEOUS pieces!
I am talking about Dancing Star.
I can't even begin to explain the unique delicious designs...I'll just have to show you a few of my favorites!

Dancing Star Beads Bollywood Focal Ivory

Dancing Star Beads Focal Sea Pod

I have always LOVED anything organic and rich with color.
I'm in LOVE!
The detail and quality craftsmanship cannot be denied when you look at their work.
Like little GEMS and Treasure that could be found in a fantasy Ocean!
Dancing Star Beads Bollywood Focal Lagoon

They also have very unique designs like this one in a star shape. I imagine creating such a shape might be difficult in lamp work?
The edges look like rippling waves in the ocean.
Dancing Star Beads Big Hole Star Shaped Slider

I think my MOST favorite piece are these fantastical little fish like pieces:
Dancing Star Beads Focal Dragon Pod Eingana

I can't tell you how much I want this orange piece! *hint hint*
Seriously, I just love it! I have NO IDEA what to do with it but am thrilled just thinking about thinking about it!
There are SO MANY truly unique pieces that I could literally share pages of pictures!!!
I HIGHLY recommend to stop by and take a look for yourself.
Imagine the AMAZING jewelry your can create with these GORGEOUS pieces.

***All photographs courtesy of Dancing Star

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...the color challenge...

...being the NOT computer savvy person that I am I am challenged with the fact that my old monitor recently died and since I have had to purchase a new one the old video card is not compatible with the new monitor. Which to me only says, "...all the colors that you currently see on your monitor are totally wonky and don't even think about trying to color correct them and expect something even close to the real thing!"
...this is not a good time...
How on earth am I suppose to list things when I can't even make sure the color is right?!
...I have to figure out what to do.
...constantly dealing with my health isn't helping!

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Friday, November 28, 2008



Today through midnight November 30th take 15% OFF ALL "JEWELRY" IN MY SHOP!!!!
(remember that all jewelry is already 20-40%OFF RETAIL)
Convo me with everything you want and I will RESERVE the items for you with the discount for you to purchase!!!!!

Sale does not apply to Hair accessories.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There are certain moments that make me feel SO proud and accomplished. I admit, with all the hard work I put in to each piece it is with utter most pride that I share this little note with you from a client that just received her custom design in the mail.

"My mother at first was a little hesitant in the idea of not actually being able to see it before purchasing, but after explaining to her how you made exactly what i wanted through e-mails she seemed ok with it. But now that she's seen it, she's telling me to consider making it a heirloom piece to pass on from generation to generation =)"

It still makes me hold my breath for a moment every time I get a note like this from my clients. I get SO involved in work and making each and every piece within the time frame promised and I have to stop and say, "thank you" to all the wonderful people that cherish my pieces enough to deem them heirlooms for generations to come!
It gives me goosebumps!

Much blessings to you all!
...and CONGRATULATIONS Vicky!!!!!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Bathlife Holiday Editions

I am revisiting some favorites for the Holidays!
I wanted to share some very high quality and very affordable new addiitions from

"At BathLife™ we make true soap using the centuries old cold process technique. Then we punch it up with modern fragrance infusions and rich, creamy butters & oils.

Every bar not only cleans your body, but drenches your skin with moisture-rich shea butter, sweet almond oil, and naturally occurring glycerin."

One of my Favorite new Holiday addition soap bars is this one:
Reindeer Fur (tm)

Fragrance: Reindeer Fur™
Description: Santa's reindeer do *not* smell like cattle. They smell just like fresh cinnamon cookies, figgy pudding, jingle bells, and candy canes. It's true!
As if the name isn't cheeky enough!

How in THE SEASON does looking at this bar make you feel?!!!
I just want to eat a Candy Cane!
Think Snow (tm)

Fragrance: Think Snow™
Description: Red, ripe cranberries layered on top of fresh peppermint. A new holiday favorite.

If the Holiday fragrances is not what you might be looking for there are SO MANY more great choices in her shop!
I had to giggle when I came across this bar and quite frankly I think I might really enjoy this!
Locals Only (tm) Handmade Bath Soap with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Double Size Bar.

Fragrance: Locals Only™
Description: Hangin' with your crew talking stories about your killer cutback and the kook howlie that dropped in on your epic wave. Dude brah, it's a raging blend of mandarin, mango, guava, and a hint of clove.
I love the humor she uses in her descriptions!
Great products and a touch of Fun!

If something small and sweet for a stocking stuffer is of interest then you MUST check out her Lip Balms!
How YUMMY does this sound?!
Red Licorice Creamy Shea Butter Lip Balm. Always Handmade From Scratch. Never A Pre-Made Base.

All my Gal Pals Loved these last year!
Plus, I always have one in my purse...lovely!
So many fabulous products to share but I think you will enjoy perusing her shop even better!!!!
I highly recommend picking up some BathLife™ For the Holidays!
Most importantly, I know she personally makes everything and takes great time and effort to make high quality products at an affordable price.
Mrs. Bath is SUCH a friendly and wonderful lady!
You won't be disappointed.

All photos courtesy of Bathlife

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Cutie Baby Girl holding a little dog in Midori green and Amethyst color

Welcome to YuYu Art!
I was browsing around a while back and found these TOTALLY ADORABLE Dolls!
There was something different about these and the more I saw the more I just had to Blog about Yuyu's shop!
Sure, sure, I get sucked up into the "cuteness" of these but what really drew me to them was the unique designs, color palettes and most of all, craftsmanship.
Her keen sense of color most likely comes from her Fine Arts background.(hee hee, that's where I like to think I got it from too)
...and you all know how I LOVE color!

Here is a quote from her profile that I believe sums it up:
"Color, image, and hope— much hope. When I was a child, I wanted to avoid a life of hard physical toil. I always wished that I could play freely, so I have created dolls playing with flowers and bugs. I also have created dolls holding pleasure toys, like teddy bears and little bunnies—the toys I always wanted to have when I was a poor child. Making these dolls truly fulfills my childhood dreams.
Through my dolls, I want people to re-experience the joy they had in childhood. I also want my dolls to remind people to be young at heart—to see the world anew. Be bright. Be shiny."

I think you can really see the love that she puts into each and every piece. They are SO well made and I personally am in LOVE with the dolls holding the little toys!
I think these will make SUCH Wonderful gifts for the holidays!
I TOTALLY recommend everyone checking out her shop because there are SO MANY MORE cute items to see!!!!

Cutie Baby Girl holding a little panda in aubergine and celerytop pine color!
Pink and Orange is one of my FAVORITE color combinations! How much do you love this Doll?!!!

Cutie Baby Girl holding a little bunny in rock melon and wattle color

Photographs courtesy of YuYuArt.

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Between being sick, my monitor dying, not being able to use my computer and now my hard drive possibly having erased itself...HOLY COW!
...which is the main reasons I haven't been seen here is a while!
Everyone please cross your fingers for me...literally all my pictures, documents and who knows what else are on this NEW external hard drive!!!!
Good Grief, gotta love technology...BUT, when it goes bad, IT GOES BAD!!!!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Inspired by my last post about realistic synthetic flowers...

This is such a "fun" flower to wear because all the little petals shimmy and shake every time you move. This is such a high quality piece...even I AM AMAZED at how realistic it looks!!!!

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Beauty by Nature????

I am always trying to accommodate my clients and with this said I am constantly getting requests for smaller realistic flowers.
Finally, I have some!
These range from 3-3 1/2 inches wide.
The trick is to maintain the aesthetics of proportion when I basically remake these pieces. It definitely is practice makes perfect. I find they are very time consuming to make but I think it's definitely worth the extra effort.
All of these can be found in my Etsy shop for now...they sell QUICKLY!
I LOVE these!!!
I mean, all the beauty of a REAL natural flower without the worries of it wilting or turning brown!
Feminine Delight


Beautiful Gardenia



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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Look What I Found?!

This is one of those things that just make me giggle with delight when I find someone writing about my designs!
I just came across an enjoyable read! mindless musings on my average life She's a First Grade teacher, Grad student at night and bakes a mean delicious looking cupcake!!!!
Of course she is planning a 2009 wedding to her perfect man and I think this is where my designs popped into one of her many planning/shopping posts!
wedding hair/cool etsy shop

I also LOVE the pictures of her cute little students and their projects!
Very fun!!!!!
You ALL know how I have teachers on my HIGH Pedestal!
Teachers help nurture all children's futures!
Check out her blog!
Thanks Ms.Mindless!!!!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Something Else I MUST Have" Wedding Bee Blog Post

How AWESOME is this?!

One of my favorite Wedding Blogs "Weddingbee" just posted several pictures of my pieces with a nice little title:
"Something Else I MUST Have"

Much Thanks to Miss Lemonade that posted this wonderful shout out to my designs! I am thrilled to find someone enjoys my work enough to write about it! As always I am deeply appreciative.

Thank You also to everyone else that posted a comment that I had the privilege to serve and create beautiful pieces for!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog Article on: The Under $2000 Wedding

I just wanted to share the fantastic article showcasing some of my floral designs!

I invite any bride to be to check out the blog
The Under $2000 Wedding.
A great read for anyone planning on getting married!
Tons of tips on everything surrounding getting married.

Here is my article:
A Must do for Your Hair Do!

Thanks Maya!!!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Feathers! Feathers! Feathers!

I have been working on several custom feather pieces lately and wanted to share a few with you.
The challenge is I am still learning as I go and it's A LOT Of trial and error! LOL!
I recently had a client request a set of feathers pieces and it literally took me over 6 pieces and MANY HOURS... to get it right! I can say I was working on the prototypes over 2 weeks! BUT, I LOVE the final design. Which is this set here:

One of the first things I do is find GOOD QUALITY "white" feathers. Believe it or not, high quality "white" feathers are NOT as easy to come by. Many are damaged during the bleaching and cleaning process and become tattered and shredded on the edges. Next, I then try to make sure I cut the feathers all evenly so I can get the diameter that the customer is requesting. I still have a hard time with this for some these: Coy Kitten set
When I was originally creating this (Coy Kitten) design I made 5 pieces before I actually listed one. The cone shape was difficult for me to maintain a perfectly round shape and not allow it to get too big...of course my clients wanted something around 3-4" in diameter. ...and these wanted to open up to more like 5-6 when I was first making them!

The greatest part about working on new things is when you stumble onto something wonderful. This is where the next two designs came from. I was still working on a specific shape for another client and through simple trial and error of creating different shapes to see how they looked I began the designs for these:
White Starlet
White Lotus

Well, I just wanted to make a short post to let you know I haven't forgotten you all!!!
I REALLY am trying to post more often!
...It's a work in progress too!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hair Care!!!!

I know...a bit sparse on the posts....well, I just had to share my fantastic find!!!!
You all know how I have the "sensitive" everything and of course that includes my scalp! So, with that said I have ALWAYS been on the look out for hair care. Through out the years I have been allergic to MANY shampoos and conditioners. Let's just say there was a point that I literally had 5 bottles of shampoos and conditioners sitting on the counter that I couldn't use! ...made my scalp ITCH!!!
So, I started looking at the alternative "natural" and "hand made" route.
In my opinion shampoo bars are a fabulous idea and my guy friends love them! I unfortunately am left with an oily scalp and filmy hair...and I have tried several.
Ever since I moved in to my current apartment I started to have dandruff...the water is TERRIBLE! I came across Joyful Girl Naturals fantastic shop! I highly recommend taking a look to see all the wonderful products she makes! I have since purchased several bottles of

SLS Free Shampoo Dandruff Control

I have to confess within a few shampoos I literally no longer had itchy flaky scalp!!! Seriously, I tried A LOT of "dandruff" shampoos and NONE of them helped until I found this one! Plus, I have some processed hair and this didn't dry me out or make my color run. Anyone with a sensitive scalp that suffers from dandruff I TOTALLY RECOMMEND to use this product!!!! Before the end of the bottle you'll forget you ever had dandruff!

Now that I had my scalp in order I was looking for new conditioner and I found
Swan Mountain Soaps.
I decided to try Calming Creme Rinse for Hair - Pineapple Crush scent It was a gamble for me to try something with scent but I decided to try it! The scent was delicious but not too strong. My hair was SILKY smooth and NO greasy feeling by the end of the day! I didn't currently see this scent in her shop but I am sure if you convo her she can make one of these scents for you! It smells WONDERFUL!!!
Finally, after using the Joyful Girl shampoo for a while I was looking for something else to use as an alternative since I was no longer suffering from dandruff. Certainly I will still use my Joyful Girl shampoo every few weeks to keep my scalp in check since I still live with the hard water...but LOOK AT THIS!
Gudonya Too
Amazing products! I HAD to try

Gudonya Salty DAWG Creme Shampoo (tm)


Gudonya INTENSE Hair Conditioner (tm) - Tahitian Vanilla Scent

This shampoo is like nothing I have EVER used before! They use Natural Sea Salt! It's a bit different when you first squeeze it in to your hand but I LOVE the wonderful scent and the lather is magnificent! Best of all was MY scalp felt CLEAN and my hair was shiny and my scalp didn't get greasy at all!!!! Just a small amount will lather and clean my thick long hair! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE This product and HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to try it!!!!
I was also just as pleased with the conditioner. It has a wonderful clean scent! My hair felt so amazingly soft and silky and no greasy film! My scalp never got oily and my hair was tangle free.
The packaging is unique and the squeeze tube is easy to get the product out of.

All of the products I have written about today are products I use and VERY MUCH recommend you to try!
With the thousands of hair care products lining the shelves at every hair salon and beauty supply shop or section in your local shopping spots, I just wanted to offer my point of view on alternative products that I personally believe are far more superior to anything you will find at those locations!!! I have used these and if I get the results I have shared I know you will LOVE them TOO! Especially if you are sensitive like I am. I personally appreciate all the conversations I have had with ALL the vendors of the products I write about. Being a consumer that in the past has literally spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on beauty products I couldn't use with fancy promises and loaded with so many chemicals that I couldn't even pronounce them all it is refreshing for me to find such excellence in a "hand made" market!!!
ALL the vendors above have been SO helpful and open to sharing and understand my sensitive skin. Any of them I am sure would be open to helping you as well!
Even if you are lucky enough not to have sensitivity issues, ALL THE MORE I recommend trying the products I have written about! I think everyone will be delightfully surprised!

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Monday, September 8, 2008


It was either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week that my computer got the SCARIEST Trojan worm virus! It was THE BAD one! The one that literally will FRY your computer and leave you with an expensive paperweight kinda one! I couldn't figure out why my computer was acting up for the first 2 days...I had loaded the new FireFox browser and thought that was the reason. As anyone that knows me knows, I am NOT computer savvy AT ALL. I have really good security and I regularly run my scans...against adware, spyware and all that other garbage...then I decided to run an extra scan since my computer was acting up! Not knowing the severity I see a few things pop up and then call the BF to take a look and "fix" them. LOL!
He was NOT happy...and by the look of his face I knew it wasn't good.
However, I had NO IDEA just HOW BAD it REALLY was though.
I of course believing in his computer genious wasn't phased...then after 2 days I started to get Friday night when he had been up for many hours for days trying to fix my computer and saying,"...I REALLY don't think I can fix might lose everything....This is the most advanced virus I have EVER seen! This is impossible to remove..."
Yeah, I started to freak out.
Sure, I back up and save my info...but to be honest I don't do it enough and he does get after me about it.
The thought of this thing going through my files and eating them and erasing them was freaking me out!

Anyway, late Saturday afternoon he FINALLY comes to me and says," It's FIXED!!!"

That was SCARY!
I mean, my computer is old and idealy I would like to buy a new one at the end of the year or so...but to be forced in this way was NOT how I intended to get a new computer!

So, TO EVERYONE out there!
PLEASE back up your information JUST IN CASE...these aweful viruses can get in to your computer NO MATTER HOW HIGH your security is!
They are JUST THAT GOOD and it truly is the luck of the draw! I mean, I am the only one on my computer and I don't go to the "questionable" sights that I always thought were "the ones" that could infect your computer. He says these are so good that they can hide in a jpeg picture and when you click it to see it automatically gets into your computer just like THAT!
My number just randomly came up and it got on my computer!
I was lucky!
You KNOW I will be backing up my info much more regularly NOW!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Credit Card Fraud

Nothing like getting a call first thing in the morning yesterday about possible credit card fraud!
Apparently somehow someone got my ATM/Credit card info!
They had my pin number and everything!!!!
They totally took my rent money!!!!
Cleaned out my checking and were about to clean me out completely!!!!
Not that there was much to take but STILL!!!!!!
What JERKS!!!!
Thank goodness Citibank called me and asked if I was making withdraws from Vegas!!!!
Um, I was still in bed in California so...uh, NOT ME!!!!
They made 4 transactions from ATM's~!
I HOPE they all had cameras!!!!!
I feel SO violated!
So, now I have to WAIT and don't have my rent money to pay my Landlord!
Hopefully everything is suppose to get resolved within the next few weeks!
Apparently an0ther gentleman behind me in the bank just had the same thing happen to him and the person was sitting there in the parking lot receiving all his info from the actual ATM that they fitted with a special device that reads OUR card info and relays it to the thief!!! Luckily the Citibank ATM read that there was information being transferred after the machine read his card info and shut the ATM down so it wasn't able to send all HIS info to the thief!!! They get EVERYTHING! Your pin info, card number et cetera!
Know what?!
I used my Citibank ATM only days before this happened too!
I RARELY ever use an ATM!!!!

This is SUCH a drag!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

New Designs!!!!

Here are some new designs.
I have been swamped with Custom pieces lately.
By no means am I complaining!
I just wanted to share some pictures of some pieces that I had completed but never got to list or post.
I am going to try and list these soon!

Here is a beautiful little matching set. I just LOVE the little mint light green stamen mixed with the Swarovski crystals! I really adore a splash of color with all the white or ivory!

A while ago I Copyrighted this design which was why I hadn't listed it before. I just LOVE this mixture of the vintage inspired Brass leaves and wire work with Swarovski crystals and Freshwater pearls! So, if you see this anywhere else you KNOW I had it first!!!! And they better NOT or I have no problem seeking legal action! *cough cough* Copycat's and you know who you are!!!

I have been getting A LOT of requests for 2 piece sets so I started making a few. I had to Copyright all of these too! I really was surprised how much I adore these! This particular flower looks and feels like real petals and appears SO velvety silky looking. SO PRETTY! Of course I had to add my signature jeweled cluster swirl center! Oh yeah, and my personal feather or two!

This was originally an idea that was developed but eventually changed into something completely different that I was working on with a Bride. I liked the idea I had in my head so much that I decided to make one anyway with my own added style. I just loved the idea of adding hand made petals and creating new flowers like little buds on the side. This looks SO feminine and something I would wear!
Here is a piece similar to my Morning Mist piece. This one had the gold center verses Silver.

Well, break time is over and I am back to work!
I will be out all morning and afternoon tomorrow working a wedding. LOL!
I am doing makeup for a friend of a client of mine...her Bridesmaids and of course the Bride.
There will be NO staying up until 5:00 a.m. tonight! I have to be up at 5:00 to get ready to leave!!!
Hope all is well for everyone out there!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here are some photos with my designs in her hair.
The only problem I have is that when I was searching for mannequin heads I had looked at SO MANY I forgot to check the exact dimensions of this one before I purchased it...I was too busy looking for aesthetics! LOL! Unfortunately, this one is NOT life size and is only 21cm around.
Basically, I'm guessing the size of a 10-12 year old.
So, the flowers will look SMALLER on a real person.
I think this is still fine for display purposes and I make sure to put on ALL listings that have the mannequin head that it is not life size.

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I finally invested in a nice quality mannequin head and wig to use for my pictures.
Now I don't have to model!
Plus, I can now get pictures of side and back views EASILY!
I think the lighter hair works A LOT better then my naturally black hair too.
Many of the pieces were lost in my dark hair.
I definitely like the way the pieces look against this hair color.
I also LOVE the way the veil photographed too!
I am still working on getting her lit right but as everything it's a work in progress.
Here's a few new pics of my Birdcage veils.

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