Saturday, November 22, 2008


Cutie Baby Girl holding a little dog in Midori green and Amethyst color

Welcome to YuYu Art!
I was browsing around a while back and found these TOTALLY ADORABLE Dolls!
There was something different about these and the more I saw the more I just had to Blog about Yuyu's shop!
Sure, sure, I get sucked up into the "cuteness" of these but what really drew me to them was the unique designs, color palettes and most of all, craftsmanship.
Her keen sense of color most likely comes from her Fine Arts background.(hee hee, that's where I like to think I got it from too)
...and you all know how I LOVE color!

Here is a quote from her profile that I believe sums it up:
"Color, image, and hope— much hope. When I was a child, I wanted to avoid a life of hard physical toil. I always wished that I could play freely, so I have created dolls playing with flowers and bugs. I also have created dolls holding pleasure toys, like teddy bears and little bunnies—the toys I always wanted to have when I was a poor child. Making these dolls truly fulfills my childhood dreams.
Through my dolls, I want people to re-experience the joy they had in childhood. I also want my dolls to remind people to be young at heart—to see the world anew. Be bright. Be shiny."

I think you can really see the love that she puts into each and every piece. They are SO well made and I personally am in LOVE with the dolls holding the little toys!
I think these will make SUCH Wonderful gifts for the holidays!
I TOTALLY recommend everyone checking out her shop because there are SO MANY MORE cute items to see!!!!

Cutie Baby Girl holding a little panda in aubergine and celerytop pine color!
Pink and Orange is one of my FAVORITE color combinations! How much do you love this Doll?!!!

Cutie Baby Girl holding a little bunny in rock melon and wattle color

Photographs courtesy of YuYuArt.

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