Monday, November 24, 2008

Bathlife Holiday Editions

I am revisiting some favorites for the Holidays!
I wanted to share some very high quality and very affordable new addiitions from

"At BathLife™ we make true soap using the centuries old cold process technique. Then we punch it up with modern fragrance infusions and rich, creamy butters & oils.

Every bar not only cleans your body, but drenches your skin with moisture-rich shea butter, sweet almond oil, and naturally occurring glycerin."

One of my Favorite new Holiday addition soap bars is this one:
Reindeer Fur (tm)

Fragrance: Reindeer Fur™
Description: Santa's reindeer do *not* smell like cattle. They smell just like fresh cinnamon cookies, figgy pudding, jingle bells, and candy canes. It's true!
As if the name isn't cheeky enough!

How in THE SEASON does looking at this bar make you feel?!!!
I just want to eat a Candy Cane!
Think Snow (tm)

Fragrance: Think Snow™
Description: Red, ripe cranberries layered on top of fresh peppermint. A new holiday favorite.

If the Holiday fragrances is not what you might be looking for there are SO MANY more great choices in her shop!
I had to giggle when I came across this bar and quite frankly I think I might really enjoy this!
Locals Only (tm) Handmade Bath Soap with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Double Size Bar.

Fragrance: Locals Only™
Description: Hangin' with your crew talking stories about your killer cutback and the kook howlie that dropped in on your epic wave. Dude brah, it's a raging blend of mandarin, mango, guava, and a hint of clove.
I love the humor she uses in her descriptions!
Great products and a touch of Fun!

If something small and sweet for a stocking stuffer is of interest then you MUST check out her Lip Balms!
How YUMMY does this sound?!
Red Licorice Creamy Shea Butter Lip Balm. Always Handmade From Scratch. Never A Pre-Made Base.

All my Gal Pals Loved these last year!
Plus, I always have one in my purse...lovely!
So many fabulous products to share but I think you will enjoy perusing her shop even better!!!!
I highly recommend picking up some BathLife™ For the Holidays!
Most importantly, I know she personally makes everything and takes great time and effort to make high quality products at an affordable price.
Mrs. Bath is SUCH a friendly and wonderful lady!
You won't be disappointed.

All photos courtesy of Bathlife

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