Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am almost done with painting my livingroom. I think I have to go buy more paint! I had to put away all my supplies while this was going on since I normally have my area spread out in my livingroom. So, I haven't worked on anything in almost a week! I got rid of my table that I worked this should be interesting when I start up again. I've spent a little time drawing and sketching the past few days. Wow! Am I rusty! I hope to have some interesting pictures or illustrations to share with you in the near future!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'm sneaking in some time before I start painting again...I am painting my livingroom! I don't think I have ever painted any of the places that I have lived in before. I am going completely out on my box! RED! Yeah, I am painting it RED! Generally I want Pale Taupe, Pale Sage, Pale Yellow, variations of cream/white...LOL! I am excited! So, that's what will be keeping me busy for the next few days!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Supplies for sale

After taking to several people about all the supplies I had piling up in a box, I decided to put them up for sale on my Etsy site. I figured someone else is sure to make beautiful things with them! Plus, it's just a shame for the supplies to just sit
Most of the supplies are still in the bags I purchased them in!

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Work, work, work!

Been really busy lately so I haven't made an entry in a while. Well, minus the worst food poisoning I have ever experienced LAST week! OH! Did I become very friendly with my bathroom floor! My doctor was going to send me to the hospital but I promised to drink fluids!
Ah, but back to the fun stuff.
Been working on Access Hollywood again. It's fun and Shaun is really beautiful so it makes my job easy! LOL!

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Thursday, April 5, 2007


Here is another of my FAVORITE artists on ETSY!
(as always, these are people that I admire. I have no connection to them and get nothing for promoting them in my blog. I JUST LOVE to share talented artist work that I admire!)

girlvsworld is her contact name.
Everyone MUST check out her site! She is an amazing artist! I LOVE her sense of shape and color!
OH How I WANT ONE! (too bad all my money went to rent and bills this month!)
Great quality and a really reasonable price! If you like this picture you will LOVE the rest of her pieces! I listed her link below...PLEASE check it out!!!

This piece is called "In the MEADOW"

Here's a cute little pink-haired girl wandering about in a pop-art meadow...This print measures 11x14 inches and is printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper, which will last over 60 years without fading. It is unframed, but can be framed for an extra cost, email me for details.

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More of my new Casual bracelets

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Violet Passage

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Bohemian Nights

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Tropicana sets

Been busy working on some casual pieces of jewelry. I came across some beads that I have had for ever and never took the time to use! I figured that a lot of my jewelry is a little on the dressier side and I don't have very much that is more every I created the Tropicana sets. I love the way they look like nuts or beans! LOL! I created a few others with millefiore beads and Swarovski crystal. Powercord is one of my FAVORITE things to string beads on to make casual style bracelets. It's incredibly durable and I like to not have to mess with a clasp. Plus, I am one of those multiple strand kind of gals and this is great for that! All I could think about was running around on some tropical island in a sarong!. Ah, if only...

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Monday, April 2, 2007


As Always I love to share some of my FAVORITE ARTIST'S work.
This is an amazing photo...I wish I was THERE! Sometimes there are just photos that talk to me...this is one of them...I TRULY love it!
Check out Photocraft's site.
And YOU MUST look at his "fold and send" items...they are sooo cool!
8"x10" (20.3cm x 25.5cm). Printed on Ultra Premium Presentation paper with a matte finish.

This was taken in south east Oregon on the high desert.

This was shot on black & white negative film. However it was processed using an unusual technique which turns a black and white negative into an entirely new film: MONOTONE-CHROMES (positives, like slides). The sepia color is a part of the development process. No digital color manipulation was used. If you would like more information on the development process go to

For top quality professional prints I use an Epson printer and Epson Ultra Chrome pigment inks. You can be assured that you will receive a beautiful, high quality, archival, professional print.

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April Showers's the beginning of April.
Business is slow.
For Everyone!
I suppose it's the perfect time for using up some creative juices...yikes!
Have you done your taxes?!
I think between rent and one wants to spend any money right now.
It will pick up in always does.
...thank goodness!

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