Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tropicana sets

Been busy working on some casual pieces of jewelry. I came across some beads that I have had for ever and never took the time to use! I figured that a lot of my jewelry is a little on the dressier side and I don't have very much that is more every I created the Tropicana sets. I love the way they look like nuts or beans! LOL! I created a few others with millefiore beads and Swarovski crystal. Powercord is one of my FAVORITE things to string beads on to make casual style bracelets. It's incredibly durable and I like to not have to mess with a clasp. Plus, I am one of those multiple strand kind of gals and this is great for that! All I could think about was running around on some tropical island in a sarong!. Ah, if only...

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