Monday, February 15, 2010

New Old Pieces!

Ha! ha! Ha!
I just have to laugh since these are literally over a year old and I am listing them now!
As stated in a previous post I actually designed several of these in 2008 for the 20009 New Year AND then decided to create a few more intended to be Spring 2009!
Needless to say I FINALLY got these all copyrighted so I am going to list them for Spring 2010 collection!
So Crazy!
Still works though.
I actually stopped making feather pieces when I noticed at the time there were only MAYBE 4-5 people counting myself making bridal feather pieces on Etsy. Well, soon enough designs like mine and the other 4 of my peers were being knocked off like CRAZY! This is why I stopped listing them and decided to wait until I got the designs copyrighted. Over a year later there are TONS of vendors making feather bridal pieces.
Although, I still think mine stand out...not to be big headed, just meaning I don't make the SAME variations that it seems 70% of the vendors on Etsy are making. It bums me out though because the 3 that I remember standing out with THEIR original feather designs have been knocked off so much that I keep thinking I see their items ALL the time and realize it's just ANOTHER knock off of theirs.

So, since the original pictures were taken so long ago I needed to update and take NEW pictures of my pieces and thought I'd share a few.
These should pop up in my shop in the next month or two.

This is just a peek at the new "old" collection!
I have A LOT more so definitely check the shop! Updating pictures is such a chore but I want to keep everything fresh and coherent.

These images and designs are copyright protected by Mikiye Creations. Misuse of images and designs are strictly prohibited by law.

DESIGNS, text and images are copyright of Mikiye Creations and are not to be used without prior consent. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. KNOW I just had to type that in for fun!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

SHOP OF THE WEEK: GliztyEvents

Welcome to the Shop of the Week GlitzyEvents!

As one of my favorite invitation designers Glitzy Events specializes in customized wedding invitations. Beautiful quality, excellent design and superb customer service is what I have come to admire about the designer and creator Kimberly Williams!

Here's a little clip from her announcement:
"We are here to offer a creative and affordable alternative for your special day. Our Shop has a variety of pocketfold invitations in a multitude of colors, layered invitations customized to your specifications, coordinating menus, programs, and so much more!"

I think it is wonderful that you can get personal service which sometimes lacks when working with a huge chain company. With GlitzyEvents you can choose all paper colors, fonts, & text, and can also mix and match invitation styles. Coordinating pieces to complete the look and feel of the wedding are also available, i.e. menus, programs, placecards, unity candles, seating charts, & more!

Here are a few of my favorites!
The Ying Yang Layered Wedding Invitation

I love how PRETTY these are!
The Fresh 4x9 Tea Length Layered Wedding Invitation with Square Rhinestone Buckle Detail

For something more exotic and tropical this one os PERFECT! Ah, and yes, I LOVE ORANGE!
The Orchid 5x7 Pocketfold Wedding Invitation Orange Tangerine Yellowl

From February 8-14, GlitzyEvents is offer
Free shipping on all invitation samples
Just mention EtsyTwitter @ check-out for a refund on shipping,
or convo me ahead of time for an updated listing.

To learn more about Kim and her amazing shop please use these links:
twitter is
blog is

* All photos courtesy of GlitzyEvents

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Monday, February 8, 2010


Help the Etsy Wedding Team help the people of Haiti. We have 60+ items in our shop right now available for sale, and we would really appreciate our loyal readers help in our fundraising efforts. Every dollar that is earned from our team shop (less etsy & paypal transaction fees) will be donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief.

We have a variety of products available for sale from clothing & accessories, to tons of beautiful jewelry. All items have been graciously donated by Etsy Wedding Team members, and are all looking for new homes. If you have a moment, take a look see at our shop there are handmade goodies available for everyone!

Thank you for reading!

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Show Some Love

So there is still plenty of time to get yourself or your sweetheart a little something for Valentine"s Day.
...or I could even say here are ideas to hint to your Sweetheart that you want...

I'm always looking for interesting and unique products to share with you.
A little something different!

I just LOVE this illustration! It is SO CUTE!!!!
PRINT - Versigh is Kawaiif (this image is copyrighted by the artist so please do not copy without her consent)

How beautiful is this hand knitted scarf?!
Romantic Red Lace Shawl in Soft Merino Wool

Want something a little more edgy and still totally high quality and stylish? I think this necklace will be fabulous!
L O V E pendant necklace in fine silver

Such rich and tempting color. Obviously, I LOVE Flowers!!!!
...wish I wasn't allergic to so many of them! Something like this would be perfect for me!!!!
Vivid in Red - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph

I just have to say I think this is THE COOLEST thing! I know I have had MANY nights with cramps or a tummy ache and WISHED I had a hot water bottle and something like this resting warm and comfy on my tummy!
Love and Hugs - Hug a Hottie

Some PRETTY GREAT items huh?!
Definitely take a look at their shops because there are SO MANY more awesome things to see

*Photos courtesy of the shop owners.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Been a struggle for the last week so that's why no posts.
Sorry for the absence.

I just REALLY had to share the wonderful designs by my friend Lois Stifel who happens to be this week's Shop of the Week! One of our most active team members on the etsy twitter team, FoxyGknits, is a shop filled with lush rich colors, sumptuous textures and materials.
I just love this little quote from her greeting:

"...Foxy G. Knits run the gamut from simple ribbon scarves that can be tossed into a weekend bag to beautifully choreographed goddess shawls that can take you all the way to the red carpet!"

Just gotta take a look after reading that right?!
She also shares, "...For a long time, knitting was an avocation and not a vocation for me. While others expressed their creativity through cooking or gardening or painting, I was clicking away on my needles..."
I think you can definitely see the creativity and craftsmanship in her work. She REALLY has something for everyone! I like that she has various styles and price points to fit anyone's tastes and budget.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces!

As you all know I LOVE Orange...and I am IN LOVE with this scarf!!!!
Hand Knit Ladies Orange Fashion Scarf - Harvest Moon Fuzzle

I think this is a fabulous scarf for a guy! Masculine and stylish. (I personally like this one for myself too!)
SALE Hand Knit Ladies Fashion 3-D Dark Green Reversible Scarf

OH! This one is on SALE TOO!
...seriously, I had no idea she was having such AMAZING SALES going on in her shop!!!!!
For some fun that you can wear all year round to POP some color into your outfit gotta have this one!
SALE Hand Crocheted Ladies Fashion Scarf - Pretty in Plush Purple Puffs

...talking to myself, " payment....or FoxyGknits scarves?"
Uh, and you KNOW I REALLY did have this conversation!!!

Well, for the rest of you, don't miss out on these crazy great prices!
..Oh, and share what you get!!!!

Also, how can you not want to snuggle in a shawl called Chocolate Fudge?!

I definitely recommend taking a peek through her shop!
Louis is such an amazingly talented and caring woman.
You won't be disappointed with her product or her excellent customer service!
I highly recommend to also take a read through her blog!

To learn more about Lois and her amazing shop please use the links below:

Facebook biz page:
Blog: Foxy G’s Den of i-KNIT-quity:

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