Sunday, February 7, 2010


Been a struggle for the last week so that's why no posts.
Sorry for the absence.

I just REALLY had to share the wonderful designs by my friend Lois Stifel who happens to be this week's Shop of the Week! One of our most active team members on the etsy twitter team, FoxyGknits, is a shop filled with lush rich colors, sumptuous textures and materials.
I just love this little quote from her greeting:

"...Foxy G. Knits run the gamut from simple ribbon scarves that can be tossed into a weekend bag to beautifully choreographed goddess shawls that can take you all the way to the red carpet!"

Just gotta take a look after reading that right?!
She also shares, "...For a long time, knitting was an avocation and not a vocation for me. While others expressed their creativity through cooking or gardening or painting, I was clicking away on my needles..."
I think you can definitely see the creativity and craftsmanship in her work. She REALLY has something for everyone! I like that she has various styles and price points to fit anyone's tastes and budget.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces!

As you all know I LOVE Orange...and I am IN LOVE with this scarf!!!!
Hand Knit Ladies Orange Fashion Scarf - Harvest Moon Fuzzle

I think this is a fabulous scarf for a guy! Masculine and stylish. (I personally like this one for myself too!)
SALE Hand Knit Ladies Fashion 3-D Dark Green Reversible Scarf

OH! This one is on SALE TOO!
...seriously, I had no idea she was having such AMAZING SALES going on in her shop!!!!!
For some fun that you can wear all year round to POP some color into your outfit gotta have this one!
SALE Hand Crocheted Ladies Fashion Scarf - Pretty in Plush Purple Puffs

...talking to myself, " payment....or FoxyGknits scarves?"
Uh, and you KNOW I REALLY did have this conversation!!!

Well, for the rest of you, don't miss out on these crazy great prices!
..Oh, and share what you get!!!!

Also, how can you not want to snuggle in a shawl called Chocolate Fudge?!

I definitely recommend taking a peek through her shop!
Louis is such an amazingly talented and caring woman.
You won't be disappointed with her product or her excellent customer service!
I highly recommend to also take a read through her blog!

To learn more about Lois and her amazing shop please use the links below:

Facebook biz page:
Blog: Foxy G’s Den of i-KNIT-quity:

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AmoreBride said...

Love the purple dangle scarf! Such talent, wonderful post!

Mikiye Creations said...

Thanks Michelle!
She is a really talented lady!!!
I agree!!