Monday, February 15, 2010

New Old Pieces!

Ha! ha! Ha!
I just have to laugh since these are literally over a year old and I am listing them now!
As stated in a previous post I actually designed several of these in 2008 for the 20009 New Year AND then decided to create a few more intended to be Spring 2009!
Needless to say I FINALLY got these all copyrighted so I am going to list them for Spring 2010 collection!
So Crazy!
Still works though.
I actually stopped making feather pieces when I noticed at the time there were only MAYBE 4-5 people counting myself making bridal feather pieces on Etsy. Well, soon enough designs like mine and the other 4 of my peers were being knocked off like CRAZY! This is why I stopped listing them and decided to wait until I got the designs copyrighted. Over a year later there are TONS of vendors making feather bridal pieces.
Although, I still think mine stand out...not to be big headed, just meaning I don't make the SAME variations that it seems 70% of the vendors on Etsy are making. It bums me out though because the 3 that I remember standing out with THEIR original feather designs have been knocked off so much that I keep thinking I see their items ALL the time and realize it's just ANOTHER knock off of theirs.

So, since the original pictures were taken so long ago I needed to update and take NEW pictures of my pieces and thought I'd share a few.
These should pop up in my shop in the next month or two.

This is just a peek at the new "old" collection!
I have A LOT more so definitely check the shop! Updating pictures is such a chore but I want to keep everything fresh and coherent.

These images and designs are copyright protected by Mikiye Creations. Misuse of images and designs are strictly prohibited by law.

DESIGNS, text and images are copyright of Mikiye Creations and are not to be used without prior consent. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. KNOW I just had to type that in for fun!

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Cassandra Watsham said...

How lovely! I've found pieces from a few years ago myself that I've listed. How awesome is it when you find old goodies like these!

Mikiye Creations said...

Oh yeah!
Isn't it the best!