Friday, February 29, 2008

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

AND NOW for something COMPLETELY Different!

My friend sent this to me almost a year ago and I cracked up!
I found it again and decided it was something I HAD to share!
If you are like me and I grew up LOVING Pee Wee's will find this silly and entertaining.

Episode 1

Oh, and here is a link to his follow up video
Lick Poop's Video Diary

If you watched the video above you have to take a moment and look at his "video Diary"

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I just LOVE the colors!!!
As soon as I saw the redheather shop and the gorgeous pieces I knew I had to share his work.
Mr. Jerry Seguin is the master behind these rich and luxurious designs. "Formally trained in art & fashion, I like to push the boundaries and aesthetics of art and design." I think you will all agree he has an eye for color and a killer instinct for beauty!

In The Wind

Couture Dress Design

Please feel free to visit his shop and check out his other work.

**All photographs courtesy of redheather

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Food Poisoning

Sorry for the lack of posts but I am still getting over food poisoning!
Sunday night's dinner killed me!
Ugh...nothing like getting friendly with my bathroom floor at 4:00 a.m. yesterday!
Promise to be back and have some great posts when I am feeling a bit better!
HOPEFULLY by tomorrow or Thursday!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

FINALLY! New Bridal Silk Camellias with Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski crystals on Sterling Silver Wire

New Silk Camellia Floral Feather Bridal Hair Accessories!
Each piece has a mixture of Freshwater and glass pearls, Swarovski crystals, on Sterling Silver wire with a accent of white feathers on one side.
A double prong clip secures this in any hair style.
SO PRETTY in person!

The flower is approximately 4 inches around.
I made a few of these without the feathers as well.
I LOVE these!
Yes, I am very happy with how this design turned out.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Candle Confections

Every now and then, on a quiet evening at home I enjoy the ambiance of a flickering golden glow from a candle. Sometimes I like to relax and pamper myself with a soothing milk bath and burn a few candles as well...basically, I LOVE candles!
However, I am allergic to SOY! My quest for SOY FREE, clean burning, non toxic candles has left me sad and depressed UNTIL NOW! (Seriously, after endless searches on line, the whole make it yourself team out there appeared to ONLY make SOY candles...OR SO I THOUGHT!!!)

Let me introduce you to Candle Confections...a bakery of non-edible sweets and treats! "HOLY Goodness Gracious" I say!
This is an amazing little find of high quality hand made candles and melts made with love by a talented Mom named Shelly.

"I always use what I've found to be the best waxes. Scent is very important to me, so I use the maximum amount of fragrance oil that the wax will hold in all of my candles and tarts. I use very few molds, which gives each candle a unique appearance. No two are the same. The "icing" on my cupcake candles, the topping on my loaf candles, and the cookie tart "dough" are all whipped by hand, just to name a few examples."

Smores Sweet-n- Grubby Loaf Candle

I first thought that this was a bake shop!
However, on closer inspection I see that these in fact are realistic looking candles and melts!

8 Harvest Berries Mini Cupcake Tart Melts

I mean, look at the DETAIL in these!
There are REAL PECANS in this candle!

Granny's Pecan Pie Grubby Jar Candle

Butter Brickle Candy Jumbo Cupcake Candle
I figure, "Who doesn't LOVE the smell of baked goods?!"
Yes, ALL the delicious fun without the calories and fat!
I am ordering a few and can't wait to receive them!
I surely will let you know when I get them!

Please feel free to visit her shop and try some too!
Let me know what you think!
Candle Confections

*all photographs courtesy of Candle Confections shop on Etsy

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Monday, February 18, 2008

CarolLee Designs

Have you ever just had "One of THOSE DAYS?!"
Yeah, I know I don't even NEED to ask this because we ALL have had them at one time or another...unfortunately some of us more them others!
You know, You are going to the store and there is only ONE parking space but the car next to it is half parked into the empty spot...which is probably WHY it's open but let's not think about the details in this example.
Well, here is the perfect item everyone MUST have in a situation like this by CarolLee Designs.
HATEMAIL Mini's These are the FUNNIEST little cards!

HateMail Mini's-You Park Like an Idiot
Wouldn't you just LOVE to leave this on someone's windshield?!!

And the fun doesn't stop here!
She has some HILARIOUS CARDS!!!

AS good as you think you are

You Suck

Karma Called

I was just cracking up looking through her shop of cards!
Please check out her shop! She sells out of these FAST!
CarolLee Designs at Etsy

*All photographs courtesy of CarolLee Designs

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strange Corridor

As a person that hasn't had my television hooked up for over four years now I realize how deprived I have been from viewing things of great INTEREST to me!!!
...and stuff that I never thought about but found terribly intriguing just the same!
All I can say is for the last few days I have been pretty glued to this site.
I mean, sure I have clicked away and checked out other things, places, my own site...but I seem to always go back! LOL! Even when eating my dinner I plopped myself in front of the computer to read this blog. (hmmm...perhaps not something I should have shared)
What am I talking about you ask?!
What am I rambling about?
Strange Corridor
I have always been fascinated with mysteries of unexplained events from our historical past or strange phenomenon that we still have yet to fully understand in the present.
If you are of like mind, then YOU MUST check out this site.
If anything, for the rest of you this will at least make for an interesting read!
Make sure you read the Chernobyl article...UNBELIEVABLE!
Nick Carlton, the author, makes some pretty relevant points, has documentation links, fantastic photos and amazing video to go along with the articles.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to go visit and take a look for yourself!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Sorry for not writing much today.
I worked on a client of mine this morning getting her ready for her video shoot today.
I'm telling you she is going to BLOW UP!!!
We've been working together for the last 5 years. She's like a little sister to me. The girl has some LUNGS on her. I think she's REALLY talented so I know she's going to makes it! I'll have links when they get the video up for you all to check out!

Other then that...
I have been working on my new Bridal Hair pieces...I hope to get a few pictures up this weekend!

Think creamy white Silk Camellias, Freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals on Sterling Silver wire!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


As I have mentioned before, I work as a professional Makeup Artist (over 15 years) I currently freelance with Shaun Robinson at Access Hollywood. She's such a beautiful woman. I always said she got lucky with her parents! LOL!
Basically, after a full day at the studio we had to get her ready and rush over to the NAACP Image Awards. Shaun looked so elegant in her watery bluish gray floor length gown. SO PRETTY! May I add that we nearly got in a car crash when our limo driver ran a VERY yellow light! Now, as anyone that knows me knows, after all these years I just don't get excited over celebrities. However, every now and then... I MUST confess that I was less then 3 steps away from Janet Jackson tonight and she WAS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in person! SERIOUSLY. No air brushing a photo here! Her skin just glowed and she was FLAWLESS! AND you KNOW I was ALL OVER LOOKING AT her face! (Since that's my job) LOL
I LITERALLY think my jaw dropped. She has always had the reputation of being a sweet and nice could just tell she is a SWEETHEART! Honestly, glamorous beauty is really RARE in my business! I SEE right through all the makeup and she was RADIANT!
I am SO blubbering! LOL!
Oh yeah, and I thought it was cool to see Denzel Washington. I just think he's such a FANTASTIC actor!
So, that's my night...there was A LOT more but those were the main few that I was impressed in seeing in person. Oh yeah, and how can I forget seeing the guy that plays HIRO Nakamura! LOL! I wanted to yell, " HIRO! HIRO!" I'm such a nerd! I haven't even seen this years episodes yet!
Everyone was leaving to go to the after parties...Shaun and I decided to GO HOME! We were TIRED!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alicia Bock Photography

"My photography is the search of light and shadows, pretty things in pink, the feeling of the ocean, and a blue moon. I strive to create photographs
that evoke memories of our favorite days." ~Alicia Bock


I have been a huge fan of Alicia Bock for ages! I stare dreamy eyed at her work and tell myself I WILL have it hanging on my walls in my future! lol
Her photographs are simply captivating and I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I look at them. Her sense of color and composition are perfection. Now, I am NO photographer BUT I think her skills as a photographer are truly phenomenal. The fact that she can create and share SUCH BEAUTY learning all on her own amazes me! Self-taught and truly gifted is what I say!

The few pictures I have selected to share just do not do her work justice as there are SO MANY to see! PLEASE take a moment to cruise over to her shop and take a look! I'm sure you will definitely see something that will look fabulous in your home or apartment! :P

She also donates a portion of each purchase to benefit Half the Sky Foundation


Alicia Bock Etsy shop
Alicia Bock's blog

*All photographs were borrowed from the Alicia Bock Etsy shop

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Monday, February 11, 2008


I am still learning the formalities of the blogging world AND I am SO EXCITED that I found this amazing little blog called
It's a blog authored by a few friends that LOVE to cook and share recipe's of DELICIOUS foods!
I LOVE the fact that they have their own favorites, likes and dislikes and they all seem to add a bit of their own personalities to their posts. Most of all, they all actually make what they are sharing!
Perhaps I am even more drawn to this blog because I LOVE the idea of cooking but lack the kitchen and supplies in doing a lot of it. I enjoy that everything is food I CAN actually make!
There are GREAT PICTURES and step by step ingredients.
(and everyone knows that I REALLY need that)
*memory* Mom will never let me live down the day I learned they write ingredients in a certain order for a reason...I was probably 14-15 and decided to add all the ingredients together at once. I ended up with a disgusting oily, chocolate chip paper weight. Totally a waste of food...and like I said, that story STILL rears its head now and then!

So, as I was saying, FLAVOR SWAP looks like a FABULOUS ADDITION to my MUST READ blogs! It's added to the right side of the page. CHECK IT OUT!

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When I was a child I wanted to be a Paleontologist.
...after I grew up and realized, "That's tedious work in HOT CLIMATES!"
I kind of changed my mind... but I will forever be fascinated with anything related!
So I came across this article:
Flying Reptiles came in miniature
A new fossil species of flying reptile with a wingspan of less than 30cm (1ft) has been discovered in China.

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I am always on the look out for REALLY well crafted CUTE and interesting items!

I found oktak's shop!
oktak's Etsy Shop

oktak was founded by Aki T. a NYC-based creator, who designs the products and creates them from scratch.
I promise I won't be upset if you go and purchase these before me!


Mums on Red

These are a couple that I thought fit in the Valentine's Day theme!
Seriously though, there ARE SO MANY MORE CUTE bags in her shop~!!!
Please feel free to check out her personal shop as well where she also features Baby Products!!

*Photos borrowed from oktak etsy shop

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I have recently found an assortment of new places to blog and meet other bloggers.
It's a WHOLE NEW WORLD and quite and adventure out there for me and I'm a bit intimidated. OK. REALLY intimidated!
So, I am hoping everyone will be patient as I find my way and figure out what works and what doesn't. Already I have found some pretty cool and interesting blogs that I will certainly be featuring here!
With all this said, WELCOME to my new friends and I HOPE you WILL VISIT back often to peek in and see how my progress is going!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Day Suggestions

The dreaded commercial February event is approaching...
Yeah, too many years working in retail has made me a bit jaded for this happy day.
BUT, now that I haven't been in that environment for a while I think I am actually going to enjoy this year!
On THAT note, here are a few WONDERFUL FINDS I want to share...ARE YOU READING Oh SO PERFECT Husbands and Boyfriends?!

Sensuous Gift Basket - Dead Sea Salts, Goats Milk Soap with Dish and Votive Candle by Spa Therapy Works
I think the description says it all..."Looking to give someone the gift of seduction, or do you want to update your own sexy arsenal? We have created a romantic gift set to relax, pamper and make you smell (and feel) oh, so sweet and sexy!!"

VALENTINE'S DAY Heart Necklace by SeasideStudio
"Pink and white Valentine's heart pendant decorated with Millefiori flowers and stripes canes. A white fresh water
pearl dangles from the bottom. All wire is 14k gold-filled.
The heart is made of (polymer clay) and the flowers are special designs by the clay itself, no paint involved. It has been glazed with FIMO glaze."

Candied Apple Creamy Lip Balm with Shea Butter by BATHLIFE
Deliciously Smooth and KISSABLE lips are a MUST for Valentine's Day and here is the PERFECT LIP BALM! I am a total fan and have several of these in all different flavors!
Be Mine Hand Printed Valentine Card by desTroy
"Be Mine" in modern sans serif on a deep circle rounded with shiny beams and flora. Dotted flower pattern underlay and dotted lines along lower half complete the design. Gocco printed on deep red stock with deep red and metallic silvery-pink.

Eva (Amethyst Stalactite with Diamond Bezel) by pamelasusan
I am pretty sure this will blow her socks OFF! LOL! ...and then some! This is probably SOO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS IN PERSON! What a magnificent GIFT!
"This extremely rare Amethyst Stalactite pendant proudly displays a 2mm VS2 Diamond 18Kt Gold Bezel. The chain and headpin are both SOLID 14KT gold. The chain is 18" long."

Hope you enjoyed my selections and got a few good ideas! *hint hint*
Please go and visit these shops as there are MANY WONDERFUL items to see and TRY!
Most of all, HAVE FUN and ENJOY just another day to say I LOVE YOU!

*All photos are borrowed from the shops mentioned.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Solo Glass is comprised of two talented artists named Nanda Soderberg and Rebecca Saunders. They started Solos Glass in 2007 to "provide the consumer a high quality hand made product that is unique and affordable."

Absolutely beautiful hand blown glass bowls, vases, and my personal favorites, CLOCKS! I have this crazy awe for glass artisans. Ever since I watched a few gentlemen blow glass at this festival a good 8 years ago and saw how truly labor intensive it was...and HOW HOT the environment they worked in was...Truly inspirational to me. I never had a clue when watching this on television compared to seeing it in person!
Simplicity in design is what I am drawn to with their work. Gorgeous color and streamlined pieces. There are SO MANY ONE OF A KIND pieces that you MUST go take a look!
I invite you to please check out their shop!
Solo Glass

"This is a pale blue vintage glass clock made by Solos Glass in Richmond, VA. Vintage glass clocks are made from antique glass that is heated up in the hot glass studio. The glass is spun open to create a one-of-a-kind glass plate. This particular clock is 13" across and light blue. It is beautifully textured and very unique."

*Photograph is borrowed from Solos Glass shop.

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Paint Floats: traditional patters...modern colors

Color! Color! Color!
Everyone knows I LOVE COLOR!!!
When I came across "Paint Floats" I KNEW I had to SHARE!

Here is what they say in their bio page (it was just perfect so instead of writing what I thought I figured this is MUCH MORE entertaining and in their words!):
"Paint Floats is a small workshop that fashions hand-marbled papers into greeting cards and tags and book covers and other useful little things.

A love for art and color and design are apparent in our work and dang, we'd be great artists if only we could draw. But we can't. So we marble, where things are left to chance and luck plays a huge role. Turns out that luck, as luck would have it, can actually produce some very beautiful designs.

Marbling can be tricky and it can make you crazy, almost as if you've lost your marbles. Really. Humidity, dust in the air, crazy, grouchy sinking paints or paints that spread too much or paper that won't stick....technical problems abound which can cause one to overdose on chocolate and HGTV in order to avoid the tray.

But then there are those ethereal nights when everything is working well and the paints are all good and the colors are all beautiful and you feel as if you must marble until dawn because every print you pull off the tray is more beautiful than the last. . That's good stuff.

So that's marbling. Everything in our shop is hand crafted. All the marbling is done in our garage. All the gluing and construction of the cards and journals is done in our studio ( room). We use only high quality papers and adhesives.

Every item in our shop is made from original marbled art. No copies or reproductions are ever made. The marbled art you see is exactly the marbled art that I pulled off the marbling tray. I rinsed it, I dried it, I scrutinized it for flaws, I cut it carefully and then I used it to decorate a useful little thing. And sometimes, my business partner helped me. Because he's nice like that."

Please take the time to visit their shop as well as their blog at:
Paint Floats
Paint Floats Blog

*photograph borrowed from the Paint Floats shop

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David Moore ART

Anyone that has read my blog knows I LOVE art and ADMIRE talented artists!
Here is a gentleman that I have recently found through Etsy. TRULY a person to check out and follow! David Moore IS a full-time artist! Prolific visions of stimulating colors and mediums make this just amazing eye MY opinion! Here is a little of what he says, "I like to experiment with different art styles and am constantly blending design techniques to achieve a unique look. I enjoy everything from non-representational abstracts to surreal figurative illustrations to impressionistic landscapes." There are SO MANY amazing pieces that I could barely choose what to share with you so I chose one for a teaser! Perennial Moment. To check out the rest you will have to visit his shop OR his blog.
Please feel free to visit BOTH:
David Moore
David Moore Blog

* Photo of Perennial Moment borrowed with the consent of David Moore.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Oh My Goodness!
Chelsea's Little Animal Pound has the FUNNIEST and CUTEST little critters!
There is an assortment of playful little creatures that you just want to pick up and squeeze. I love the little tags that are attached to each little friend. Such a perfect touch.
Stop by her shop and take a look at these creative little friends I know you'll want to take one home with you!

Chelsea's Little Animal Pound

*All photos are borrowed from Chelsea's Little Animal Pound

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Flanders Field Photography - Focusing on Nature

I recently came across this AMAZING photographer Jenny Flanders.
She absolutely has a gifted eye for beauty in nature. I enjoy that she limits the amount of post photo work as well. Mainly as she states, what we see is what she took! I just had to share this talent! Many of her photographs radiate joy in color. It simply makes me happy to look at them! Macro photos are some of my personal favorites and I think she does a wonderful job! It truly is an art form!
Here are just a few of my FAVORITE pieces.
She offers prints and even post cards of a few!
Everyone should definitely stop by here shop and check out ALL of her outstanding work!
Flanders Field Photography

*All photos have been borrowed from the Flanders Field Photography shop.

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