Thursday, February 14, 2008


As I have mentioned before, I work as a professional Makeup Artist (over 15 years) I currently freelance with Shaun Robinson at Access Hollywood. She's such a beautiful woman. I always said she got lucky with her parents! LOL!
Basically, after a full day at the studio we had to get her ready and rush over to the NAACP Image Awards. Shaun looked so elegant in her watery bluish gray floor length gown. SO PRETTY! May I add that we nearly got in a car crash when our limo driver ran a VERY yellow light! Now, as anyone that knows me knows, after all these years I just don't get excited over celebrities. However, every now and then... I MUST confess that I was less then 3 steps away from Janet Jackson tonight and she WAS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in person! SERIOUSLY. No air brushing a photo here! Her skin just glowed and she was FLAWLESS! AND you KNOW I was ALL OVER LOOKING AT her face! (Since that's my job) LOL
I LITERALLY think my jaw dropped. She has always had the reputation of being a sweet and nice could just tell she is a SWEETHEART! Honestly, glamorous beauty is really RARE in my business! I SEE right through all the makeup and she was RADIANT!
I am SO blubbering! LOL!
Oh yeah, and I thought it was cool to see Denzel Washington. I just think he's such a FANTASTIC actor!
So, that's my night...there was A LOT more but those were the main few that I was impressed in seeing in person. Oh yeah, and how can I forget seeing the guy that plays HIRO Nakamura! LOL! I wanted to yell, " HIRO! HIRO!" I'm such a nerd! I haven't even seen this years episodes yet!
Everyone was leaving to go to the after parties...Shaun and I decided to GO HOME! We were TIRED!

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Spa Therapy Works said...

Oh wow...I didn't know you have such a glamorous job!! How awesome to be able to see and work with great artists and actors. I'm off to look for pictures of the night!!!

Mikiye Creations said...

I don't think it's THAT glamorous...I'm behind the scenes. LOL!
But, my family will always ask what celebs I might have seen when I had to primp the whole group of American Idol's last season at Access...I didn't know who half of them were! And the reason I knew the other half was from working there and watching the gossip clips! LOL!!!!

capitolagirl said...

That's so cool! I worked as makeup artist many, many years ago in La Jolla. Janet Jackson came into our store one day to do some shopping, and she is gorgeous! That sounds like a fun day!

PamperingBeki said...

Mikeye, you're the girl I dream of being!! :)

I didn't know you work as a makeup artist, but I am a complete beauty junkie! I looooove makeup and all the other girlie things that go along with it.

Naomi said...

Kudos to you for working your magic for the NAACP Image Awards. I understand when you say you don't think your job is "THAT glamorous." You work your behind off!

My previous career was in entertainment. It meant long hours and was grueling. Sometimes one perseveres on pure adrenaline.

Good for you for enjoying some of your favorite celebs. By the way, I agree with you - Shaun Robinson is gorgeous. It's nice to know she's the real deal. :)

Fran said...

I prefer Denzel Washington to Janet Jackson, but I feel he doesn't need makeup;)
I like how you described this funny day :)