Monday, February 18, 2008

CarolLee Designs

Have you ever just had "One of THOSE DAYS?!"
Yeah, I know I don't even NEED to ask this because we ALL have had them at one time or another...unfortunately some of us more them others!
You know, You are going to the store and there is only ONE parking space but the car next to it is half parked into the empty spot...which is probably WHY it's open but let's not think about the details in this example.
Well, here is the perfect item everyone MUST have in a situation like this by CarolLee Designs.
HATEMAIL Mini's These are the FUNNIEST little cards!

HateMail Mini's-You Park Like an Idiot
Wouldn't you just LOVE to leave this on someone's windshield?!!

And the fun doesn't stop here!
She has some HILARIOUS CARDS!!!

AS good as you think you are

You Suck

Karma Called

I was just cracking up looking through her shop of cards!
Please check out her shop! She sells out of these FAST!
CarolLee Designs at Etsy

*All photographs courtesy of CarolLee Designs

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Ellis Nadler said...

these are terrific

Mikiye Creations said...

I live in Los Angeles...So, YOU KNOW I am going to use these the next time I come across a crappy parking job!!!!

PamperingBeki said...

I love her store!! Great find!

Naomi said...

Hilarious! I'll have to tell my friends about these. Thanks for I agree with Pamperingbeki - great find! Thanks, also, for visiting my site.

Mischo Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing- nice designs...

Mischo Beauty

grnteagirl said...

OMG! these are hilariously chic!

Oscar said...

these are great, im gonna check them out

Mikiye Creations said...

I just got my parking ones...YOU KNOW I AM KEEPING THEM IN MY CAR and I CAN'T WAIT to use them!!!!