Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paint Floats: traditional patters...modern colors

Color! Color! Color!
Everyone knows I LOVE COLOR!!!
When I came across "Paint Floats" I KNEW I had to SHARE!

Here is what they say in their bio page (it was just perfect so instead of writing what I thought I figured this is MUCH MORE entertaining and in their words!):
"Paint Floats is a small workshop that fashions hand-marbled papers into greeting cards and tags and book covers and other useful little things.

A love for art and color and design are apparent in our work and dang, we'd be great artists if only we could draw. But we can't. So we marble, where things are left to chance and luck plays a huge role. Turns out that luck, as luck would have it, can actually produce some very beautiful designs.

Marbling can be tricky and it can make you crazy, almost as if you've lost your marbles. Really. Humidity, dust in the air, crazy, grouchy sinking paints or paints that spread too much or paper that won't stick....technical problems abound which can cause one to overdose on chocolate and HGTV in order to avoid the tray.

But then there are those ethereal nights when everything is working well and the paints are all good and the colors are all beautiful and you feel as if you must marble until dawn because every print you pull off the tray is more beautiful than the last. . That's good stuff.

So that's marbling. Everything in our shop is hand crafted. All the marbling is done in our garage. All the gluing and construction of the cards and journals is done in our studio ( room). We use only high quality papers and adhesives.

Every item in our shop is made from original marbled art. No copies or reproductions are ever made. The marbled art you see is exactly the marbled art that I pulled off the marbling tray. I rinsed it, I dried it, I scrutinized it for flaws, I cut it carefully and then I used it to decorate a useful little thing. And sometimes, my business partner helped me. Because he's nice like that."

Please take the time to visit their shop as well as their blog at:
Paint Floats
Paint Floats Blog

*photograph borrowed from the Paint Floats shop

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