Monday, February 11, 2008


I am still learning the formalities of the blogging world AND I am SO EXCITED that I found this amazing little blog called
It's a blog authored by a few friends that LOVE to cook and share recipe's of DELICIOUS foods!
I LOVE the fact that they have their own favorites, likes and dislikes and they all seem to add a bit of their own personalities to their posts. Most of all, they all actually make what they are sharing!
Perhaps I am even more drawn to this blog because I LOVE the idea of cooking but lack the kitchen and supplies in doing a lot of it. I enjoy that everything is food I CAN actually make!
There are GREAT PICTURES and step by step ingredients.
(and everyone knows that I REALLY need that)
*memory* Mom will never let me live down the day I learned they write ingredients in a certain order for a reason...I was probably 14-15 and decided to add all the ingredients together at once. I ended up with a disgusting oily, chocolate chip paper weight. Totally a waste of food...and like I said, that story STILL rears its head now and then!

So, as I was saying, FLAVOR SWAP looks like a FABULOUS ADDITION to my MUST READ blogs! It's added to the right side of the page. CHECK IT OUT!

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Spa Therapy Works said...

Ohhh what a great blog find!!!! **off to check it out!

Thanks!! :)

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