Sunday, February 3, 2008

David Moore ART

Anyone that has read my blog knows I LOVE art and ADMIRE talented artists!
Here is a gentleman that I have recently found through Etsy. TRULY a person to check out and follow! David Moore IS a full-time artist! Prolific visions of stimulating colors and mediums make this just amazing eye MY opinion! Here is a little of what he says, "I like to experiment with different art styles and am constantly blending design techniques to achieve a unique look. I enjoy everything from non-representational abstracts to surreal figurative illustrations to impressionistic landscapes." There are SO MANY amazing pieces that I could barely choose what to share with you so I chose one for a teaser! Perennial Moment. To check out the rest you will have to visit his shop OR his blog.
Please feel free to visit BOTH:
David Moore
David Moore Blog

* Photo of Perennial Moment borrowed with the consent of David Moore.

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