Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strange Corridor

As a person that hasn't had my television hooked up for over four years now I realize how deprived I have been from viewing things of great INTEREST to me!!!
...and stuff that I never thought about but found terribly intriguing just the same!
All I can say is for the last few days I have been pretty glued to this site.
I mean, sure I have clicked away and checked out other things, places, my own site...but I seem to always go back! LOL! Even when eating my dinner I plopped myself in front of the computer to read this blog. (hmmm...perhaps not something I should have shared)
What am I talking about you ask?!
What am I rambling about?
Strange Corridor
I have always been fascinated with mysteries of unexplained events from our historical past or strange phenomenon that we still have yet to fully understand in the present.
If you are of like mind, then YOU MUST check out this site.
If anything, for the rest of you this will at least make for an interesting read!
Make sure you read the Chernobyl article...UNBELIEVABLE!
Nick Carlton, the author, makes some pretty relevant points, has documentation links, fantastic photos and amazing video to go along with the articles.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to go visit and take a look for yourself!

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